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A Super Active
Wealth Multiplier Opportunity
For 2030

A Tested Strategy That Could Make 2030
A Milestone Year In Your Financial Journey

"I am highly confident that this 'SMART & ACTIVE' strategy that I have formulated for 2030 could very well ride the ups and downs of the market to make solid potential gains for the subscribers, over the next 5 to 7 years"

- Vivek Chaurasia, Head of Research

Dear Reader,

Here is a quick question.


Yes, we know it's a weird question.

With a long list of answers for most of us.

After all, we have really different goals in life.

We want to know what are yours?

That foreign vacation you have always dreamed of?

A second home you had your eyes on for years...

Lay your hands on that car you always wanted to drive...

Get the overseas education you want your kids to have

Go on a foreign trip with your family...

Save for your children's dream wedding...

Or maybe all of it.

Yes, it could be...

What if we told you that it could be a possibility that you can achieve most of these goals?

Don't worry, this is not some unethical "Get Rich Quick" scheme...

You know us very well to even imagine if we would even think of doing something like that.

After all, we have a clear history of over 20 years and have carved a niche for ourselves.

So, when we say this could be very well the biggest opportunity you could see for a long time, you can trust us.

All our claims are backed by the experience and expertise of our research team, that has a history and track record of picking the winners for our patrons.

We have no reason to not trust them, especially given that we know their track record so well.

In fact, the head of our Research team, Vivek Chaurasia recently said about this opportunity that "I have been working on this for quite some time now and I think now is the best time to make it available to all our patrons. I am sure they will see the merit and timing of this opportunity to something that cannot be just ignored."

The bottom line is that we want YOU to have an opportunity to make the most of what could be a life changing investment strategy.

If you pay attention to what we are about to show you... you'll not only have an advantage over many fellow investors...

You'll have a better understanding of how the world markets respond to crisis.

Here is what we want to do...

Show you ONE opportunity that could very well change the way you look at wealth building and potentially make you wealthier by as early as 2030.

Which can give you an edge over most other investors.

And it doesn't matter if you are new to mutual funds...

Or if you don't know the difference between an equity fund and a debt fund.

We are confident that this could help you make some solid potential gains by 2030.

In the next few minutes, we'll show you what it is... how it works... and you could use it to your benefit.

Your Gateway to Solid Potential Wealth By 2030

Yes, we want you to be wealthier by 2030.

We are not saying we guarantee anything.

Of course not.

But we are saying it may be possible.

Because this is something that could make 2030 a milestone year in your financial journey.

Having said that, here is a question for you...

Why do you think your mutual fund investments don't have the type of returns some other investors have?

Are you doing something wrong?

Are they doing something different?

Maybe both are right... May be both are wrong!

We don't know.

But we know one major difference between an investor and a smart investor.


Yes, something most investors ignore blissfully, only to be shocked in the long run.

And that is exactly what we have here for you.

A tested and proven strategy to make solid potential gains by 2030.

Now, we know you are very intrigued to know more about what we are talking about.

But before we tell you more, let us tell you all about the people behind the strategy we are introducing to you today.

The geniuses behind this gem of a strategy.

Undiscovered Equity Funds

Vivek Chaurasia (Research Analyst), is the editor of FundSelect and FundSelect Plus, the flagship research services of PersonalFN.

Having over a decade of experience in analysing mutual funds, Vivek understands functioning of the mutual fund industry very well and applies his financial and analytical skills to closely scrutinize each fund to his satisfaction.

Vivek joined PersonalFN as a Senior Research Analyst in 2009, and quickly adopted the philosophy of our research team, i.e. honest and unbiased research for naive investors, who are tired of being mis-sold. Over these years, he has developed a robust fund selection and filtration model - 'SMART Score matrix' that has been tested across various cycles now and constantly looks for scope to strengthen it further.

Vivek follows the principle of safety first when it comes to picking funds for investors. That is the reason he has a long list of rejected funds as compared to the ones he has endorsed so far.

Vivek is an avid follower of John C. Bogle (the founder of The Vanguard Group and the author of the bestseller book - Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor) and Warren Buffet (one of the most successful investors of all time)

Undiscovered Equity Funds

Divya Grover is a Research Analyst at PersonalFN and co-editor for FundSelect, the flagship research service of PersonalFN. She is also the co-editor of DebtSelect. Divya is an avid reader which helps her in analysing industry trends and producing insightful articles for PersonalFN's popular newsletter 'The Daily Wealth letter' read by over 1.5 lakh subscribers.

