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Dear Investor,

This is Madhurika Sawant...

I head the Customer Service team here at PersonalFN.

And today I want to share with you something very important and interesting!

It is about our Head of Research and Head of Content.

Vivek & Rounaq!

Recently, I was summoned for a lunch with the two think tanks.

Now I know you think "summoned" would be too strong a word here, given it was an invitation for lunch!

But honestly, I did not have the option of saying no.

For starters, I was sure this is not about the scrumptious buffet spread at the Trident.

And secondly, I was damn sure they had something in their mind that they want to bounce off me and my team.

After all who knows you better as an investor than us!

So, I finally agreed to the lunch invite... And there we were, having a good time with our favorite food.

And right when I dug my teeth in the melting paneer, they dropped this bomb on me!

Which One Of Us Do You Think Is Better One?

That was it...

I realized it was probably the worst idea of my life to join them on this lunch, which would soon transform in a boxing ring!

But I thought to myself, I have known Vivek and Rounaq for years...

And they are not at all the type of people who would fall into all this!

So what happened?

"Whats the Matter?", I asked

Vivek responded "Just answer the question"

Well, I wish I had an answer for that...

I almost had my food stuck in my throat as Rounaq stared at me for an answer!

"Well... I... I Don't... This is all a little too much..." I fell short of words!

And this was the point when they both started laughing their hearts out!

Apparently, it was funny only to them, not to me!

Why would they put me through this ordeal?

But they put my mind to rest...

"If You Cannot Choose Between The Best, Why Should Our Subscribers Have To?"

Then they revealed their agenda!

We Are Putting Our Members Through A Test!

Their concern and point were both right.

They were speaking about two of our oldest and most successful flagship services, FundSelect and FundSelect Plus.

And over time, we realized something that made us 'think'.

Why should anyone have to choose between the best?

There has to be a way one can have the best of all...

And after a 2 hour long lunch + brainstorming session, we came up with something we have never done in the past.

Get Two Of Our Most Promising Services

Every investor delves in mutual funds... bonds... insurance... gold... and so forth.

Financial planning is a lifelong process.

It involves every form of money that affects every aspect of your life. It affects your today.

It will affect your tomorrow.

And it goes on and on... forever.

Given all that, one should not have to choose between the best.

Especially if the choice had to be made due to the fees.

Hence, what we have in store here is something that will take care of that obstacle.

You can get two of our premium, tested and successful services virtually for FREE!

We will tell you about it more, but before that, lets know the services in question a bit better.

Premium Service #1: - FundSelect
"Invest in Potentially The Best Equity Funds"

FundSelect, our premier equity mutual fund recommendation service, has been the flagship product of PersonalFN since 2003.

Are you an equity mutual fund investor?

If yes, then FundSelect can be of huge benefit to you.

FundSelect provides honest and value-added research on equity mutual funds, ensuring that you can take informed and timely investment decisions.

The motto of FundSelect is 'Consistent Returns for Long Term Wealth Creation'.

And you can see the evidence in our stupendous performance since we launched this service in June 2003.

FundSelect's Recommended Diversified Equity Funds Vs. S&P BSE 200

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance as on September 30, 2019; Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Since the time we launched this service in June 2003, every investment of Rs 100 in each of our recommendations under FundSelect would have together grown to Rs 1,710 over a period of around 16 years! That's an XIRR of around 19%.

Similarly, your investments of Rs 100 simultaneously in the S&P BSE 200 Index would have turned to just Rs 1,046 over the same time period, giving an XIRR of around 15.5%.

That seems so LOW when compared to our service FundSelect...

And we believe, that makes FundSelect a "one-of-its-kind" service that would make the mutual fund selection easier than ever for you.

Once subscribed to FundSelect, you will get timely and unbiased either Buy, Hold and Sell recommendations every month - a total of 12 comprehensive FundSelect reports a year - that does two things at once.

Informing you about the top-quality, well managed mutual funds that come with solid long-term potential...

...And also warning you of the "duds" that might LOSE you money.

Not only that, you will also get regular updates on our views and performance of our past recommendations and open position for easy tracking.

If you want to know about other mutual funds with potential, you might get involved with our Fund Watch Reports as well.

These are the funds that are not being recommended, but are being 'watched' cautiously. And more often than not, with proper study, you can know which ones are probably going to make it to our recommendation list in the future. Talking about a solid head start before the rest of the investors, eh?

Frankly speaking, if you are looking to invest in equity mutual funds, there's nothing better than this.

And that is testified from what Mr. Anup Kumar Guru from Mumbai said:

Normally priced at Rs 5,000 per year, you can get FundSelect virtually for free with this special offer of ours!

