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Dear Reader,

This is Madhurika Sawant, Head of Customer Services here at PersonalFN.

I am going to make a very important announcement today!

2 decades ago, we decided to bring more power to the common investor!

At the time when ripping investors off their hard earned money was in fashion, we decided to be the voice of the common investor.

By means of our unbiased and expert research... We got the power back into hands of investors like yourself.

And now we have been doing it successfully for about 2 decades.

In these 2 decades, our research team has designed some of the most successful services, that could help you build wealth with Mutual funds.

FundSelect Plus, is one of them and it is also one of our most successful and highly sought after services.

A service with over 12 years of proven track record.

And very soon, PersonalFN will complete 20 years of its existence!

That is why we are in a celebratory mood. But, none of our celebration will be complete without our loyal readers and subscribers like yourself.

So, to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary, I have something special for you.

The catch is, it will only be available for a limited period.

You would ask why?

Because it is exclusive and it is crazy! Read on to know what makes this one the craziest offer we have ever extended in 20 years.

Get 'FundSelect' Plus At Over 50% Off

(FREE Bonuses and Benefits Worth Thousands)

Years ago, when we wanted to provide our readers with a unique way to create high-performing investment strategies right off the bat WITHOUT wasting their precious time and energy on:

Regularly sifting through hundreds of financial journals (well, almost, isn’t?)

Wasting hours in front of the TV for a few scheme names from so-called “experts”.

Asking close relatives for their favourite mutual fund at the family party.

Yes, things can get crazy at times, when we are talking about something as serious as Financial Freedom.

To relieve them of such pain, FundSelect Plus was bought into existence.

If you’re looking for high risk and high reward investments, FundSelect Plus is what you want.

If you’re looking for a relatively lower risk stable investments, we have it too.

FundSelect Plus is the ANSWER to the fast, crazy world of mutual fund investing. If you are an investor who “likes to have everything ready beforehand”, WITHOUT any effort on your part whatsoever, FundSelect Plus is probably for you.

Well that’s what we intended FundSelect Plus to be when it was launched about twelve years ago.

But, did we succeed?

Fast forward a decade, FundSelect Plus has become one of the flagship research products of PersonalFN, and over the years we have received overwhelming response from our subscribers from across the country.

Here's what one has to say:

The truth is, we envisaged FundSelect Plus to be the "ready portfolio builder"for the quintessential Indian investor.

At PersonalFN, we always endeavoured to empower investors in their journey toward Financial Freedom.

We know that it is not an easy one...

...more so, for someone who is bogged down with personal and professional responsibilities.

Would you sacrifice spending time with your son to go through the financial journals?

Would you not take your mother to the doctor rather than watching business channels on TV? Would you not spend some quality time with your wife rather than figuring out how to build an optimum Mutual Fund portfolio?

We understand you.

FundSelect Plus was our teamed effort to make the whole investing process easier for you.

FundSelect Plus strove to offer you with immense power to build your own portfolios that could bring in potentially double or even TRIPLE digit returns in the long run without any extra work on your part whatsoever!

Well, did it perform as we expected?

The Results Speak For Themselves...

To start with, we prepared 6 strategies in total.

Three of them were focused on equity investments and the rest were for debt investments.

Let's look at how each of them performed over the last 10 years.

Starting with our Wealth Multiplier Strategy....

This is high risk and high reward strategy primarily aimed at investors with ABOVE AVERAGE risk appetite.

But you see, we follow a stringent and time-tested methodology of selecting mutual funds for you to consider investing in...or in simpler words, this strategy is well optimized to curtail market risk to the minimum possible.

But still investing in growth-oriented equity mutual funds can be risky just as they can be supremely lucrative if done with a clever investment strategy.

However, our stringent process helps us select right funds and frankly speaking, it has fared very well for us till now.

How good you ask?

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 2-July-2019; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The FundSelect Plus - Wealth Multiplier Strategy has returned 275% in the last 12 years, compared to 175% of S&P BSE-200 Index.

So, for every Rs 100 invested in Wealth Multiplier in 2007, it would have total to Rs 375 today. Isn't that amazing?

Well, let’s take a look at the Wealth Creator Strategy of FundSelect Plus now.

The Wealth Creator Strategy is meant for the risk-averse investors who can tolerate moderate risk in hope of higher investment returns than average.

