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Top 5 Equity Funds You Could Invest In Now!

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Dear Reader,

I am Madhurika Sawant, Customer Service Head – PersonalFN

Today, I am going to tell you something that I had a discussion about a few days back.

A discussion with Vivek, our Head of Research, over coffee at this uber-cool coffee shop close to our office.

I did not think that a simple cup of coffee and a friendly chat will turn out to be such a big idea.

As usual, the chat moved around stray topics like the latest movies to cult cinema, Augusta Westland to Rafale, Elections to Interim budget, Development to Unemployment… And so on!

But we could not stick to all those, as we were out for a casual cup of coffee.

While sipping his favorite Ethiopian coffee, Vivek said something which let me shocked.

Something he hasn't said in years or probably ever.

He was just short of calling it the "Holy Grail" of mutual fund investments...

And honestly, I have no reason to doubt what he believes in.

After all, the last time he said something like this some of his recommendations beat the market by over 80%.

As I said, I was equally shocked with what Vivek's statement was. It is not every day that the head of our research team is so excited. So, we thought why not make this brainchild of Vivek available to our loyal readers and subscribers like yourself.

In the next five minutes, you can come to know about Top 5 Equity Mutual Funds with high growth potential, that you may want to invest in right away.

These can be very instrumental in helping you begin building the kind of wealth that ensures TRUE financial freedom.

If the idea of getting instant access to these 5 funds right away excites you, then you've come just to the right place.

Because I am giving away our latest report that will give you access to the Top 5 High Rewarding Equity Funds that you could invest in right away.

It's called Top 5 Equity Funds to Invest in 2019, and I want to send you access to it ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I'll tell you exactly why in a moment.

But first, here's a little sample of what you'll find inside...

Fund #1:

A large-cap oriented fund with a track-record spanning over a decade, that has established itself in the large-cap category with its consistent long term performance and has rewarded investors with superior risk-adjusted returns. The fund has not only kept risk under control, but has managed to deliver benchmark-beating returns as well. Its ability to curb the downside risk makes it an ideal fund to provide stability in ones long term portfolio.

In the last 5 years, the fund has generated returns at around 15% CAGR.

Fund #2:

A large and mid cap fund that has turned out to be a clear winner within its category. With its dynamic performance, the fund has been consistently generating superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors over the past few years. Despite being an actively managed fund, it has kept risk under control and has consistently delivered benchmark-beating returns. Its ability to tap the market rally and curb the downside risk makes it an ideal fund for long term investors.

Fund #3:

A decade old mid-cap fund that has come to the limelight recently. The fund has not disappointed over the recent market cycles and scores well in terms of managing risk. It has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors who have stayed invested in the fund for the long term. The fund manager looks for high growth oriented stocks in the mid cap segment, but which are available at fair valuations. Being a mid-cap oriented scheme, high volatility cannot be ruled out.

Fund #4:

A multi cap fund following opportunities style of investing. The fund has performed extraordinarily well and has consistently maintained its spot in the list of top performers. It has posted a substantial margin in outperformance when compared to its peers. Though the volatility is comparable to that of few other schemes in the category, this fund scores high on risk-adjusted return and thus adds to positives that ranks the fund higher.

Fund #5:

A less popular fund that takes contrarian bets and invests in out of flavour sectors and stocks which are available at significant discount or cheap valuations. What differentiates this fund from its peers is its ability to enter stocks at right valuations and timely exit from underperforming stocks. This fund has been outperforming its benchmark by a substantial margin, while keeping volatility in check. It scores high on risk-adjusted returns and has consistently delivered superior returns for its investors who have stayed invested in the fund.

These are the FIVE funds that we believe hold the best wealth-creating potential in the coming few years.

Whether the market goes up or down, you need not worry.

These five funds, as per our research, are well poised to garner steady and significant returns over time, regardless of what happens tomorrow.

How Are We So Sure?

That's a very good question.

A question we take pride in answering every single time.

You see, at PersonalFN, our core proposition is built around research and financial planning which is our primary business.

Our highly qualified research team has been successfully helping people get financially educated and wealthy for over 19 years now.

It is what makes us stand apart and probably makes us better than others.

