The Essence Of Investment Management Is the Management Of Risk...
Not The Management Of Returns - Benjamin Graham

How Sure Are You
That Your Portfolio
Is Working For You,
And Not Against You?

Revealed - ONE BIG MISTAKE That Costs Investors Dearly

Dear Reader,

We know, the question we have above is a big one.

And it hits hard!

That is how it is supposed to be.

Trust us on that.

Well, give us an opportunity to drive our point home...

Imagine you are out shopping for shoes.

Do you buy the first pair of shoes from the first shop you enter?

On a lighter note, if you do, you just aren't shopping right.

Do you buy shoes suggested by your friends, just based on hearsay?

Even if the shoes bite and make life hell for your feet, do you continue wearing it?

Here is a better one...

Do you keep all the shoes in the cabinet with you?

Even if they don't fit, or they bite, are uncomfortable, don't match with your style...

No, right?

If they are not right for you for any reason, you keep emotions at bay and get rid of them.

Well, mutual fund investments are also the same!

Your portfolio is like your cabinet.

Some funds would match your investment style...

Some might not be aligned with your goals...

Some might just be pulling the entire portfolio down with them...

Unfortunately, unlike shoes, most of the times investors continue keeping these funds in their portfolio!

And by the time they know about these "duds" in their portfolio, it's too late!

Hard earned money is lost to hearsay and emotions.

That is exactly where an average investor differs from a smart investor.

You see, a smart investor does something that most average investors don't know about, or simply ignore.

We are talking just about that "something" which is one of most important aspect of mutual fund investments, but is almost everytime ignored by investors!

If you want to know what it is and take full benefit of it, read ahead...

This Is Where All The Problem Starts..

Here's another tough question.

Please answer it very honestly.

Do you really think before you invest in a mutual fund?

By that, we mean do you look up the historical performance sheets, the real expenses and the long-term investment strategy of a fund?

It's highly likely that you don't.

However, it's not just you.

When was the last time you saw any mutual fund investor checking out the asset allocation and holdings of a fund?

Most of the time, investors don't even know who manages the fund, what investment strategy they follow or whether the investment makes any sense for their financial plan or not.

And that is where the problem starts...

Which is why, most investors believe that a mutual fund is always safe and profitable.

...As if every mutual fund is destined to make you money no matter what.

You don't need to study its monthly factsheets.

You don't check the fine prints in the offer document.

You don't need to keep track of the latest developments of the market.

All you need to do is put your money in any mutual fund based on hearsay, and a money tree will magically appear in your backyard.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works...

The truth is, NOT all mutual funds are good.

Most importantly, not all mutual funds are good for YOU.

Every mutual fund scheme comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and it actually depends on the investor to decide whether it suits his investment horizon, expected financial needs and risk appetite or not.

Needless to say, it involves pouring down into the factsheets and running the numbers and checking various sources of information to keep up with the latest trends.

But you cannot expect your self to do all that after a hard day's work.

Especially since you are not equipped to know all this.

You are not an expert in this.

But there are experts out there who have studied the field and its swings.

Who do this day in and day out!

Don't we go to a doctor when something is wrong with us?

We don't risk attempting hearsay remedies on our bodies, because we know that it could be lethal and a doctor is better equipped to help us with that.

Same is the case with your investments.

You need experts who could tell you well in time that your portfolio needs changes.

And that is where we step in...

:: Exclusively For You ::
PersonalFN's Most Popular Service

Mutual Fund Portfolio Review

PersonalFN's Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service is a personalized portfolio review service designed to boost the returns of mutual fund investors.

It reviews your existing mutual fund portfolio, helps you correct your past investment mistakes, and suggests you with possibly the best options more suitable for you.

In simple words, PersonalFN's Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service rectifies your course of action in the 'present', so that you have less to worry about your 'future'.

Through this service, our investment advisor will provide personalized attention to you by reviewing your existing mutual fund investments, and also recommending the future course of action.

With our well-analyzed recommendations, creating an optimal mutual fund portfolio will be a piece of cake for you.

What's more...

You don't need to do a thing during the review process.

Our investment advisor will guide you step by step to solve all your doubts and concerns.

We will recommend which funds to redeem immediately and which ones to hold on to and buy - with proper reasons for the recommendations - and how you must allocate the money that you receive from selling the non-performing funds.

And that's not all!

