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"A new lucrative opportunity in the Modi 2.0 Regime..."

Multiply Your Portfolio Gains

with Five 'High Alpha' Funds

Get access to these special, high-return generating mutual funds
that have the potential to significantly boost your portfolio returns
in the next few years.

Dear investor,

The new Modi 2.0 regime brought in a fresh spark of life and opportunity in the market.

Is it going to be a long-lasting journey for every fund in the market?

Well, not quite.

But, at PersonalFN, we agree that there will be a lot of ACTION in the next few years...

... For a handful of aggressive mutual funds that are well-placed to exploit this golden opportunity ahead.

We call these the Alpha funds.

They are the chosen FEW with huge potential to bring higher (we repeat, MUCH HIGHER) returns than the hundreds of funds that we have studied so far.

And these funds are probably suitable for the new Modi 2.0 regime.

How does double or even triple digit returns sound to you?

Not uncommon with Alpha funds.

Frankly, we are talking about one of the biggest money making opportunities of 2019.

And you are one of the privileged few to receive an early look at this.

So, what will you do?

Leave right now without any second thought?

No issues. Thanks for your time.

Or...will you read on further to see what's inside this 2-minutes letter?

Would you like to see if there is something ‘valuable' waiting for you?

Something that might make 2019 and the years to come truly worthwhile to you as an investor?

(We guarantee, you won't regret reading ahead)

Modi 2.0 Regime:
A Perfect Investment Opportunity

If the first innings did not satisfy the investors enough, with GDP growth now fallen to a 5-year low and unemployment at an all-time high...

We believe the second one might be the phase of ‘recovery' focusing on the delivery of unfulfilled promises.

Modi 2.0 regime is expected to be all about growth and opportunity.

Modi 2.0 is expected to be a change in trend and adoption of right reforms and policies.

Modi 2.0 regime is probably going to be “all work and less talk”.

And that presents a golden chance for the investors to ride the chariot of hope and bring in some sweet investment returns.

At PersonalFN, we are quite optimistic of the coming next few years.

We believe, we may see a few drastic moves here and there, which will take the economy by storm-in the positive sense, of course.

If you are looking to get in onto the action, the time is NOW.

But hey, let us warn you.

Not every fund is an Alpha Generator !

Let's clarify this first.

There are essentially two types of funds.

Winners and Losers.

Obviously, you would want to invest in winners. Understandable.

But what many don't get is...

There is yet another sub-category of mutual funds that fall within the ‘Winners' category.

The Alpha ones.

We call them the ‘winners amongst winners'.

These are the funds that make the rest of the winners shy of their performance.

That's right”

When the winners might rake in double digit returns, the Alpha funds are the ones that have the potential to rake in TRIPLE digit returns in the long term!

They are super-special in their own rights, whether debt or equity, whichever type you consider. And as such, we daresay that they are among the BIGGEST money makers when it comes to mutual fund investing.

Let us put it this way to you.

If you are looking to become a millionaire with only one fund, the odds might be in your favour if you put your money in a well-selected Alpha fund.

Truth spoken. Loud and clear.

And as we already said, the time is now.

The iron is hot.

The whole economy is ready to go buzzing.

The market is waiting for the starting bell.

Would you let go of this opportunity?

But, wait! There's one itsy-bitsy problem.

Finding the right Alpha funds to invest in.

Let us tell you that can be a real problem.

Sorting and sifting the winners to find that ONE ‘alpha' capable of beating others in terms of investment returns...

...can be a time-consuming process.

Don't think so?

Well, let us tell you.

Even We Struggled, But Then...

If you don't already know, PersonalFN is one of the leading mutual fund research houses in India today.

We have over 1.5 lakh readers all over India and abroad.

We have helped create significant wealth for our premium subscribers over the last 15+ years.

There's no denying the fact that our unique S.M.A.R.T. Score Matrix can be considered among the very best research methodologies in the market at present.

But even then, our research team was finding it tricky to pick the Alpha funds from among the recommended funds.

You see, we have a success rate of a whopping 68 percent with our mutual fund recommendations.

That means, seven out of 10 funds we recommend to our subscribers end up making significant money for them.

But, it was not the point this time.

We were looking for a few handful funds among those winning recommendations that generated above average returns in the past and are well-placed to bring double or even TRIPLE digit returns in the next 5-10 years.

And that's when we came up with our latest S.M.A.R.T. Alpha Score model. We won't get into the technical jargon but let's just say, this exclusive research model helps us choose the Alpha funds:

And till date, we have been able to find 5 of such rare funds. (Let's call them ‘rare', shall we?)

It was rather tough to pick them finding needles in a haystack.

But, it was worth the trouble.

Because we know how valuable they are for you, as an investor.

And the good news is, we are letting you get access to these funds today.

