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Dear Reader,

Okay, let’s start with one of the most verified truisms in the world of finance.

Knowledge is power.

Isn’t that right?

What if you knew what metrics to judge a mutual fund upon?

What if you knew where to invest your savings now?

What if you knew how to hedge your risks for today and tomorrow?

Think about it.

You don’t have to blindly rely on your financial advisor for that.

Who knows?

He might be biased to make some unethical extra commission.

Or he might not know something in its entirety. (Come on, he can’t be an expert in everything, after all.)

Or he just might be not up to the strenuous job of providing the right financial advice in today’s complicated market.

Either way, you need to safeguard yourself and your life’s hard earned savings from any dubious and unworthy decision.

The only way to that is, empower yourself with the weapon of KNOWLEDGE.

And that’s why we write to you today.

Because in the next few minutes, we will tell you ALL about the simplest and easiest way to approach your most important task, that is, planning your financial future.

Right from helping you to learn how to figure out your needs to drawing out a clever strategy to achieve your financial goals…

…this is what we envisage for you.

Something that you can rely upon for every financial decision you make.

A great mentor to achieve Financial Freedom…at last!


You might already be thinking that “Ah…the same old financial sales pitch that I see all over the internet.”

But oh, you are WRONG.

You see, this is not just another sales letter that you find with anyone else, or for that fact, with us even.

This is a completely new initiative, keeping in mind the rampant dishonesty that’s growing and thriving in today’s financial market.

We want to groom our readers, empower them in such a way that they can be their own financial planners.

So that they are not in the dark anymore.

Introducing The Very First Of
PersonalFN’s Money Simplified e-Class Video Series

Your Comprehensive A To Z e-Course
To Become Your Own Financial Planner

We, at PersonalFN, come with a long history of empowering average Indian investors since 1999, in every aspect of personal finance, covering the fearsome and fuzzy lands of mutual funds, gold, insurance and so on.

And presently, the only question on our mind was, “How can we make a difference this time?”

But this time, it was supposed to be quite special.

Thus, came out this awesome all-in-one exclusive video series that is expected to be your “ready companion” that will empower you to take key financial decisions for meeting your life goals.

Want to know whether you should take medical insurance?

Want to know how much should you save and invest?

Want to know how to write your will?

You got it.

But there’s something that you need to understand before you proceed further.

Why This e-Course Is Different From The Rest?

We wanted to touch this question beforehand.

You see, there are thousands of online courses pervading in the capital market today, starting from those offered by financial institutions to those by private organizations.

And we do think that they are doing a great job in educating average individuals in how to deal with personal finance.

But what we find lacking in most of these products are that they don’t provide an overall guidance to the individual to guide him in achieving his Financial Freedom.

Yes, it’s education, true it is.

But it is NOT empowerment.

And this is the very reason why this exclusive e-Course is different than the rest.

This e-Course is geared to serve as a guide in your most serious decisions regarding money matters.

Whether you want to be a successful investor or want to play it safe for a happy retirement, this e-Course aims to make you capable of figuring out your goals and objectives on your own…while preparing the ultimate strategy for yourself.

Let’s look at it this way.

If you are looking for a most complete knowledge base to fall back on when you might have a question, then…

There perhaps is nothing better than this e-Course for you today!

So What Do You Get As A Subscriber
To This All-Inclusive e-Course?

Separated into 8 modules, this exclusive e-Course is a 5 Hour study, spread over 3 weeks, with 24 extensive videos that detail the ins and outs of every possible topic related to your personal finance, starting from budgeting to planning your life goals; from insurance planning to estate planning.

Even if you have a financial advisor at your beck and call, are you really sure that you can blindly rely on him?

No, perhaps you are not.

Let’s face it.

It’s your money.

And you can never be totally at peace leaving decisions to your financial goals, figuratively speaking, in the hands of anyone else.

You need to be confident in yourself, to take your own financial decisions, so that when you go to sleep at night, you know that your hard-earned savings are safe and you will wake up to see a nicer tomorrow.

And that’s what this e-Course will do for you.

It will help you become your OWN financial planner.

It will answer MOST of your questions that you might have, and armor you with the necessary financial knowledge against the misty dark that surrounds today’s capital market.