After all, we are one of the oldest in the mutual fund research space.

It is our job to find good opportunities and make them available to our loyal followers.

Hence, we have decided to make this available to as many people as possible.

That is because we want every investor to have a fair chance at building wealth.

And that is exactly why we are going to give this exclusive report for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

But before we go on and tell you how you can get this report worth Rs 5,000 for Free, there is something more we would want you to know.

We Want You To Build Wealth In The Long Run!

Let me ask you a question...

Are you looking for Long Term stability or instant gratification?

If you are one of the smart ones who know that wealth building is a lifelong process, we have something just for you.

Simply because, we want you to retire in peace…

Retire wealthy…

Retire without being dependent on anyone

Retire… Like you have always dreamt!

But Retirement is not something that one could be capable of handling overnight.

It needs planning, perseverance, foresight, smart investments…

And what we have is the mutual fund way of planning for a wealthy retirement.

Picking of funds requires a special skill set and a lot of research & analytical expertise.

People spend years studying this in colleges and then in the market.

How do you suppose someone who is not qualified to pick funds, can help you make any money out of them?

Let alone help you to retire wealthy.

We can only think of one reason such an arrangement could work... LUCK!

If that is the plan, well then all the best to you.

However, if you want to break free from the "Only God Can Help Me After Retirement" syndrome, we have news for you.

And what we are about to show you now is the key to get our exclusive report

"Top 5 Equity Funds to Invest in 2019" for FREE.

Presenting Our Exclusive
Retire Rich Series

Imagine you are in your 60s, retired and ready for the new life ahead when looking through your bills and receipts...

You suddenly realize, your bank account is NOT READY for retirement.

You haven't saved enough!

Yes, you gave your son the best quality education you could.

Yes, that lavish marriage ceremony for your daughter. Whoa!

And oh yes, that world tour your wife so talks about.

You fulfilled all your financial obligations but somehow neglected a primary one.

Your retirement.

And now here you are...

The nasty bites of inflation.

The rising medical expenses.

The promises you made to yourself.

Is that how retirement should be? Of course, not.

Retirement is supposed to be the "golden period of your life".

With your friends and family.

Joy and happiness.

And in this letter, we are here to provide you with a solution-not the quick fix you are looking for but a "strategy" that help you secure a happy and blissful retirement for yourself.

High quality 'Do It Yourself' retirement solution and strategies per month. That's it.

It's easy. It's simple. It's a MUST for you.

Are you ready for it?

Then read on, for the next couple of minutes are going to be very interesting and probably enlightening for you.

The Peril Nobody Realizes
...Until It Is Done

You plan for everything.

You plan for your son's education.

You plan for your daughter's marriage.

You plan for your vacation every year.

And yes, you plan for your retirement too.

You know that maybe after 10, 20 or 30 years, your life is going to change.

You won't have a steady active income.

You will have higher expenses (on addition to a few extra bills or due to regular inflation).

You will probably not have enough time to start saving anew.

And then suddenly, you realize that even though you planned for your retirement, THE CORPUS IS STILL TOO LOW!

You thought you took care of your retirement but putting away a little of your income, unevenly, without any long-term planning, turned into failure.

You invested in fixed deposits.

You invested in ELSS.

You invested in mutual funds.

Correct but you probably lacked financial strategy.

It's not just stashing away in a few assets and keeping your eyes closed.

And needless to say, you find out that your retirement is in jeopardy.

But it's already late then.

Nothing to be done except to fret over lost time and opportunity.

Imagine not being able to go on that world tour you so dreamt of...

Or perhaps not granting your grandson's only wish on his birthday...

Or not being able to give your wife the best medical treatment...

Just when you thought you would be living up the "golden days of your life", they become nightmare for you.

But tell you what...

It should not be like this.

We have done the math for you.

The Numbers Reveal the
Key to Happiness

We, at PersonalFN, did our homework and came at an interesting conclusion.

That is, it does not matter how much you earn...

Or whether you speculate in risky assets or not...

Or whether you already have a strong financial background...

We found out that the only thing that matters is CONSISTENCY and 'a little of smartness' when it comes to retirement planning.

For example, if you were to save Rs 25,000 per month and invest it at a compounding interest rate of 12%, it would become a whopping Rs 2.4 crore in the next 20 years.

