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The Holy Trinity Of Investments


Are you are a smart investor who knows the importance of the above three?
If Yes, what you are about to read can change the way you invest, only for good.

Dear investor,

Are you a smart investor?

That’s a tough one to answer... I know!

It does not depend on just a single factor.

There are multiple factors that contribute to that.

But what if we tell you that the top 3 are Smart investing, Wealth Building and saving taxes on what you earn!

Sounds simple right?


What you are about to read, might change the way you invest, COMPLETELY!

You see, if you want to be a successful investor, you should have a versatile approach to it.

Having all the eggs in one basket has never really helped anyone.

You should have what they call as “Super Investments” in your portfolio.

As the name suggests, these are super investments which can get in the moolah for you.

When the monies come in, you need to invest in opportunities that are aimed towards “Wealth Building”.

Once you are on the path to build wealth as opposed to just making money, you have almost cracked the code to become a super investor.

And then, you have to make investments that help you save taxes on the wealth you have earned.

Now, it sounds simple, but requires some amount of hardwork and research, to pick the right opportunities.

Fortunately, we have been doing this successfully for the past 19 years!

So, you can bank on our experience...

But how?

Three Premium Reports
That Cover All Of This

Three of our most premium reports cover all the three factors individually.

In detail...

Each of these reports are special in their own way, and till now, we have made them available individually, to our readers and subscribers.

Individually, they are each sold at multiples of thousands!

But we do not want you to pay that as we understand how important these reports are.

And thus, we have combined these super premium reports in an all-in-one offer whereby you get instant access to all the three premium reports, by paying the price of just one...

Sounds good right?

But before we go ahead, let us tell you all about these three premium reports.

Super Investment Portfolio

In the Super Investment Portfolio report, you will find a list of 5 time-tested, lucrative SIP-Worthy equity mutual funds that can be invested in either separately or as a portfolio.

They are chosen across differentiated investment styles.

They have a strong and consistent long term track record.

They follow steady investment strategies.

They do not overlap with each other.

They are managed by competent and experienced fund managers.

And above all...

Each of these funds is being carefully selected for their SIP-worthiness.

Next is...

5 Undiscovered Equity Funds with High Growth Potential.

Mr. Market do falter at times.

A few mutual funds, nonetheless reporting strong gains year over year, still do not get caught in the market radar.

Or let's say, they are still UNKNOWN to many market participants.

Yes, even the mutual fund distributors and institutional investors (in some cases)

These small funds are not bulky and are NOT in a saturation phase, that might affect a gradual slowdown in performance - as is often the case with its larger counterparts.

These funds are in a super-growth phase and they are positioned to grow leaps and bounds over the next 5-10 years.

By staying true to their investment style and adding a consistent performance track record to their credit, they wait...

...until they get noticed by investors.

But the smart investors may have already raked in their HUGE gains by then. It's in that initial phase when most of the money could be made.

What's more?

They do not face any size constraints, maintain highly liquid portfolios and are actively managed by their fund managers.

With a diversified and liquid portfolio, they are well placed to weather any storm.

Isn't that great?

But what's even better is the third one...

3 Tax Saving Mutual Funds for 2019-20

A perfect choice for every investor worried about their heavy tax burden.

In this report, you will find the Top 3 ELSS that are geared to grow your investment multifold over long term while saving your taxes.

These Top 3 ELSS are handpicked through our special SMART Score Matrix methodology, and are considered to be potentially the best tax-saving mutual funds in the Indian market.

But how much do you save?

If you invest up to Rs 1,50,000 in an ELSS and you fall into the 30% tax bracket, you can easily save up to (150000 x 30% + 3% cess =) Rs 46,350!

What's more is, if you invest Rs 1,50,000 in a good ELSS with a CAGR of say 15%, you would potentially reap over Rs 3 lakhs in the next 5-6 years and double that in the next 10 years.

In comparison to that, an FD and a PPF would lead you to just Rs 2,25,000 and Rs 2,20,000 in the first 5 years.

Putting it in simpler words, if you are an investor and achieve market-beating returns, these would be the ones for you.

These are our TOP 3 PREMIUM RESEARCH REPORTS and for a limited time, you get ALL of them in a single package at the price of one.