Introducing our all-new

The Alpha Funds Report 2019

5 High Alpha Funds To Boost Your Portfolio Returns

The Alpha Funds Report

In this exclusive report, we are revealing our top 5 Alpha picks for 2019...that might, simply speaking, have the potential to make you loads of money in the next few years.

These FIVE funds are the ultimate Alpha funds chosen specially for the PersonalFN followers.

These funds are for the aggressive investors who are up for ‘high risk-high reward' investment opportunities and are up for a ride on the new wave of market opportunity, namely...

...the Modi 2.0 regime.

If our calculations are right, these funds would probably bring in a high double to mid triple digit portfolio returns over the next 5-7 years.

Please note: it might vary though.

But we are almost certain of what we are saying.

Here is a peek into the five funds in this report:

High Alpha Fund #1:

This high alpha generating large cap fund belongs to a process driven fund house. It has come a long way purely backed by quality management which has resulted in stellar performance across time periods. The fund stands strong among the top performers in its category and has a track record of generating superior returns for its investors. The prudent investment strategies followed by the fund has earned it a tag of being a consistent performer that has rewarded long-term investors well across market cycles.

High Alpha Fund #2:

One of the popular schemes in the multicap funds category, it has caught the fancy of investors for quite some time. Driven by its smart sector and stock selection strategy, the fund has shown market-beating performance even in conditions where others have struggled to generate returns. It has shown a stellar performance across time periods and has constantly outperformed the benchmark and the category average across market cycles. Overall, the fund has proven its ability to create significant wealth for its investors.

High Alpha Fund #3:

Originally a mid and small cap focused fund, it has now been categorised under large and midcap funds. Its performance, especially over the past five years, has been quite impressive. This fund has been successful in outperforming broader markets and most of its prominent peers by a distinct margin. The prudent risk management strategies followed at the fund house has worked very well for the fund. While its midcap focus helped generate substantial returns during the last mid cap rally, the fund managed to limit the downside in the midcap crash that followed, thus turning out to be a reliable bet for aggressive investors.

High Alpha Fund #4:

This actively managed fund in the midcap space holds a superior performance track record and has been consistently dominating the mid cap space over the last few year. The fund completely stunned investors with its superior performance in 2017 and 2018 and stood strong among the top performers in the midcap funds category. It is suitable for aggressive investors having high risk appetite and looking for a well-managed midcap fund with potential to benefit significantly from its quality midcap stock picks.

High Alpha Fund #5:

One of the top performers in the small cap funds category, it has stood strong in the recent small cap crash, while many of its peers have fallen like ninepins. While not all small cap funds have the ability to survive a market crash, this fund has turned out to be an exception in terms of generating superior returns over complete market cycle. Focusing on multi-bagger stock ideas, the fund manager takes aggressive but calculated risk while adding high growth oriented quality small cap names to the portfolio. The fund has been efficient in managing the downside risk and has the potential to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for its long term investors.

These FIVE High Alpha funds are probably the best investments you will make to boost your portfolio returns over the next 5-7 years.

If your portfolio returns are rather modest...

If you want to fulfil a lofty financial need soon...

If you are merely looking for a golden opportunity...

This might be it.

This is YOUR chance to make it big in the capital market. Don't let it go by.

And if you are still not convinced, there's yet one more reason for you to act now.

An Introductory Discount of A Massive 80 Percent !

We would price this exclusive report at our usual price of Rs 5,000.

And we believe that is absolutely justifiable.

Potential lakhs of rupees in returns for a nominal five grand is practically nothing, right?

But hey, won't we reward our early bird subscribers? Of course, we would.

That's why we decided to run this amazing 80 percent introductory discount for those who would subscribe within next few days.

That means, that special category of subscribers would pay Rs 5,000 Rs 950 only.

Remember, this is a time limited offer.

And this expires sooner than you would expect.

Don't miss this opportunity. Act now.

Give me my copy of this exclusive
Alpha Report now.

As we told you before, this is not really a sales letter.

This is rather an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

If you are an investor who can spare a few chump changes for a massive investment run for the upcoming few years, then this is the one for you.

Imagine growing your portfolio multiple times...

Imagine beating the market by a significant margin...

Imagine ending up with even BIGGER investment capital than you could think of by the next 5-7 years...

The possibilities are endless.

Only requirement?

You need to act now.

To your wealth,

Team PersonalFN

P. S. Alpha funds are rare, our dear friend. It's like picking needles out of a haystack. And we have done THAT for you. Five of such funds that are ‘winners amongst winners'. Won't you want to know which ones they are?

P. P. S. A hefty 80 percent discount for the early bird subscribers but the offer expires in the next few days. Post that, the report may be sold at Rs 5,000 per copy. If you wish to grab your copy under the discounted offer, you need to subscribe now.

*Price inclusive of applicable Goods and Services tax

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