This is highly optimized strategy that takes lot of “tinkering” to get the RIGHT BALANCE of risk and returns.

And we succeeded!

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 2-July-2019; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The FundSelect Plus - Wealth Creator Strategy returned 258% in the last 12 years, compared to 175% of S&P BSE-200 Index.

That's 83 Percent Over that of the S&P BSE-200 Index!

Do we have something to boast about? Well, our loyal followers (thanks to you, guys!) say so.

We really appreciate the good words and feel that we have achieved a LOT just by empowering you in your journey to Financial Freedom.

But wait! Have we neglected our Conservative Investor friends?

Of course, not!

Here comes the Wealth Stabiliser Strategy - the one for the investors who want to invest in equity but don't want to bear significant market risk.

Trust us when we say that we took extra pains with this one. Creating a strategy that delivers high investment returns yet at nominal risk is hard, to be honest. It needs constant attention and care to be of any good to our investors.

How good are our results? Check it out for yourselves.

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 2-July-2019; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Yes, you are right.

The FundSelect Plus - Wealth Stabiliser Strategy fetched investors an absolute return of around 269% in 12 years time, compared to the meagre 175% of S&P BSE 200 Index.

Not conservative at all, right?

Our recommended strategy has grown at around 12.6% CAGR compared to S&P BSE 200 Index's 9.6% CAGR. For all those who put their faith on us and staked their capital as per our recommendations, they gained an extra Rs 94 on every Rs 100 they invested. Not bad, eh?

Well, in our set of equity solutions, we also added a special "Strategic Wealth Builder" in the year 2012, which is different from our other strategies we mentioned above.


Well, Strategic Wealth Builder is purely meant for long term investors.

It is based on a proven and time-tested investment technique that lets you ensure long-term capital growth and even enjoy short-term rewarding opportunities.

Strategic Wealth Builder is special because:

It consists of carefully selected stable and consistent diversified equity mutual funds (in India), which are designed to benefit from the growth potential of the Indian economy.

While building Strategic Wealth Builder, we followed a pure long term investment strategy.

It is diversified across investment style and fund management, while each fund is true to its investment style and mandate.

It contains right number of schemes in the right proportion. In short it carries the most optimum allocation to each scheme and investment style

Moreover, it is based on 'Core + Satellite' theory of investing and contains four core holding funds and three satellite holding funds

The Strategic Wealth Builder is an exclusive wealth generating solution that is built...

...On differentiated investment styles with greater focus on optimum scheme allocation.

(Performance from 1-April-2012 to 2-July-2019; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Even when the strategy was optimized to move with the economy for enhanced stability and boosted returns, it brought in TWELVE PERCENT above of that of S&P BSE 200 Index!

That is, if you invested Rs 1,00,000 in capital in Strategic Wealth Builder, 5 years back, it would have given you around Rs 12,000 more than the broader market index.

In case you are wondering, as a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you would get access to ALL these recommended equity investment strategies, closely monitored by PersonalFN's Research Team, for full one year.


There’s more.

We surely didn’t ignore our Debt Investors, who want to preserve their wealth,

1 Year, 1-2 Years, and more than 2 Years.

As you would already know, a debt mutual fund is for the retirees, pensioners and other investors who prefer relatively safe and stable income investments. And keeping that in mind, we prepared three wealth preserving strategies that are designed to serve as a steady income source for the investors.

They needed to serve two purposes, viz. bring in higher than returns provided by risk-free assets and be more or less steady throughout the investment period.

And we mean returns FAR higher than that of fixed deposits.

Here’s the statistics.

(Calculated based on NAV as on 2-Jul-2019, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 2-Jul-2019;
Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

As you can see above, if we compare the performance of our recommended Wealth Preserver Strategies vis-a-vis Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index  over a period of 12 years, all of our recommended strategies fared better th an it, while our 'Wealth Preserver - More-than-2-Years' surpassed the Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index by around 24 percent!.

With all our Wealth Preservers generating returns in the range of around 8-9% CAGR, not only have they provided higher returns than the market average (an incredible achievement for a Debt Investment, trust us)...

...They have also been steadily doing so for over A DECADE!

Nevertheless, FundSelect Plus also offers recommendation on prominent Tax Saving mutual funds.