Click here to get instant access to 3 reports

But if you are new to these popular products, would you not want to know what is really special about these reports first.

The Super Investment Portfolio
What Makes It Special?

Undiscovered Equity Funds

Before we get on to the question, let's face a few realities first.

#1. You Can NEVER "Time" The Market.

Think about it.

With your limited time and even more limited resources, do you really think you can time the market?

Do you really think it is possible for a regular 9-5 office goer to come up with moneymaking ideas after they return home all exhausted?

Wouldn't you rather use the limited spare time to spend with your friends and family, or engage in your hobbies than spend time with your calculator and those boring financial journals?

Forget about time. Do you really think you have the necessary resources to beat the market consistently?

Let's be honest to ourselves here.

A regular investor is a mere family person.

Neither does he have the expertise or energy to research and analyze each and every fund nor does he have the technological resources to timely identify opportunities prevailing in the market. The truth is-being an average investor, you will probably never be able to "time" the market, even if you wanted to.

But what you can rather do is, you can put time out of the investment equation.

And investing in SIP worthy mutual funds is the best way to do that.

#2. If Not Now, Then When?

Here's food for thought.

The most successful investor on this planet started investing at the age of eleven. And he is ranked among the top 10 richest persons in the world (at the time of writing this letter).

We are talking about the very popular and one of the top investment gurus - ‘Mr. Warren Buffet'. So, even if you don't want to be named in the Forbes Billionaires list, you sure do want to achieve your financial goals, right?

You sure do want to give your child the highest quality education that he / she deserves, right?

You still want to conduct a lavish marriage ceremony for your son or daughter, right?

You still want to live an affluent lifestyle after your retirement from work, right?

Well, to accomplish these things, you cannot afford to waste time.

You need to start investing as early as possible.

But the biggest issue that crops up is the lack of disposable income for any young investor.

With the little salary that they get in hand, it is not feasible to invest a big lump sum amount in mutual funds right away.

So, does that mean they should wait for another 15 years till their in-hand package increases significantly? It definitely does not sound like an intelligent plan at all.

Rather, why not start today? How you ask?

Well, through SIP, of course!

Okay, let's go over to the final point that makes SIPs all the more attractive to investors.

#3. It Gets Averaged Over the Years.

This, in our opinion, is the BIGGEST of all.

You don't need to worry whether you are putting your money at the right proportion or not.

You don't have to worry about whether the market is undervalued or not.

You don't have to worry about regularly churning your portfolio, or so-called "optimize" it for better returns.

All you have to worry about is whether you are investing in the RIGHT mutual fund schemes or not.

And then you start pouring in capital, little by little, in small amounts that suit your pocket, every month or every quarter, and you end up building a huge amount over the years.

You don't have to worry whether the market goes up or down in the short term, because...

Using the Rupee-Cost Averaging or Value Averaging (whatever you may call it), you know that if you have to invest in time-tested, lucrative funds, they will almost always continue to grow over time!

But...Which Funds Are SIP-Worthy?

Therein lays the problem.

How would an average investor go about finding the right mutual funds to invest in?

We are talking about the specific mutual funds that are worth investing through the SIP mode.

Frankly speaking, it's harder to get your hands on high potential SIP-worthy mutual funds.

Add to it the fact that we are actually trying not just to look for single, separate SIP-worthy mutual fund, but we are striving to offer a set of SIP-worthy mutual funds that can potentially deliver luring returns in the end.


Well, the reason is quite simple.

When you are investing in a mutual fund scheme via SIP instead of putting in a lump sum at a time, what you are essentially doing is that you are "gradually" creating wealth for your financial goals.

But don't forget...

With rising inflation, the cost of each goal will get dearer.

So to keep pace with inflation, you need to invariably invest in inflation-beating assets. So, you strive for two goals at once, viz. beat inflation and maximize gains.

Got more difficult than before, right?

That's when you would need our special report titled - Super Investment Portfolio.

In this exclusive report, you will get access to:

Equity Fund #1:

A flexi style multi-cap fund that has turned out to be a clear winner within its category.

With its dynamic performance, the fund has been consistently generating superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors over the past few years.