Most importantly, it will grant you freedom — freedom from obscurities, frauds and lies.

If you subscribe to Our Comprehensive A To Z e-Course To Become Your Own Financial Planner, here’s what you will get access to:

Module #1: How To Make Your Budget &
Design Your Cash Flows

Do you know how to create a simple family budget?

Do you know how to manage your incoming and outgoing cash flows?

Do you know how to save for rainy days?

You see, these questions are ultra-important when you are striving to manage your personal finances.

But where to start?

Well, you can start by figuring out the respective sources of cash flows, in or out, creating a budget for the same and designing your cash flows in such a manner that they are not so unpredictable as before.

And we will describe all these important things to start with in the Module #1.

It will be a sort of an introductory module whereby we will help you get the basics right. A good start, you can say.

Module # 2: How To Plan Your Key Life Goals

In Module #2, we will tell you how to set a SMART goal.

Creating a SMART goal is a management concept and when it comes to money management, it can be really helpful.

But wait, what is a SMART goal? What does the acronym ‘SMART’ stand for?

How can you apply the SMART concept to your key life goals? Is it viable?

You bet it is.

This module will explain in detail, along with case studies on how to figure out whether your financial goals are SMART or not.

Above all, it will teach you the essentials of how to determine the amount of corpus you need for achievement of your goals.

We can call this a SMART step towards planning your finances.

Module # 3: The Right Approach To Insurance Planning

In most cases, individuals find out that they are not adequately insured.

Are you?

Whether it is regarding life insurance or a simple health insurance, our experience says that people really don’t understand the gravity of taking insurance.

Do you?

If not, don’t worry.

In Module #3, we will discuss about the importance of insurance planning.

How to know if you are adequately insured?

Should you club your insurance and investment needs?

Should you go for a health insurance policy?

What kind of insurance would be well suitable for you?

And so on...

Needless to say, this module is specially prepared to answer all your insurance related questions. We will tell you everything that your insurance advisor may not tell you.

Just know that insurance can be considered as one of the most important pillars of personal finance. And we aim to strengthen that pillar for you.

Module # 4: Prudent Ways To Plan Your Investments

Ah, investments!

One of the most evasive concepts, we must say.

Let’s just say…

Everybody invests, but very few people know how to invest.

And to be honest, it takes lot of planning.

To be an investor, you need to invest in the right avenue at the right time for the right period.

That’s a lot of RIGHTs!

Well, no worries.

We understand that as an average investor, it’s not possible for you to know it all.

That’s why…

In Module #4, we will not only talk about how to begin your investment journey, but also point out the 10 financial mistakes that may derail your personal finances.

In this module, we are going to focus primarily on the investment aspect of personal finance.

We will talk about how to select winning mutual funds.

We will talk about the right asset allocation and its importance.

We will talk about strategies to build your optimum investment portfolio and much more.

Module # 5: Tested Ways To Retire Rich

Retirement planning can be a drag, let’s face it.

Living in the 21st century, in the capitalistic society, how to save enough money to live sufficiently after we stop earning, let’s say, 20 years from now, can be a tricky question.

Where should you invest?

How should you invest?

How much should you invest?

All types of questions come up.

And remember, this is about your FUTURE. Are you ready to secure it?

We mean, are you taking steps toward ensuring a better financial future?

If no, you should.

If yes, how confident are you that your endeavors will be fruitful?


In this module, we are going to focus on this — one of the most important aspects of personal finance.

We are going to talk about how to avoid the serious mistakes committed in retirement planning.

In our exclusive case study, we will tell you the in-depth process that goes into a meticulous retirement strategy. And yes, we will also deal with questions regarding your age and your time horizon.

Let’s just get your retirement future in order, shall we?

Module # 6: All You Need To Know
About Estate Planning

This has been a mystery for many investors, and nevertheless, ignored leading to disastrous effect.

We believe, you should never ignore this very crucial module of the whole series.

Many people think that it is not necessary to plan their estate.

Well, it absolutely is.

Otherwise, you cannot ensure that your assets are legally passed on to the person you want it to be.

Without proper estate planning, you couldn't secure the future of your near and dear ones when you are not with them.

Sad but true.