We will also guide you to the path of long-term wealth creation by suggesting:

  1. What Asset Allocation you should follow for all your future investments.

  2. Where you should invest your future investments to achieve your financial goals.

  3. And so on.

You will get all this information and recommendations in a 'special customized report' that our investment advisor will prepare for you.

And how you can grab this special customized report?

By simply signing up for PersonalFN's Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service right now.

Let us guide you to correct your past investment mistakes right now, and take better care of your future mutual fund investment decisions.

Now, we have been in this business for over 2 decades now!

Trust us, we know what the next question in your mind is...

"Why Should I Trust You?"

Honestly, we are glad you asked this question!

Because failure to ask this is what leads investors to choose untrustworthy sources, and thus make poor investment decisions.

So, let us introduce ourselves.

Launched in 1999, PersonalFN is one of India's first online personal finance companies and currently one of the leaders in the fund research industry.

With over 1.8 lakh readers worldwide and having served more than 10,000 clients far and wide, PersonalFN has come a long way.

And that's only because of the trust it gained from our valuable readers like you.

That's because we at PersonalFN have always ensured that our advice is not driven by commissions, like it probably does for many other financial advisors.

Instead, we have always tried our best to recommend the 'right' mutual funds that fit our subscribers' investment needs.

Our research team follows a time-tested process to identify such funds for our clients, where each scheme is tested on both quantitative and qualitative parameters.

In fact, what we do is a deep analysis on the real worth of a mutual fund before advising our clients to buy or sell them.

This analysis includes...

  1. Studying the mutual fund house's investment process and philosophy.

  2. Studying the fund's long term performance (at least for 5-10 years), across market cycles.

  3. Performing risk reward analysis, judging portfolio concentration, strategic consistency and quality, etc.

  4. Checking the fund manager's long term performance and his overall work experience.

This process not only helps us in identifying the right mutual funds our clients must invest in, but also helps us eliminate the ones that they must not touch with a 10-foot pole.

But you don't have to take our word for that!

" The reason being lack of time to analyze MFs' in details based in biased/ unbiased information available on the web and secondly to select funds from a 'Jungle of MFs' as per my requirements.I am very glad till date to have hired your services and hope to remain so in the future. I should honestly accept that I have wasted too much of my time in trying, continued trying to select MFs' and thus in the process lost precious time by not letting investments happen. It was only after hiring your services that things have fallen in place.

I am completely satisfied by the services rendered and queries solved from time to time in an efficient manner. I hope to reap benefits from the well researched funds and recommended to me by PersonalFN."

- ACL, Denmark

"With their unbiased research and personalized financial planning, PersonalFN helped me overcome the fear of investing into mutual funds. I think I have become an informed investor, thanks to the easy-to-understand literature and research articles that PersonalFN publishes and their friendly staff who never pressurize a customer into anything."

- SrinivasaRao, Bengaluru

This is pretty much who we are and what we do.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a satisfied investor!

So, before you go ahead, we want you to know what makes us so sure that we could be able to help you with your portfolio.

A Track Record Second To None

We understand that in the financial world, trust and past performance always go hand in hand.

And PersonalFN will NEVER disappoint you on that front.

Well we wouldn't have been in business for over 2 decades if we had not outperformed ourselves and our competition year on year!

In the past, our recommended mutual fund portfolios have consistently outperformed the market!

Like in July 2007, we recommended 3 equity mutual fund portfolios based on one's risk profile and wealth building objective. We call them Wealth Multiplier, Wealth Creator and Wealth Stabiliser.

At the same time, we also recommended 3 debt mutual fund portfolios based on investment time horizon of the investors - Less than 1 Year, 1 to 2 Years and More than 2 Years.

Out of over thousands of schemes in existence, we selected 5 to 7 suitable schemes for each equity mutual fund portfolio, and 2 to 5 suitable schemes in each debt mutual fund portfolio.

We just kept three things in mind - the client's need, his investment objective and risk appetite.

And the result?

Just take a look at the chart below...

Source:, PersonalFN Research;
(Calculated based on NAV as on 31-Mar-2021, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 31-Mar-2021)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

As you can see, for every Rs 100 invested in our recommended equity portfolios (since July 2007) has grown to well over Rs 450.

As against this, similar amount invested in the broader market index would have grown to just around Rs 347 over the same time period.