Despite being an actively managed fund, it has kept risk under control and has consistently delivered benchmark-beating returns.

Its ability to tap the market rally and curb the downside risk makes it an ideal fund for long term investors looking for a prominent fund for SIP investment.

Equity Fund #2:

A fund looking for high growth by investing in mid caps, has shown a complete turnaround in performance and has gradually climbed its way up the ranks over the last few years.

The fund has performed extraordinarily well, posting a substantial margin in outperformance when compared to its peers.

Though the volatility is comparable to that of other schemes in the category, this fund scores high on risk-adjusted return and thus adds to positives that ranks the fund higher.

The yield on SIP investment in this fund has been commendable.

Equity Fund #3:

A fund that has lived up to its name, with a value investing style that has rewarded investors substantially over the past decade.

The fund seeks undervalued stocks without comprising on quality.

The diversified portfolio and sectorial allocation along with stable fund management makes the fund a dependable proposition for long term investors.

It has delivered superior risk adjusted returns and follows effective portfolio strategies that should benefit investors in the long run.

Equity Fund #4:

A less popular fund that takes contrarian bets and invests in out of flavor sectors and stocks which are available at significant discount or cheap valuations.

What differentiates this fund from its peers is its ability to enter stocks at right valuations and timely exit from underperforming stocks.

The fund has outperformed its benchmark by a substantial margin in the past five years, while keeping volatility in check.

It scores high on risk-adjusted returns and has consistently delivered superior returns for its investors who have invested in the fund through SIP mode.

Equity Fund #5:

A prudently managed large and midcap fund that has been one of the top performers in its category and has massively multiplied wealth of its SIP investors.

The fund sets itself apart from its peers by rewarding its investors, without taking excessive risk.

It has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors who have stayed invested in the fund for long term.

The fund manager looks for high growth-oriented stocks preferably in the mid cap segment, which are available at fair and attractive valuations.

Being a mid-cap biased scheme, a little riskiness or a high volatility cannot be ruled out and thus, it is well suitable for investment through SIP.

In other words, these are potentially the "best of SIP-worthy ones" in the industry.

And if you are looking to invest in mutual funds gradually, these might be what you are looking for.

Okay, let's get on to next.

5 Undiscovered Equity Funds with High Growth Potential
What's Special About It?

Undiscovered Equity Funds

We are talking about mutual funds that are not "discovered" yet.

No word of mouth.

No advisor tips or advice.

No market buzz, nothing.

It makes no sense.

In fact, let us correct ourselves by saying that it is not just profitable...

...but probably profitable beyond your imagination, if you invest in them now.

Curious to know about these five hidden gems

Our Undiscovered Fund #1 was launched with the objective of benefiting from extra-ordinary opportunities prevailing across stocks and sectors. The fund has been capable of capturing on such opportunities and has beaten the broader markets over longer time period.

The Undiscovered Fund #1 is well positioned to benefit from future growth opportunities prevailing across sectors and market caps.

Although the fund has a history of over a decade, it has still not caught the fancy of investors and holds a corpus of less than Rs 1,500 crore . Go figure!

The Undiscovered Fund #2 has always eyed for growth. In 2013, the fund held a corpus of just about Rs 220 crores, which clearly indicates that it didn't had many investors to put a trust on. Still, it is one of the well managed funds and has consistently stood among the top performers in its category.

Despite its market beating performance over the past 5 years, the funds size stands at just about Rs 800 crore.

Although it trailed the popular category peer for quite long, it has managed to surpass the popular peer that is now around 10 times bigger than our undiscovered fund #2.

The Undiscovered Fund #3 comes with a mandate to hold exposure across both large caps and midcaps, but carries a large cap bias.

Despite a history of over a decade dominated by a track record of stable performance, the fund has gone unnoticed by investors. It has a corpus of just about Rs 450 crore .

The smaller size of the fund has helped it limit the downside risk during extreme market conditions, and...

...reward investors in terms of superior returns over the long term.

The Undiscovered Fund #4 just makes our claim stronger that smaller sized funds are well capable of generating market beating returns...

...if they are backed by superior investment processes and systems.

The funds orientation towards going against the tide and eyeing for out-of-favor, beaten-down stocks has been rewarding for its investors.