Our advice: Pay attention to this Module #6 to know why estate planning is a MUST for you, irrespective of your age.

Know what the most important points are when writing a will.

Who should you consult?

How to give someone a Power of Attorney?

And so forth.

In this module, almost ALL your estate planning related questions will be answered.

Module # 7: How To Ensure That
Your Loans Do Not Become A Burden

It’s likely that you get texts on your mobile or calls on your phone every other day on how you are eligible for a loan.

And the funny thing is, they come with so attractive offers that you can hardly resist them.

The result?

Many of you end up taking one loan after another, until you are neck deep in a variety of loans — personal, business, house, car, and so on, whew!

Tell you what, loans can be a great means to acquire assets but managing those loans are of utmost importance.

As an investor, you are supposed to take care that those loans only serve their true purpose and don’t become a burden on you.

Module #7 will aid you in avoiding the deathly traps of debt, and take proper advantage of the leverage concept.

You will learn about what to look for when taking a home loan.

You will learn about 6 primary things to keep in mind while opting for a credit card.

You will learn whether a personal loan is for you or not, and much more.

This module, you can say, is a great guide to know where to set the limit on your everyday credit transactions, so common these days.

Module # 8: Key Learnings From Investment Gurus

By now, you would have completed over 90 percent of the e-Course, and you should be armed with enough financial knowledge to take your own decisions every day.

Even if you have a financial advisor, which is always recommended, you will know what he is talking about, and maybe even teach him a thing or two!

As we said before, by now, you are not in the dark anymore.

You will not be duped easily by him.

You will rectify his mistakes, if any

And you are in control of YOUR life decisions.

Great, isn’t it?

Let’s end this e-Course with a smooth finish then.

In Module #8, we will conclude this awesome e-Course with our handpicked quotes from investment gurus and thumb rules on Financial Planning.

(Please don’t ignore this module.)

It’s meant to give you one-liners for easy remembrance so that you can follow them and inculcate them in your daily lives.

We believe, personal finance is an ongoing activity, and you need to be aware every minute. This module helps you to achieve that.

Okay, so that marks the end of this very powerful and all-inclusive e-Course.

You are now your OWN financial planner.

But wait, is that all?

No, that’s just a start.

Along with this awesome video course material, you will also be eligible for more benefits, if you sign up now.

What are they?

As a privileged subscriber of this first-of-its-kind Money Simplified video e-Course series, you will also be entitled to PersonalFN’s THREE exclusive personal finance guides for subscribers of Money Simplified e-Classes.

Guide #1: Your Retirement Planning Made Easy

Your Retirement Planning Made Easy

Retirement is a big part of everyone’s lives.

What happens after you stop earning?

How will you sustain your current lifestyle?

The costs are rising day by day.

How will you meet your daily expenses, those that you can’t do without, which are absolute necessities?

Your medical expenses, your food, your housing rent (if it applies) and so on.

That’s why you need our special Retirement Guide within your reach.

It will tell you how to plan your finances in the most appropriate way to ensure a happy and blissful retired life.

Whether gold is a viable retirement asset…

Whether to invest solely in equity or in debt…

How much retirement corpus you should aim for…

This guide will show you the most optimum way to meet your retirement needs so that you could really LIVE UP the best days of your life.

In short, this guide is a great complement to the Retirement Module (No. 5) in the e-Course.

But for that, the first step is to know how to invest properly.

That leads us to the next…

Guide #2: Are You Investing Right?

Are You Investing Right

Your retirement starts with a proper investment strategy.

And that starts now itself.

But the question lies in…

Should you invest in equity at any age?

Is debt a ‘safer’ option of investment?

Do you need to put some money into gold?

What should be the proper asset allocation strategy?

How much risk can you bear as an investor?

In this awesome guide, we are going to talk about the most intricate investment related questions, and whether you are a beginner or an advanced investor, you will find something worthwhile in it, for you.

In this guide, we have focused solely on how to maximize your wealth creation with prudent investment strategies that you can put to use right away.

In other words, if you are an investor, this is a MUST Have Guide for you.

But investment without adequate insurance is always going to be futile.

That’s why we come to the next…

Guide #3: Are You Adequately Insured?

Are You Adequately Insured

We have already talked about Insurance Planning in Module #3.

