This does not constitute investment advice. Returns mentioned herein are in no way a guarantee or promise of future returns. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks.

An Eye-Opening Fact For Mutual Fund Investors...

What’s The Difference Between
A Good And A Bad Investment?

“Rs 1 Crore”

Think about what you can probably do with that “little” extra in your bank. Your retirement, your child’s education, your dream home...the list goes on.

Here's the SIMPLEST WAY to garner highest possible returns, even while you are sleeping.

Dear Reader,

The headline sure caught your attention, right?

Are we serious? You bet we are.

In fact, it shocked us the first time we found out...just like it did to you.

It’s true.

The difference between a good investment and a bad over a crore in terms of long-term returns.

And the astonishing fact is, it’s with a mere investment of Rs 1 lakhs for a period of 20 years.

That’s right.

ONLY ONE LAKH as initial investment.

Ah, now you pay attention.

Think about it.

You invest Rs 1 lakh today into a particular investment and you reap an extra crore in returns in the next 20 years.

“What could you do with an extra crore in the bank?”

Perhaps, you can use it for your child’s education abroad...

...or arrange a lavish marriage ceremony for your daughter

...or maybe secure a happy and blissful retired life.

However, all this comes true if and ONLY IF you put your money in a “good” investment.

In the next couple of minutes, we are going to talk about why you should always go for good investments and even more importantly, how to zero in on the right investments before everyone else does.

In short...

If you are a mutual fund investor and you seek above average returns, then this is for YOU.

Fill up your coffee mug and sit down.

Your journey to a potential extra one crore return is about to begin.

Seriously, Extra 1 Crore Return
With Mere Rs 1 Lakh Investment!

Say, there are two investors - Mr. Sharma, a government employee and Mr. Goel, a banker.

Mr. Sharma heard from his dear nephew that he has invested in a particular fund, and that it is “good” enough to invest in.

Well, Mr. Sharma, not much of an investor by nature, was tired of the low returns from his fixed deposits and took the advice of his nephew, who had some “interest” in the market.

On the other hand, Mr. Goel was in an investment community in his city, attended many financial workshops due to his nature of work, checked the business papers and TV channels regularly to keep himself updated-including a highly sophisticated set of finance professionals who worked under him and would occasionally throw in investment ideas.

Even Mr. Goel invested in a “good” opportunity that was supposed to grow tremendously in the upcoming years - At least that’s what his juniors told him.

Fast forward 20 years to present time, it seems Mr. Sharma’s nephew was quite right.

Mr. Sharma’s investment of Rs 1 lakh turned into Rs 7.18 lakhs. That’s a huge return of 618 percent!

Mr. Sharma rejoiced and being so happy, sponsored his nephew’s birthday bash in return.

Just look at the graph below. Look at the lovely blue line that shows how Mr. Sharma grew his wealth over time.

Return calculated on best and worst performing diversified equity fund from Jan 1998 to March 2018
Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research

Lovely, isn’t it?

But whoa! What’s that red line over there?

Ah, we remember. It’s the return graph of Mr. Goel’s investment of Rs 1 lakh.

Just in case you are wondering, Mr. Goel’s investment returned...umm, definitely not as much as Mr. Sharma’s investment...

...but WAY BEYOND that.

Mr. Goel’s investment on Rs 1 lakh turned into Rs 1.07crore at a return of a whopping 10,637 PERCENT!


Well, that’s exactly what we felt when we first saw this.

The difference between a good and a bad investment can go up to almost one crore rupees. Can you imagine that?

While Mr. Sharma was rejoicing with his return of 618 percent, he didn’t even know that his investment was falling short of one crore in returns in comparison to Mr. Goel’s.

And thus, we came to a startling epiphany.

It was that just because your investment is making money, it does not mean that it is fetching optimum returns, after all.

That’s when we realized how average investors, like you, are losing out...big time.

Because you are more probable to lose out than win big.

You Err More Than You Think!

Here’s where the principle of selective screening on mutual funds schemes comes in.

As per this principle, the probability of choosing the wrong fund is significantly higher than choosing the right fund.

Believe us when we say that we have done extensive research on this...

...and we have found this to be utterly correct.

In one of the studies conducted by our research team, we have found an interesting (or let us say, disappointing) statistic.