With a corpus of around Rs 2,600 crore, our Undiscovered Fund #4 has the potential to continue with its superior performance in the upcoming years.

The Undiscovered Fund #5 is an aggressive hybrid style fund that follows asset allocation strategy to generate capital appreciation through equities, while adds some element of stability through significant allocation to debt.

The fund does not have a longer history to its credit. But it has made a mark in a short span of time, outperforming most of the category peers.

In terms of performance, the fund has been far ahead of its popular peers in the erstwhile balanced funds category that have struggled to beat the benchmark.

Belonging to a process driven fund house, it gives high importance to risk management.

Despite being a hybrid fund, it is well capable of generating market beating returns for its investors and strictly resists from putting investors' money to unnecessary risk.

In simpler words, it is like a bed of diamonds buried in your backyard and you don't know about it. Crazy, right?

They are well poised to generate massive wealth for you in the years to come.

Want to generate potentially double or triple digit returns from your mutual fund investments? These five future market darlings might be ideal for you.

As we told you, these funds are extremely rare.

Last but not the least...

3 Tax Saving Mutual Funds For 2019-20
What's Special About It?

Undiscovered Equity Funds

Have you ever heard of ELSS? Of course, you have.

They are the in-thing these days.

Do you know why? Let us tell you the merits in case you are wondering.

Benefit #1: Capital Appreciation

Like other equity mutual fund schemes, these mutual funds too are optimized for highest returns possible.

Just start a SIP in the right fund and rest assured that you grow your wealth over long term even without any significant effort on your part whatsoever!

You can depend on the best ELSS to potentially grow your money in a matter of 3 to 5 years (considering the market is favorable, of course).

Benefit #2: Tax Efficient

When compared with any other diversified equity mutual fund, the taxation on the gains are the same.

So, what makes ELSS differ from any other diversified mutual fund? You can invest up to Rs 1,50,000 in an ELSS and get that as a tax deduction under Section 80C in a financial year.

(No, you cannot get that from any equity mutual fund.)

And when compared to other popular tax saving instruments such as Tax Saving Fixed Deposits or PPF, ELSS is definitely better for investors looking for higher returns.

Not only does an ELSS reap higher returns, long-term gains from an ELSS is marginally taxable, but yet return efficient when compared to PPF.

(If you are wondering about Tax Saving Fixed Deposits, you may earn lesser returns on your investments and that too taxable.)

Benefit #3: Shorter Lock-In Period

This is what makes ELSS better than all other investment options.

While your tax saving investments in PPF is locked in for 15 years, NSC for 6 years and tax saving bank fixed deposits for 5 years, your investments in ELSS is locked in for just 3 years. So, if you are looking for tax benefits along with higher return potential, but do not want to lock your money for very long period of 5 to 15 years, ELSS is something you should look for.

Benefit #4: Efficient Fund Management

You just cannot deny this point. Unlike in a term deposit or a NSC, where you put your money in, and the issuer just lends it out, while paying you a nominal return; a mutual fund is geared to grow your investment in a much more efficient way.


Because a mutual fund is expected to be managed by professional fund managers. They invest with an aim to make higher gains for their investors.

We agree, investing in a mutual fund is risky per se. But if you invest in the RIGHT tax-saving mutual fund, you would reap much higher gain than you can probably expect from a fixed deposit, PPF account or savings certificate.

And the reason behind it is, perhaps the long-term experience and market knowledge of the fund managers working to grow your money day in and day out.

In other words, if you are looking to grow your investment, in a shorter time compared to other tax-saving instruments...

It's time to invest in an ELSS today.


In this exclusive report, you are going to find the TOP THREE ELSS FOR 2019-20 fully ready for you to start investing in and save up to Rs 46,350!

Here's an outline of the 3 best performing ELSS funds.

Tax Saving Fund #1:

Having a track record of over 2 decades, this fund has generated higher returns across all important time-frames, and consistently ranks among the top quartile of funds in the ELSS category.

Positioned as a multi-cap fund, it holds strong orientation towards large-cap stocks, with a fair chunk of stocks in mid and smaller market capitalizations holding higher risk.

Although this fund is a contender of higher volatility, it compensates its investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and ability to negotiate the market downsides well.