With a special Tax Saving Funds section, FundSelect Plus will also provide you a list of our top recommended tax saving funds that you can consider investing in for your tax saving needs in a financial year.

Isn’t that amazing?

So, to recap once again:-

As a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you would have ALL these 7 ready-to-invest premium mutual fund solutions with high performance potential at your disposal.

Think about it.

Investment Strategies that have already generated up to NINETY PERCENT higher returns than the market over a decade.

Investment Strategies those are closely tracked and monitored by our research team.

So, whether you are an equity or debt investor, you could have taken your pick and allocated your capital in the right proportion for optimum results.

All you needed to do was just take action!

But since you are reading this letter now, we are going to assume that you missed your golden opportunity already...we mean, once.

Are you going to lose it again?

Of course not, right?

We thought so.

Perhaps, you didn't take investing seriously before.

Perhaps, you couldn't decide whether to go with us or not.

Perhaps, you weren't ready.

But now you are.

So, don't miss this chance AGAIN!

Wouldn't you want to be one of thos e informed investors who could boast of their investment gains in the next 10 years?

Why Are You Still Thinking?

We understand that investing in anything requires some serious thought.

And when it's about your Financial Freedom, you surely don't want to commit any mistake.

Well, here's a takeaway for you.

Our research tells us that the next decade is going to be interesting (and in financial language, it means "highly lucrative")....

For a quick snapshot, here are a few notable points:

Reason? Higher literacy rate, better access to technology, and increase expendable income.

Proof? Well, you. Probably you are reading this on a smartphone with high-speed internet connection? And what are you reading about? Your own expendable income, right?

In a nutshell, India, Inc. is poised well to grow in the 8-10 years.

What does that fetch you as an investor? Another reason to rejoice!

So if you are an investor - take your investments seriously.

If you were ever thinking of starting to invest or taking investing more seriously, here’s our suggestion.

The time is NOW.

Even if you don’t subscribe to FundSelect Plus today, we want you to keep this in mind.

Because our qualitative and quantitative analysis of the domestic and the global economies, says...

If you invest in the RIGHT mutual funds, you might have a strong chance of beating the market by potentially double or even TRIPLE digit returns in the next 8-10 years!

But, only if you invest in the “ones worth investing”.

So, don’t miss this great wave of investment success. Who knows you might retire in the next 10 years and be enjoying your life of freedom?

We do hope so for you.

And in case you wish to have a solid mutual fund’s portfolio, but you don’t know how to build one, why look any further?

FundSelect Plus is what you are looking for.

To be honest, we want to help you with our financial knowledge and experience that we have gathered in the last 19 years (since the day PersonalFN was born).

Our existence is for one purpose only.

To take you toward Financial Freedom.

Is 10 Years Too Long A Tenure? Nope...

Well, the 10 year period is just an example we wanted to give!

Because we have a track record of more than 10 successful years of FundSelect Plus...

However, investing for wealth building is not a time bound thing.

It involves investing, being invested, reviewing and then finally reinvesting.

And that, is an on-going process!

And we are experts in this process for about two decades now.

Yes, we do charge a fee in return but we hope you understand that it is only nominal for the immense value that we aim to provide you with.

Currently, the FundSelect Plus service is Rs 10,000 every year.

But as we said, investing is an on-going process and hence we want you to have access to the service for more than a year!

How about this?

1 Year Subscription For FundSelect Plus

Rs 10,000 4,950

(Plus Additional 1 Year Access Absolutely FREE)

It sounds too good to be true...

But trust us, that is what we want to give you.

A Crazy deal we have never done in the past, nor would we ever repeat in the future.

A whopping 50% discount on an annual subscription to FundSelect Plus!

But as Premium Member, we would want you to have much more information and control in your hands.

So we would stop at the potential and the discount.

A Few Extra Goodies For You!

With this FundSelect Plus Subscription, you will also get:

New Fund Offer (NFO) Research:

With the change in market sentiments, a lot of equity funds, whether open-ended or close-ended, are cropping up every day.

We will assess each one of those New Fund Offers (NFOs) and examine their viability as an investment avenue through our NFO Reports.

And that comes for FREE with your subscription!

Investment Ideas Notes (Monthly)

Let us accept a stark fact today.

There is simply too much noise around. Most of the brokerage houses, media, financial portals and various finance blogs...all are ready with their "expert" views and opinions on what's going on in the market.