While the equity markets have grown by around 247%, our recommended portfolios have generated an absolute return of 381%, 352% and 358%...

That's an additional growth of approximately 105% to 135% in investor's wealth, when compared to growth seen in the equity markets.

And trust us; this performance has come with the least churning in the portfolios. We are still holding on to some of the investments in the funds we recommended then.

These are high end funds that we identify to be true long term performers.

Infact, we felt the least need to change any of the fund recommended in our potentially best performing equity mutual fund portfolios.

Source:, PersonalFN Research;
(Calculated based on NAV as on 31-Mar-2021, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 31-Mar-2021)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

In terms of growth in the value of debt portfolios at the same time since July 2007, every Rs 100 invested in our recommended debt portfolios has grown in the range of Rs 270 to Rs 310.

As against this, the investment of Rs 100 in the benchmark composite bond fund index has grown to around Rs 288 over the same time period.

So as you can see, by generating an absolute return of 208%, our recommended long term debt portfolio has rewarded investors with an additional return of around 20% when compared to the 188% returns earned by benchmark composite bond fund index.

A Consistent Performance Of Decades Is Not

A Matter Of Luck...

It's a result of intensive studies done day in and day out by our research team at PersonalFN.

It's a matter of systemic weighing of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each of the funds, and zeroing in on the healthiest funds in the industry.

A well-tuned and time proven exclusive fund selection strategy developed over almost the last 2 decades!

Only because of that, we have been able to identify well-managed mutual funds with the ability to beat their peers in the same category.

And now we will apply the same exclusive strategy while reviewing your portfolio too!

So, you can rest be assured that you will get unbiased recommendations backed by solid research process.

Our only aim is to guide you in building a mutual fund portfolio that is potentially best suited for you to achieve your life goals.

We want you to grow your wealth, safely.

...Without taking any unnecessary risks.

And PersonalFN's special Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service does exactly that!

So, with all that information, the next question that makes sense should be...

Do You Want PersonalFN's Fund Experts
To Review Your Mutual Fund Portfolio?

To get your fund portfolio reviewed by the fund advisors of PersonalFN...

  1. Fill In a small form which will help us get back to you.

  2. Our fund experts will then get in touch with you with their questions.

  3. Once done with that, our experts will ask you to share with them your portfolio (Our team will explain you how to do it).

  4. Our experts will then perform an in-depth study of your portfolio and revert with their opinion within the next 15 working days (or earlier).

Our report will be complete with our views and analysis of your existing portfolio, action steps and fund recommendations that would help you maximize your portfolio returns.

We will help you discard the non-performing mutual funds and selecting the right funds that goes with your financial goals and objectives.

Exploit our experience and knowledge in bettering your portfolio for potentially higher returns in the future while you still can.

Just for a glimpse, here is what all you get when you sign up for the PersonalFN Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service...

And to add to all of this, here is something that will make this decision a no brainer for you.

A Deal You Just Couldn't Say No To...

You see, the normal charge for this exclusive and personal portfolio review service is Rs 10,000 for our subscribers.

But we don't want you to spend that much.

So, we are doing this for you as a goodwill gesture.

If you take us up on this offer, we will throw in a discount of over 40% on the usual fee.

Yes, you will have to pay only Rs 10,000 5,950/-.

But you have to act right now.

And don't worry, you don't have to pay anything right now.

Speak to our investment consultants first!

And then take an informed decision.

We won't charge you for this first consultation call (which is otherwise charged a bomb in the industry).

What are you waiting for?

You might not get a deal better than this.

Act Right Now.

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This might be the best opportunity of your life.

This might be the answer to your mutual fund investment worries.

This might be the ticket to your financial freedom.

Grab it while you can.

Because the longer you wait, the more you lose the opportunity of making more money as markets move up!

Now What Are You Waiting For?

Accept our invitation by becoming a subscriber to the PersonalFN Mutual Fund Portfolio Review service today!

You may not get your hands to this invaluable service again for a long time to come!

To your wealth always,

Team PersonalFN

P.S: This is a one-time service to help you review your existing portfolio of mutual funds, and design you mutual fund portfolio that match your financial goals.

P.P.S: Since this is a personalized service, there will be no refunds once you sign up for the service.

Get Your Mutual Fund Portfolio Reviewed Today!

*Price inclusive of applicable Goods and Services tax

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