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Fixed Deposits Vs Debt Mutual Funds: Which is better? (19 Jun 2017)

With fixed deposit interest rates declining, are debt mutual funds an attractive alternative?

How You Should Position You Debt Portfolio Post Demonetisation… (03 Dec 2016)

Impact of demonetisation on your debt portfolio

As Bank FD Rates Fall, Here Are Your Options To Invest… (27 Oct 2016)

Bank fixed deposits will now earn you a paltry return of about 5% post-tax. Here’s why you should now look at alternative options such as debt mutual funds

5 reasons to consider investing in debt funds now! (01 Nov 2014)

Debt funds may look boring and unattractive to you; but remember they can play a crucial role in your overall investment portfolio.

Debt markets are volatile; is SIP a good option to quell? (16 Dec 2013)

Debt markets have been volatile and taking a call on interest rate cycle has become difficult even for seasoned investors. Would SIP be an option worth considering?

What makes FMPs attractivefor now? (31 Aug 2013)

While short-term income funds may seem attractive to some due to rise in yields and invest, even mutual fund houses are taking this as an opportune time to launch more Fixed Maturity Plan (FMPs).

Are FMPs losing their flavour? (17 Jun 2013)

What may have made FMPs unattractive

All you need to know about inflation-indexed bonds (22 May 2013)

Many of you may be aware, “inflation indexed bonds (IIBs)” will be launched on June 4, 2013 with first tranche of Rs 1,000 - 2,000 crore with a maturity of 10 years. The intention behind the launch of IIB is help provide real returns to investors and reduce physical gold buying spree.

Is this the right time to invest in Gilt Funds? (07 Feb 2013)

Yields on Sovereign bonds have fallen sharply over last 2 months which has rewarded investors of gilt funds. Read more to know what future holds for investors of gilt funds.

Debt Mutual Fund Terms You Need To Know (29 Jan 2013)

PersonalFN shows you the key terms you need to understand when choosing a debt mutual fund. Read on to know more.

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