And this guide expands on it further.

You see, insurance is always a confusing topic for any average investor.

How much insurance do you need?

Should you take a health insurance? How to choose the best one for you?

Is a life insurance necessary, absolutely?

All these questions haunt you time and again.

To add to that, your friends and relatives, with their never-stopping advice, confuse you even more?

Our Insurance Guide would help you put a stop to that.

In this supremely valuable guide, the above questions are answered in a layman’s language, and also, in high detail that suits any average investor like YOU.

As a subscriber to our Money Simplified e-Class video series- Your A To Z Comprehensive e-Course To Become Your Own Financial Planner, you will get these 3 exclusive guides without incurring any extra cost at all — Absolutely Free!

An Awesome Series Of Calculators At Your Disposal

Apart from this, you will also get host of our special downloadable calculators. Absolutely FREE!

You can keep these calculators with yourself and use them for your future reference.

For example,

Are your monthly finances in a mess? Find out your cash flows, incoming and outgoing, with our exclusive Cash Flow Calculator.

Find out how much corpus you need for a peaceful retirement with our comprehensive Retirement Calculator. It will also tell you the amount you need to save regularly to achieve your retirement goal.

Do you know how much risk you can tolerate? Find out more about your risk appetite with our Risk Assessment Calculator.

And many more.

…Only if you subscribe to this exclusive Money Simplified e-Class video series, Your A To Z Comprehensive e-Course To Become Your Own Financial Planner, now.

Still thinking?

Still asking the same question?

Why You Need To Sign Up For The e-Course Today?

And the simple answer is.

You cannot live in fear.

You cannot live in dark.

You cannot live blind.

The situation is grave.

Scams and scandals all around.

Honesty is almost gone these days.

The truth is, your hard-earned savings are not safe anymore. Perhaps, the very so-called financial “experts” that you rely on (just a warning!) may be out to get a piece of it. 

In fact, we would go as far as to say that you are the ONLY person who you can trust fully.

And for this…

You need to become your OWN Financial Planner first.

And that’s the reason why you need to sign up for this e-Course.

For every investor, out there like you, who probably doesn’t have much knowledge about the financial jargons, the tricks and tactics of the industry, this e-Course will provide a head start in dealing with money matters in your daily lives.

In fact, being very blunt here, we believe that this e-Course is an absolute must, keeping in mind today’s circumstances.

I Want To Subscribe To The e-Course Right Now.

And to make it more reachable for our investors…

A Special Discount Of Over 60 Percent
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This exclusive Money Simplified e-class series on 'How To Become Your Own Financial Planner' is available at a reasonable price of Rs 5,000 only.

It's worth it.

BUT you don’t have to pay Rs 5,000…

As you can see, this is a revolutionary product that we have created so far.

We have put years of our knowledge and our experience in handling financial dilemma of a regular investor into this e-Course.

We believe, it contains the very fundamentals of investing to advanced planning of life goals, highly useful for all types of investors, beginner and advanced alike.

And that’s why we really, really want to reach as many investors as we can.

Our primary motive here is that nobody should pass it away just because they can’t afford it.

More so, our valuable readers who have stayed by us and supported us so far.

However, we can't offer a lower price to everyone. That's when we agreed on running a special offer, which is available only to our valuable readers like YOU.

If you subscribe now, all you pay is Rs 1,950 only.


Cool, isn’t it?

But there’s a catch.

Only, the first 500 subscribers will be able to avail of this superb opportunity.

We cannot offer everyone this awesome offer, after all. Hope you understand.

After the first 500 subscribers limit passes, the price would return to the normal, that is, Rs 5,000 only.

We want you to know that it is a generous gesture from the whole team of PersonalFN, so you should act fast.

Please do remember, time is running out, we must say.

Still thinking?

Don’t Think Anymore!

This is one of its kind opportunity whereby we vest in you the power to write your own financial destiny.

You don’t have to depend on your shady relative’s advice.

You don’t have to listen to the confusing TV commentators.

You don’t have to rely blindly on your financial advisor.

You can take your money decisions…on your own!

And achieve the Financial Freedom that you always wished for.

Click Here To Subscribe To This

Money Simplified e-Course Right Now.

To your wealth,

Team PersonalFN

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