Premium Service #2: - FundSelect Plus
"Build Wealth With Tested Mutual Fund Portfolio Strategies"

So now you know which equity mutual fund to invest in, right?

But the problem is, you are supposedly not thinking of investing in one type of funds only, right?

Of course not.

We are sure you are thinking of investing in more than one mutual fund scheme, and that's where the term Portfolio comes up.

Ideally, you want to create a solid mutual fund portfolio with all the recommendations you get from FundSelect.


Investing in MORE than one fund is a different ball game altogether.

You need to be very circumspect when assorting a number of funds together...

Not only to ensure their authenticity and above-average quality, but also to make sure that they fit with their financial goals and objectives.

In fact, we believe, for a beginner investor, allocating your investment effectively to build the ultimate mutual fund portfolio strategy can be really hard.

This is where our flagship service 'FundSelect Plus' comes in for your help.

FundSelect Plus is a service which provides you access to various ready-made mutual fund strategies recommended by PersonalFN. It takes a broader view of all the recommendations we provide under our FundSelect and DebtSelect services, and recommend ultimate mutual fund portfolio strategies for the subscribers.

Over the past 10 years, our research team has been diligently studying the industry and striving for perfection in constructing the ultimate seven mutual fund portfolio strategies.

Want to focus on long-term wealth creation, for as long as over 10 years or more? Check.

Invest in smart portfolios of quality stocks under multiple market caps with potentially the best equity fund portfolios right at your disposal.

What if you are a debt fund investor?

Today's your lucky day.

Do you want to invest in safe returns for a short period of time? You got it.

Do you want to ensure a source of fixed income for a long time? You got it.

Whether your investment horizon is under 3 months or over a year...

Now, you would have access to potentially the best debt fund portfolios that has the ability to generate steady and decent returns for you.

If you are curious, check our performance statistics below.

Note: Calculated based on NAV as on 30-Sep-2019, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 30-Sep-2019
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

While the equity fund portfolios outperformed the S&P BSE-200 Index by about 80-100%......

... Our recommended debt mutual fund portfolios are outperformers too!

Note: Calculated based on NAV as on 30-Sep-2019, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 30-Sep-2019
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

With 7 Ultimate Mutual Fund Portfolio Strategies including...

4 Wealth Generating Equity Fund Strategies

3 Wealth Preserving Debt Fund Strategies

Creating your potentially perfect mutual fund portfolio strategy will only be at your ease!

FundSelect Plus is usually priced at Rs 10,000 for an annual subscription, but under this special offer, you do not have to pay that huge amount.

Get Both Our Premium Research Services
For A Huge Discount

You see, the annual subscription fee for both the services is as below:

FundSelect – Rs 5,000 Per Year

FundSelect Plus – Rs 10,000 Per Year

If you subscribe to both individually, you will have to spend Rs 15,000!

But will you have to pay that?

Ofcourse not...

Afterall, we have to make this offer special for you.

Here is how we sweeten the deal...

Get FundSelect & FundSelect Plus For A Year At

Rs 15,000 4,950

(Instant Saving Of Over Rs 10,000)

It does not get better than this, right?


Expect us to surprise you...

Get Them Virtually For FREE

So here is how you win your money back.

We have a host of benefits and bonuses, that will make the premium services virtually free for you.

Read on to know what all you get as a benefit with this subscription.

Free Bonus # 1: -
Exclusive Financial Planning e-learning Course

Financial planning is a very complicated process per se.

And while it is always important to take the help from market specialists who regularly study the latest market trends and estimate the future investment opportunities, it is also very, very important to understand the financial planning process yourself.

That is the reason we have come up with another added bonus for you...

...Our most comprehensive course on financial planning for individuals.

Valued at Rs 5,000, this exclusive course comprises of a series of e-learning videos, instructing you about the A to Z of financial planning.

It will cover every aspect of investment strategy for individuals, along with extensive practical advice on how you can take care of your own personal finance...

What will you learn?

Starting from determining life's goals and objectives to discovering new investment opportunities for creating a suitable money strategy...

In other words, you will learn about everything that may affect your financial well-being.

Personal finance for individual investors will be the focus...

And wealth building and financial planning will be the soul of the course.

And it is our claim that even though you might know about mutual funds, insurance or gold, you will find a lot many new things to learn in this online course.

Information is everything.

But knowledge is power.

And that's what this E-learning course aims for.

Not only disseminating information, but building your core knowledge about the financial markets and how that translates to your own financial welfare.

The good news is, if you subscribe to the FundSelect and FundSelect Plus Mega Combo offer right away it will be completely FREE for you.

E-Course worth Rs 5,000, For Absolutely No Charge At All!

How good is that?

But don't rejoice as yet...