Divya joined PersonalFN in 2019 and has since then used stringent quantitative and qualitative parameters to analyse funds to provide honest and unbiased research to investors. She endeavours to enable investors make informed investment decision and thereby safeguard their wealth.

Now, moving on to what our editors have in store for you.

A Strategy Most Money Makers Wont Share With You...

You read that right.

Why would someone want to let know the entire village about the goose that lays gold eggs?

It's just human nature to hide such things!

But that works only when it comes to individuals.

For us, getting such strategies to you is our bread and butter.

And so, today we reveal to you a time-tested strategy to get what you always looked for...

Something that does not need you to be an expert in mutual funds...

You can do with just following our recommendations.

Trust us, thousands of investors are doing it this way and its going great.

Here is proof...


You too can be on the way to make some solid potential wealth by as early as 2030.

Just imagine...

You could grow your investments and achieve your goals you must have set.

The vacation...

The Jewellery...

The Car...

The foreign education...


We like to call it Absolute Financial Freedom

The free time and money to live life well and as you want.

And what we have for you today could help you in just that.

Presenting to you, the latest brainchild of Vivek...

Active Wealth Multiplier 2030
A Time-Tested Super Wealth Building Strategy

Yes, the name says it all...

It needs no explanation and speaks for itself.

A strategy so strong, it has the potential to make you considerably wealthier by 2030.

You do NOT have to invest in a variety of stocks.

You do NOT have to invest in any random mutual fund.

No, you do NOT have to hedge risk with derivatives.

We will recommend a set of up to 10 diversified equity funds...

That too in an optimum proportion.

And it doesn't end there.

Vivek and Divya will monitor them actively considering the market dynamics and valuations, and even suggest timely changes as and when required.

Now we are sure the question that comes to your mind is, "How do they pick the funds"?

Valid questions, which every smart investor must have.

Well, you see, we follow something which we have designed ourselves.

A PersonalFN Exclusive - The SMART Alpha Score Matrix

We select funds on the basis of 5 variable tests + Alpha.

S M A R T Alpha
Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record Alpha Ratios

So, each fund we will recommend under "Active Wealth Multiplier 2030", must go through a very rigid process, where they are tested on these essential parameters.

And if the fund does not make the cut, it ends up out of the list of recommendations.

PersonalFN's SMART Alpha Score Matrix gives a significant weightage of 40% to Alpha generation, a parameter that helps evaluate the market-beating potential of the fund.

Over and above those stringent filters, here is what our editors have in store for Active Wealth Multiplier 2030.

Moreover, both the editors will closely monitor the performance and changes in schemes recommended under the Active Wealth Multiplier strategy.

Moving on now to the what we think is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this whole unique strategy of investing.

'Core + Satellite' Strategy of Investing

Why do we say this is the most important?

Read on.

You see, if we had to explain it to someone who does not understand the ABC's of investing, we would call this strategy something that aims to get the best of both worlds,

Short-term high-rewarding opportunities

Long-term steady-return investing

And here is the best part, it works!

The term 'core' applies to the more stable funds suitable for the long- while the term 'satellite' applies to the strategic portion that would help push up the overall returns,.

Vivek and Divya both very strongly believe that one should have a mix of Core and Satellite mutual funds, to benefit across market conditions.

And mind you, the investment is done NOT across variant themes but...

...On differentiated investment styles with a greater focus on its overall performance.

That is just one benefit after the other.

But now it is time you know how the magic will work.

We Are Giving Away The Secret

Yes, we are!

Because that is how much we want you to make some solid potential wealth by as early as 2030.

Considering the uncertain market conditions and extended volatility, we will recommend funds gradually.

In the beginning, 1 new fund will be carefully picked every month and recommended to you in the first 9 to 10 months, provided good investment opportunities are available.

Now here is where we call for your attention...

The strategy will require you to commit a targeted investment amount.

That amount may be initially parked by the subscriber (at their discretion) in a safe liquid fund suggested by the team.

And from this liquid fund, 1/10th of the targeted investment amount can be moved to the recommended equity fund for the month.