Look at the graph below for a better understanding.

This Graph is indicative and for illustration purpose only. Growth rate assumed at 12% p.a.

The red line is your retirement corpus.

As you can see from the graph, all you need is to keep stashing away a bit of your savings into your retirement corpus. Simple.


We think there's one more variable to the equation.

That is, the return percentage of your investments!

You see, in our little graph, we considered the return percentage to be pretty consistent.

But can you ever say that of any of your assets you invest in now?

No? We guessed it.

As is known, the market is unpredictable and so is your portfolio returns.

One quarter, it might be over 10%...another quarter, a mere 2%.

Not enticing much?

We have a better and more efficient solution for you.

The Retire Rich Series

PersonalFN brings to you a new and exclusive initiative with a sole motive-securing your retirement yourself.

This is a DIY retirement solution whereby you can start planning for your retirement and potentially build a substantial corpus that could sustain you in the best days of your life.

It is not merely a list of funds.

Or a particular investment idea.

It is a complete all-around solution to guide you with almost ALL necessary essentials of retirement planning.

...a monthly series of reports and articles bringing forth potentially the best investment ideas and opportunities most suitable for a happy and blissful retirement.

Who is this most suitable for?

We imagined this premium service for investors who want to do it themselves and who are struggling to build a sizeable retirement corpus through their ordinary endeavors.

We want to provide you a ready investment solution specifically suited to help you build not just any portfolio but rather a RETIREMENT portfolio.

Are you an investor in your mid-40s?

Are you looking to start retirement planning or bring one on track again?

Feeling clueless as to where to invest to accumulate sizeable savings in the few years of your active life?

It's hard.

Not many can do it...correctly.

Juggling hectic professional and personal lives, does someone still have the energy to sit down with financial journals and factsheets every day?

Of course not.

And that is the reason why we have developed this one-of-its-kind retirement planning monthly report series

"A treasure trove of invaluable information to help you build your financial future."

We want to make the whole process of planning for your retirement a piece of cake. Only a few steps and you are done.

An Ongoing Monthly guidance to handhold you in your journey to retirement. . Act on them in time and you are all set.

What's Inside Retire Rich Report?

As a privileged subscriber of Retire Rich Report, you will get inside access to THREE strategies to build retirement wealth. You need to pick the one that suits your age and time horizon.

These strategies comprise of a ready set of equity, debt and gold mutual funds, optimally allocated to together build a decent corpus for one's dream retirement.

#1 The Young And Adventurous

This strategy is for the young 'high risk-high reward' investors who want to play the market and beat it by a significant margin.

It is not for the faint hearted.

It would ideally comprise of 80% equity, 15% debt and 5% gold.

There is always that slight chance of loss lingering in the dark but if you play your cards right, you might end with double or even triple digit returns in the long run.

This Early Retirement Solution is for investors who are under 45 years in age and can afford to take adventurous decisions for their retirement approaching in about next 15-20 years.

As a Retire Rich subscriber, you will receive high potential equity mutual fund recommendations handpicked for two rare characteristics:

  1. They promise high growth potential in the coming few years.

  2. They are perfect fit for one's retirement.

But maybe, you are not adventurous enough.

You want to surf the high market waves but also make sure of a steady income potential.

You are just being cautious and we love it.

#2 The Cautious Nearly-Retired Ones

This is the Nearing Retirement Solution for investors who are between 45 and 60 years old.

They are about to get retired in say another 10 to 15 years.

This is a tricky situation. You cannot afford to play too safe because you have got only a few years left to save. Yet you cannot play too risky because you would not be able to recoup your losses in time.

This strategy would ideally comprise of 60% equity, 35% debt and 5% gold.

If you are looking for a ready mix of funds to invest in for steady yet higher than average investment returns, this is the one for you.

Just stick to it for the remaining years to your retirement and you would potentially build a substantial retirement corpus in no time.

Lastly, there are those who have already retired.

We surely cannot forget about them, right?

#3 The Retired And Struggling

This special Post Retirement Solution is for retired investors over 60 years of age. That have "been there and done that", and frankly, they are in need of special care.