There is a lot more to come!

A host of special reports published by our experienced research team...

Free Bonus # 2: -
The Super Investment Portfolio 2020 - Upcoming

The Strategic Funds Portfolio For 2025

In this exclusive upcoming report, you will get access to a unique portfolio strategy especially designed for the SIP investors. 

Why SIP? 


Investing via SIPs is one of the most efficient ways of building wealth today.

No need to put in a huge lump sum of capital right up front.

No need to take serious pains to time the market.

No need to become a financial slave to become "financially free".

Out of hundreds of mutual funds that have been carefully studied and tested on our stringent research parameters, we have selected the best 5 equity mutual funds that have matched the expectations of creating wealth for SIP investors.

The FIVE mutual funds recommended in this exclusive report stand to be potentially the BEST for investors looking to invest via SIP! 

In other words...

These outstanding mutual funds have proven their worth time and again in rewarding SIP investors. 

Built of 5 time-tested equity mutual funds of solid future prospects, this rare portfolio is 'special' for obvious reasons.

The mutual funds are chosen across differentiated investment styles.

They have a strong and consistent track record.

They follow steady investment strategies.

They do not overlap with each other.

They are managed by competent and experienced fund managers.

Needless to say, this SIP-worthy portfolio is perhaps what you have been looking for a long, long time... 

And again, even though this exclusive report would be normally valued at Rs 2,000, this is Absolutely Free for you - no charge required at all!

While you consider investing as per our periodical recommendations under FundSelect and FundSelect Plus, don't forget that you can create your own optimum Super Investment Portfolio to boost your SIP returns.

Free Bonus # 3: -
Top 5 Equity Funds To Invest In 2020 - Upcoming

The Strategic Funds Portfolio For 2025

Aggressive gains, that's what we are talking about.

This upcoming report is primarily for the ones who have substantial risk appetite and are not afraid to play hard.

Geared for above average portfolio gains in the next few years, this report lists top 5 equity mutual funds that are worth investing in CY 2020.

...5 Funds that are potentially best positioned in today's market conditions to fetch top-notch gains to the investors.

As per our research...

These exceptional equity mutual funds have a superior performance track record and come with solid growth potential.

They follow a steady long-term investment strategy, and are managed by well-experienced and competent fund managers.

They are diversified in nature and can help you curtail market risk to the minimum possible.

In short, these are potentially the "best of the best" FIVE equity mutual funds you can consider investing in.

Want to get access to them?

You will get it if you subscribe to the FundSelect and FundSelect Plus Mega Combo Offer right now.

And then, even though this exclusive report that is normally valued at Rs 2,000 you will get it Absolutely Free for you - no charge required at all!

So you get the above premium benefits worth Rs 9,000, Absolutely FREE!

You have already won your money back!

Offer Ends In...

We don't think there is anything you should be waiting for.

Act Now...

Subscribe To FundSelect & FundSelect Plus
Mega Combo Virtually For FREE

Our special research reports can help you with some great picks of our research team and provide a boost to your investment strategy, you definitely don't want to miss on them...

We are sure you know that we rarely do something like this.

But Vivek and Rounaq had a question, and the answer to which can solve your dilemma as well as ours.

And hence this crazy offer which is too difficult to ignore or pass.

We anyways would strongly advise against giving this a pass.

On the contrary, we suggest you act right away!

To save over Rs 10,000 and also get 2 of our premium services virtually free!

Rs 15000 4,950

Can it get any better than this?

We don't think so...

But if you still have your doubts...

Try The FundSelect & FundSelect Plus Mega Combo Absolutely Risk-Free For The Next 30 Days!

If you are still unsure about whether to sign up for the initiative or not...

If you are hesitant about the membership fee...

If you want to try out the massive benefits that you are going to receive with this subscription...

We have a solution for you.

You can try out the Mega Combo for the next 30 days without any risk, without any worries.

Suppose you join the initiative today and within 30 days, you feel that the highly discounted combined package is not for you and you would rather go for the services separately, you can cancel your membership anytime before the 31st day...

... And we will refund the full price paid by you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

No quibble.

No hassle.

No delay.

Through this offer, you will be able to try out this exclusive opportunity absolutely risk free.

And you will still get to keep the FREE PREMIUM REPORTS that you get as a benefit with this subscription.

Just a little Thank You from us to you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't hesitate further and grab this awesome opportunity!

Give Me The FundSelect & FundSelect Plus Mega Combo Right Now

Offer Ends In...

Sign up for a secure and rich tomorrow.

Remember, time and tide wait for none.

To your wealth,

Madhurika Sawant

Customer Service Head

*Price inclusive of applicable Goods and Services tax

** The performance data quoted above represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.

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