Here is how the Active Wealth Multiplier 2030 Strategy would look like:

Indicative Scheme Type
Parking of Surplus Money Liquid Scheme A Liquid Fund
Core Holdings
(Up to 6 Schemes)
Active Scheme 1 Large Cap Fund
Active Scheme 2 Large Cap Fund
Active Scheme 3 Flexi Cap Fund
Active Scheme 4 Flexi Cap Fund
Active Scheme 5 Value Fund
Active Scheme 6 Focused Fund
Satellite Holdings
(Up to 4 Schemes)
Active Scheme 7 Large and Mid Cap Fund
Active Scheme 8 Mid Cap Fund
Active Scheme 9 Mid Cap Fund
Active Scheme 10 Small Cap Fund
(The above table is illustrative, and may be subject to change depending on the market conditions at the time of recommendation)

You see, this strategy is something which is played with only by some very smart investors.

Because honestly, it is very difficult to gradually deploy your funds if you don't have the experience and expertise.

It will be difficult for you to identify potentially the best funds yourself.

Simply because you might not be able to pick the right funds, or will not be able to put in the hours, days, and weeks of research it needs...

But you don't need that with us by your side.

Leave that to us.



Become A Member Of The "Active Wealth Multiplier 2030"

Once you subscribe to the Active Wealth Multiplier 2030, here is all that you get.

  1. A new report on the 14th of every month.

  2. One fund to be recommended every month for the first 9-10 months.

  3. Ongoing review notes and updates to be published on the 14th of each month.

And you could consider investing your money in these cherry-picked schemes, sit back and relax while we do all the hard work to make you some solid potential wealth by 2030.

It doesn't end there... Even after 2030, this could potentially get you double of triple digit returns, in case you decide to stay invested.

Having said that, there is a possibility that this might not happen. But then, big rewards need big risks to be taken.

Not to forget that you do NOT have to put in any effort on your part.

The potential this strategy holds, is all you should look at.

Now, to a less important part...

How Much Will I Have To Pay?

Yes, we are calling it less important because it is.

If you look at the potential this strategy holds, the price would not matter to you.

We will get to the point right away.

You see the actual subscription fee for the 'Active Wealth Multiplier 2030' is Rs 10,000 per year.

And that is nothing compared to the potential it holds to make you solid wealth.

No smart investor would bat an eyelid before spending that much on a strategy with such high potential.


We don't want you to pay that much... No way!

After all, you will be one of the first subscribers of 'The Active Wealth Multiplier 2030'.

And we want to do everything possible to make this a no brainer decision for you.

So, here is what we are going to do...

Exclusive Offer
Active Wealth Multiplier 2030
1 Year Subscription Rs 10,000 2,450

Yes, dear reader!

That is how much we want you to have this and become a member of this high potential strategy.

A flat-out discount of over 75%... No Strings Attached!

And as we have already said, the price will be the last thing on your mind once you see the potential this strategy holds.

After all, it is not just about calculating and evaluating the returns of a bunch of mutual funds.

There is a lot more to it.

It is about building wealth over a long investment horizon.

It is about not only reading the numbers but understanding them and using them to your benefit.

And goes without saying, it requires a hell lot of research and qualitative study.

As an investor, this might just be THE strategy your investment approach might be missing.

But if you don't act in time, this special offer will vanish sooner than anything, leaving behind regret for you.

Give Me Active Wealth Multiplier 2030 Now

We would strongly recommend you to not wait till the last moment.

It usually doesn't end up well.

Don't forget, this special offer will get you instant access to Active Wealth Multiplier 2030 for just Rs 2,450 for a year, instead of the usual Rs 10,000.

That's a whopping discount of over 75%!

What are you waiting for?

Act right now.

Potentially multiply your wealth by 2030.

Get closer to your dreams that you had put on the back burner.

Get Instant Access To The Strategy NOW

There is no point in contemplating or double guessing.

This special offer is available only for a limited time period. After that the price will revert to Rs 10,000.

Remember, this strategy is a readymade solution for your goal of wealth creation.

Don't waste a minute more.

To your wealth,
Team PersonalFN

P. S. Don't miss this awesome opportunity. Get your hands on our all-new research service that could make you potentially wealthier by 2030. Remember, this is a limited period "Exclusive Offer" and will vanish soon

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