But can you really trust all of them? Probably no. In fact, we, at PersonalFN, believe that your chance of losing money multiplies when you follow someone else's bad advice, instead of doing a bit of research yourself.

That is why we ensure that our monthly investment ideas provide a well-studied and factual opinion of the markets, cutting out the unnecessary noise around and help the investor make smart choices every day.

Wait, that's not all.

We are not done yet.

As a FundSelect Plus subscriber, we also want you to make the right decisions...always. That comes with complete knowledge of the science and art of mutual fund investing.

And that's why we have brought to you our exclusive guide on mutual fund investing.

10 Lessons To Master Mutual Fund Investing


Inside this latest guide, we have attempted to cover almost ALL the crucial questions you might have about mutual fund investing.

And we are quite sure that these questions, while unknown to most rookie investors, might baffle even the experienced ones.

Are you a mutual fund investor? Then, this guide is going to be a treat for you, whether you are just starting to invest in mutual funds or have been doing so for the last 10 years.

Want a peek at the questions that are adequately answered inside the guide? Here are just a few below:

And as a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you can get it for FREE...without any charge at all! Isn't that great?

So that means, in return of the nominal price mentioned above, you are getting:

However, if you would ask us, all these do not matter more than the peace of mind that you get in return.

Not spending hours in front of the TV.

Not scouring through the financial journals.

No fear of building a sub-par portfolio with NO good prospects.

No fear of failing your financial goals.

FundSelect Plus relieves you of the limitations and paves a smooth and easier way for you to start investing today.

What would a few thousand rupees be worth if it could make you sleep peacefully at nights, knowing that your tomorrow is going to be happy and blissful?

You, being an investor, would better understand.

Here Is Your Exclusive
"Special Anniversary Preview"Offer

That's right.

As we already said, we want you to have complete peace of mind and control over your investments for a lifetime.

Currently, an annual subscription to FundSelect Plus is worth Rs 10,000

However, if you sign up under this special preview offer, you can get annual access to FundSelect Plus at over 50% Off.

Exclusive Offer

Rs 10,000 4,950

(Plus Additional 1 Year Access Absolutely FREE)

Yes, through this special anniversary preview offer you have to pay only Rs 4,950 for an annual access to FundSelect Plus. By signing up right now, you can straight away get a discount of over 50%.

Plus we also add an additional 1 Year of Bonus Access to your subscription, Absolutely Free! That's an additional saving of Rs 10,000 straightaway. We are sure you know that given the potential the service holds, the price you are paying to get it is almost nothing.

Let's be clear about one thing.

We are because of you.

We exist only to make your life happier and more successful.

Nothing should stop you from availing this golden opportunity now.

Look, you really don't want to start on square one every year complaining that you are helpless and clueless, and that you don't know how to invest for market-beating gains?

We are offering you this exclusive chance to build your financial future for better security and stability.

We are offering you full and unrestricted annual access to our recommended SEVEN top-performing readymade strategies with extreme growth potential.

What are you still waiting for?

Get FundSelect Plus With PersonalFN's 20th Anniversary Preview Offer Right Now

If you still have any doubts in your minds, we have some of our existing members who can take care of it

Here's what they say:

Now, we don't want you to miss this great opportunity. You could've been one of those smart investors, right?

And now you can.

Your Subscription Comes With A 30-Days Full Money Back Guarantee

Now, this just cannot get any better!

Yes, your subscription comes with a 30-Day No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with what you are getting, just contact us before the 31st day and we will refund your money back - No quibble, no hassle!

But tell you what, we are sure you won't.

Because this is the ticket to a better financial tomorrow.

This is a not just any financial product or a service.

We are offering you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your path to Financial Freedom.

Accomplish your financial goals.

Secure your financial life.

Enjoy your life with your family and friends.

Be happy...above all.

Are you ready?

YES! Sign Me Up For FundSelect Plus Right Now

Remember, opportunity doesn't knock twice! Are you willing to take action?

If you said yes, there's nothing stopping you from attaining Financial Freedom.

Wish you best of luck.

To your wealth,

Madhurika Sawant

Head - Customer Services

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P.P.S. Whether you are an equity or debt investor, take your pick from these top-performing, well-optimized SEVEN readymade investment strategies .and start reaping investment gains in the long term.

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