You see, retirement planning happens not only before retirement but also goes on post retirement.

Adjusting to the new financial situation with no active income and limited savings in the bank, with soaring daily expenses, it takes superb calculation and strategy to make the whole retired life work like magic.

This strategy would comprise of 30% equity, 65% debt and 5% gold.

Regardless of your age, your financial background and your bank savings, we will guide you to secure a healthy and happy retired life for yourself, whether it is before or after retirement.

It's always about being there for you and empowering you throughout your retirement planning journey.

That's how we do it at PersonalFN.

Each mutual fund that we handpick for you, our subscribers, pass our stringent parameters, both qualitative and quantitative, and only the most worthwhile make it into our recommendation list.

At PersonalFN, we call them S.M.A.R.T.

In other words, these mutual funds have passed our SMART Score Matrix with flying colors!

This is a special methodology that we follow to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the growth potential of a mutual fund.

Our Chosen Funds Are S.M.A.R.T

We select mutual funds on the basis of 5 variable tests, viz. Systems and Process, Market cycle performance, Asset management style, Risk-reward ratios and Performance Track Record.

Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record

So, each fund recommended by PersonalFN has to go through our stringent process where they are tested on these five essential parameters.

It's like taking a test on five different qualities and getting scores from a very strict teacher!

What we normally try to see in these funds are as follows:

This matrix is specially developed by the in-house research team at PersonalFN and we believe, it's one of the best and reliable fund selection methodologies in the industry today.

It helps us identify potentially the "best of the best" funds out there having the ability to build wealth for our subscribers.

But that's not all.

It's not about telling you about a few mutual funds one-time and be done with it forever.

It's about guiding you in your journey to build consistent wealth over years to come.

And we have got you covered.

"Are They Doing Well? Or Not?"

Our research team constantly keeps rechecking and retesting our recommended funds again and again.

If any of them does not meet our criteria? Strike it out.

Keep only the ones that prove their worth to our subscribers. It's through a constant and strict vetting, day after day, that we make sure that every fund we recommend for your retirement goal turns out to be a WINNER.

Every month you will receive a detailed research report on the performance and investment strategy of the funds already recommended by us.

If our review is positive, you can continue keeping invested in them. If our review on any fund is negative, it is better if you strike them out.

It's a continuous process.

We guide you on the strategy and keep you updated on the performance of the recommended funds every month.

All you have to do is take action on it. Simple.

But are mutual fund recommendations all that you receive as a Retire Rich subscriber?


In-depth, Invaluable Write-ups
Focused on Retirement Planning

As a Retire Rich subscriber, you will also receive in-depth, long-form and highly research-oriented write-ups solely focused on myriad aspects of retirement planning.

Based on the particular theme of the month, we will let you in on some of the most baffling topics when it comes to retirement.

How much do you need for your dream retirement?

How to ensure regular cash flow post retirement?

Should you buy insurance? Which Mediclaim is potentially the best for your purpose?

And so on.

Every write-up will be exhaustive and enlightening to help you make the right financial decisions in time.

Apart from this, you will also receive the following as a Retire Rich subscriber.

Free Exclusive Bonus for You:
Your Comprehensive Guide To
Retirement Planning

Your golden years may truly become the best days of your life.

With the top-notch Retire Rich recommendations and exclusive premium research write-ups every month, you will probably be far ahead in your journey to financial freedom.

However, we wanted to make it even better for you.

We are ready to give you our very popular Money Simplified guide, "Your Comprehensive Guide To Retirement Planning" for Absolutely Free.

No extra charge at all.

In this exclusive guide, you will find:

Why you should plan your retirement well

Perils of Planning For Retirement Late

Role of Different Asset Classes in Retirement Planning

Why Insurance a Must in Retirement Planning

And so forth.

This might be a great starter guide to help you in your retirement planning process. It's almost action-oriented and provides you the perfect platform to get on with the retirement planning voyage.

But what's the use of any such retirement guides and reports unless you have a calculator in hand?

A Free Retirement Corpus Calculator for You

An easy-to-use and simple-to-understand prop for retirement planning.

Just plug in the numbers and lo, you get your answer.

How much to save each month?

How much time is required to build a significant corpus?

If you are young, what's the minimum you can do away with?