Every 3 out of 4 mutual fund schemes are probably not investment worthy in the true sense of the term.

In short, if you end up putting your money in ‘dud’ funds, you would probably be making money but definitely not to the extent of what you dream of.

Because if we are not wrong, you are investing for the sole reason that you want to multiply your wealth as fast and big as possible.

If it was only about beating inflation in a risk-free manner, you could settle your savings in good, old bank fixed deposits.

However, that’s not the goal, right?

The goal is (obviously)...

...Funding your child’s higher education abroad.

...Sponsoring a lavish marriage ceremony for your daughter.

...Securing a happy and blissful retirement for yourself.

For that, you need that special ONE fund out of the 4 mutual funds you come across.

Now, identifying that one fund is really a herculean task.


Because that one fund would possess few unique characteristics.

It boasts of a solid performance track record.

It follows a steady, long-term investment strategy.

It is managed by well - experienced, competent fund managers.

It comes with optimum risk reward proposition.

It has well defined investment processes and systems in place.

And so on.

The most intriguing fact is that, as we saw above, this one special fund might even outscore the three other funds by as much as ONE CRORE RUPEES in returns.

Now, you must be wondering, “How do I discover this one fund?”

Good news is, this is the very reason we are writing this letter today.

But before that...

Who Are We?

We are PersonalFN, one of the FIRST financial planning websites in India.

We are among the leading mutual fund research companies in India having over 15 years of research experience.

PersonalFN was born in 1999 out of genuine need that we felt at that time.

We felt that an average investor needs honest and unbiased guidance in planning his daily personal finances.

By empowering them with timely and indepth research ideas, we wished them to rationally make good use of investment opportunities, and thus fulfil their financial obligations and aspirations.

But above all, PersonalFN was started on a simple motto: “Infallible honesty and high ethical standards above all.”

PersonalFN was started - as a symbol of Integrity, Trust and Respect. Our sole aim was to empower average investors to take the right investment decisions at the right time.

We have come a long way since then, and we boast of over 1.5 lakh followers all over India and abroad.

We believe we have been able to serve our subscribers in the best way possible.

Here’s what one of our subscribers have to say:

I was reviewing my portfolio today. I am happy to note that all my investments have outperformed market both in down as well as up market condition. The recommendations of PersonalFN are unbiased and generally have a long term views suitable for common investor like me.

"When I look back, the timely advise and assurances of PFN, quite contrary to experts on TV during the last years downturn not only saved me from huge loss, it helped to maximise my return in the cycle. I once again thank you all in PersonalFN for educating common investors and unbiased advice."

- Anup Kumar Guru, Mumbai

However, a time came in our journey when we realized something which we should have done much earlier.

The plight of the mutual fund investors.

Most of the powerful market players were out there to make money at the expense of the average mutual fund investors.

The distributors, agents and brokers...

Almost everyone, except the average investor, like you.

Rampant mis-selling and dubious recommendations for higher commissions became the hallmark of the industry at one time.

That’s when we figured that we have to do something about it.

We wanted to do something that focused upon the best interests of average investors.

We wanted to guide investors with useful and straightforward opinions on mutual fund opportunities, based on comprehensive research and devoid of ‘secret’ bias.

We wanted to provide them with a complete all-in-one mutual fund research solution, to help them succeed in making money from mutual funds.

And that’s when we came up with our flagship product 15 years ago - our very popular...drum roll please...FUNDSELECT!

...with a simple question on our mind.

Which Equity Funds To Invest In?

This is the question any average investor faces when he decides to invest into equity mutual funds.

We believe, you do too.

Should you listen to your nephew who studies finance at some B-school or your long-time friend who has recently started taking interest in mutual funds?

Should you rest your hard-earned savings just like that?

Funnily, most people do just that.

They value their friendships and relationships more than money.

Well, it’s the true sign of humanity, we know, but guess what, we do need to get a little more practical at times.

Who has the time and resources to dig out the most optimum investment opportunities every day?

Not any average investor, of course.

It takes lots of data scraping, numeric calculations and chasing market news almost every minute of your day.

It does need technological setups and frequent fund manager meetings to make sure you are on the right track.

Because if you are not, you might lose out on that extra one crore rupees in returns.

Do you think it is possible for any retail investor alone to take care of all this, maybe after coming back from his day job?