The fund is a worthy buy for investors having higher risk appetite, and a desire to invest in one of the consistently performing ELSS fund with a long-term view.

Tax Saving Fund #2:

Having a penchant to hold large-cap stocks in its portfolio, this fund has registered superior track record across market cycles.

Strong investment processes, astute stock picking and sound risk management processes makes it a prominent contender when it comes to selecting potentially the best tax saving funds.

The fund's preference for holding a blend of cyclicals, and defensives in its portfolio, with an eye on valuations reflects the cautious approach followed by the fund.

Overall, it is well positioned to adequately compensate investors who have moderate to high risk appetite and have a desire to invest in time tested ELSS fund with a long-term view.

Tax Saving Fund #3:

By consistently topping the return charts, this fund has made an impact over the past couple of years.

Apart from helping investors avail tax deductions, the fund has generated one of the highest risk-adjusted returns in the category.

It is well positioned to reward long term investors who can hold on to their investment for a longer duration.

The active portfolio strategies followed by the fund has resulted in its superior performance and made it an appealing proposition for investors having desire to invest in a well performing ELSS with a long-term view.

If you are looking to invest for higher return and save taxes this year, these three funds might be the ones you are looking for.

And as you sign up, you get instant access to EACH of these premium reports right away.

You get access to those carefully handpicked and super awesome mutual funds that:

Are SIP-friendly, whether individually or together

Come With profit potential of double or even triple digit returns in the next 5-7 years.

Save your tax burden, up to Rs 46,350 in a financial year

But do you want to know what really makes these reports special?

The secret sauce behind every PersonalFN success

These reports are really ‘exclusive' because they are SMART.

In other words, these mutual funds have passed our SMART Score Matrix with flying colors!

This is a special methodology that we follow to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the growth potential of a mutual fund.

To clarify...

"What is the SMART Score Matrix?"

We select mutual funds on the basis of 5 variable tests, viz. Systems and Process, Market cycle performance, Asset management style, Risk-reward ratios and Performance Track Record.

Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record

So, each fund recommended by PersonalFN has to go through our stringent process where they are tested on these five essential parameters.

It's like taking a test on five different qualities and getting scores from a very strict teacher!

What we normally try to see in these funds are as follows:

This matrix is specially developed by the in-house research team at PersonalFN and we believe, it's one of the best and reliable fund selection methodologies in the industry today.

Yes, these are some of the potentially "best of the best" funds out there in their own way.

And what's more?

You get this invaluable information in a special 3-in-1 pack at a price you could not even imagine!

Super Three-In-One Package
At an Unbeatable Price of
Rs 9,000 Rs 1,950 only
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For the first time ever, we decided to do something like this.

Each of those reports are easily valued at Rs 5,000 each. (Each of them has the potential to generate thousands in investment returns!)

However, we wanted to go one step further this time.

While super high discounts are our favorite way of pampering our loyal

followers and returning a bit of goodwill your way, we wanted to make it a tad more special this time.

So, while the total value of this special 3-in-1 package stands at Rs 9,000 , we are going to give it away at a nominal Rs 1,950 only for our early bird subscribers.

Let us confirm that this is really a one-time opportunity and it is available for the first 500 subscribers only.

Hope you understand that our intensive market research processes cost a lot and we need to cover them if we are to keep providing our services to you, our valued followers.

But just for the time being, we are going against logic here.

And we are doing it for you.

So, our friend, now the question that lies to you is...

Are you ready to take charge
of your financial life?

We, at PersonalFN, believe that we can only show you the way but it is you who has to set upon it.

Our premium research reports are the "way" and the rest depend upon you-to take the necessary action and consider investing in the mutual funds contained therein.

So, here's our question.

Are you ready to take charge of your financial life?

Are you ready to forge your own way toward financial freedom?

Are you ready to live...and not just be alive burdened under monetary pressure?

If yes, then act now. This opportunity might not last forever, we promise you.

To your wealth,
Team PersonalFN

P. S. We normally sell these premium reports individually and they are together valued at around Rs 9,000. Grab this golden opportunity to get these THREE PREMIUM REPORTS at a mere Rs 1,950 only-with savings of over Rs 7,050 right away.

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