A retirement calculator does what its name says.

Helps you calculate the approx. corpus you need for a blissful retirement.

It helps you make sure that you are not straying off your path.

That you are totally on track on your monthly goals.

And just because you took that lavish vacation, your retirement is not in distress.

As you guessed, you get it totally free as a Retire Rich subscriber.

A Complete DIY Retirement Solution
...Regardless of Your Age,
Background or Occupation

We are proud that we have built Retire Rich not like any other retirement planning service with the need to hire any other financial adviser.

This is an all-inclusive Do-It-Yourself initiative for you to secure a happy retired life for yourself.

We are providing you with the necessary financial knowledge and even more importantly, actionable investment ideas that you act upon right away.

No probable need to consult any other financial adviser for that matter. (You may trust on our 15+ years of research and financial planning experience.)

As a Retire Rich subscriber, you will receive:

"But for How Much?"

Now, we come to the best part.

We are planning to price it at a regular Rs 10,000 per year. Keeping in mind the huge wealth of invaluable actionable knowledge you will be receiving every month, it is almost negligible in our opinion.

Why not shell out a mere Rs 850 per month when you might be able to earn lakhs from it, right?

But wait! Since we are introducing this to you, we have decided to run a special introductory discount offer for the early bird subscribers.

Only For The Fastest Action Takers...

If you sign up today or are one of the first few Retire Rich subscribers under this offer, you can get it at Rs 2,950 for the first-year subscription.

An instant savings of Rs 7,050 in your pocket!

How cool is that?

All you have is the next few days...

Very soon, we will close the subscription gates for this service.

Post that, we may not be accepting new registrations for quite some time.

And when we start accepting members again, there is no guarantee that the same offer will be available!

So we strongly urge you - do not waste a minute more in thinking...

Subscribe now and save Rs 7,050 on your first year's subscription.

You can invest it towards your retirement fund then. Remember, for your dream retirement, it will be such smart, money - conscious decisions that will matter in the end!

Don't miss this golden opportunity.

Hurry now.

Delays only lead to losses of opportunities.

So here is all that you get if you sign up to Retire Rich right now...

  1. Our Latest Report “Top 5 Funds” worth Rs 5000, absolutely FREE

  2. Ready investment solutions (for different categories of investors).

  3. Monthly in-depth, retirement-based research articles.

  4. Monthly performance updates on Retirement Solutions.

  5. Free Guide: Your Comprehensive Guide To Retirement Planning

  6. Free Retirement Calculator

  7. Free Cash Flow and Expense Tracker

  8. Free Financial Risk Assessment Calculator

If you still have any questions or doubts that are stopping you from subscribing to Retire Rich, we will make it even simpler for you...

Try Retire Rich With 30-Days Full Money-Back

Money Back Guarantee

Your risk is ZERO!

...Because your subscription to Retire Rich will be covered under our 30-Days - Full Money-Back policy.
You can enjoy a 30-days trial with a full refund guarantee.

Get complete access to all our past research as well as our current recommendations under Retire Rich for a month.

If you don't like it or think it is not for you, which is very rare...

Just let us know before the 31st day of your subscription and we'll refund the entire fee you paid.

No Questions Asked!

The best part is, you will still get to keep all the free bonuses and the exclusive report.

That is how much we trust our services!

They are questions asked.

Sounds good?

It will take only a few minutes of your time and you will be well on your path to achieving your financial goals and objectives.

And we really want to.

So don't delay!

Get Retire Rich Right Now
With The FREE BONUSES + 1 Exclusive Report

Here is where you start your journey to wealth building as a Smart, Informed and Financially educated investor.

To your wealth,

Madhurika Sawant

Head - Customer Service

P.S. This is a complete DIY solution for every individual wise enough to think and act for a happy and blissful retirement. 3 Retirement Solutions, premium research write-ups, monthly performance updates, free bonus guide and a retirement get everything at your disposal.

P. P. S. The offer is only for the first few hundred subscribers and the slots are already filling up fast. Are you going to miss it? Act fast and act now.

P.P.P.S. The first set of Retire Rich Solutions are already out. So do not miss your chance to get in.

*Price inclusive of applicable Goods and Services tax

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