Of course, not.

That’s where FundSelect comes in.

FundSelect is one of the leading and highly rated mutual fund research services in India, which serves one single purpose: help you find potentially the best equity mutual funds with strong moneymaking prospects.

FundSelect fills in the void left by an average investor and brings you potentially the best investment opportunities to help you multiply your wealth consistently and successfully.

Our idea behind FundSelect was to bring together a product that solves only one problem for the average investors.

“Which mutual fund to buy, hold or sell?”

Over the last 15+ years...

We have been pretty successful at that, honestly speaking.

A Sneak Peek At Our Track Record

FundSelect has been based on one simple motto: “Be steady. Be alert. Be winning.”

This shows in our long performance track record.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance as on March 28, 2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Every Rs 100 invested across FundSelect recommendations since June 2003, has now grown to Rs 1,668, as against Rs 968 for every simultaneous investment of Rs 100 in S&P BSE 200.

Under FundSelect, we use our proprietary SMART Score Matrix to select high quality mutual funds that have superior wealth-building potential.

“What is the SMART Score Matrix?”

We select mutual funds on the basis of 5 variable tests, viz. Systems and Process, Market cycle performance, Asset management style, Risk-reward ratios and Performance Track Record.

Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record

So, each fund recommended by PersonalFN has to go through our stringent process where they are tested on these five essential parameters.

It’s like taking a test on five different qualities and getting scores from a very strict teacher!

What we normally try to see in these funds are as follows:

This matrix is specially developed by the in-house research team at PersonalFN and we believe, it’s one of the best and reliable fund selection methodologies in the industry today.

Why? Because it has shown successful results over time! Identifying Long-Term Players Has Been Our Specialty Always!

FundSelect has been successful in identifying long-term players.

Take the case of Sundaram Midcap Fund.

We identified the wealth - creating potential of the fund quite early in November 2004 and recommended it to our FundSelect subscribers.

Since then the funds value has grown by a whopping 1,544% and has created wealth for our subscribers. This is about 1,000% higher returns than the benchmark S&P BSE Midcap that has registered a growth of 548% in value.

(1,544% Absolute Return in 13 Years 4 Months)

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 08-Nov-2004 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The funds potential has always remained intact and has never moved to our Sell, irrespective of market conditions.

We knew, it was a long-term opportunity.

This also signifies the ability of our research team to form a long-term view on the fund.

And there are many such funds that have been timely identified and recommended under FundSelect.

It was not a one-off case, of course.

Here is another example of our early picks on the fund.

It took almost 4 years for HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund to make it to our buy list.

And, it proved us right by making a big impact in terms of performance going forward.

We tested the fund in and out to be sure about its money making capability before first recommending it under FundSelect in May 2011, when its size was just about Rs 1,300 crore.

And within 7 years time, the fund became quite popular among investors to become the LARGEST mid cap fund in the country, with its AUM crossing Rs 20,000 crore in December 2017.

258% Absolute Return in 6 Years 10 Months

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 16-May-2011 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

In terms of wealth creation, the fund has grown 3.5 times in about 7 years, as against 2.5 times growth in its benchmark Nifty Midcap 100 - Total Return Index.

Only Funds Driven By Systems & Processes

PersonalFN has always given more importance to systems and processes, instead of brand and popularity.

That is shown by our recommendation of new and less popular Mirae Asset Mutual Fund that had completed just 3 years of operation in India by 2011.

We studied the systems and processes followed at Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. And  we were very clear about its fund management quality and the long term potential of its funds.

Its flagship scheme, Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund (now renamed as Mirae Asset India Equity Fund), was hardly known to investors. The fund was very small with a corpus of less than Rs 200 crore, then.

This is when PersonalFN identified the early potential of this fund and was recommended under FundSelect in October 2011.

184% Absolute Return in 6 Years 5 Months

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 31-Oct-2011 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The fund did not disappoint us in terms of expectation, and has consistently rewarded investors across market conditions, beating its benchmark S&P BSE 200 by a significant margin.

We do look after a few qualitative factors as well, such as...

Longevity of our recommendation

If you think, our views can change overnight... we are glad that you may be proved wrong.

Here is the performance of HDFC Equity Fund since the time it was recommended under FundSelect in May 2004.

In the last 14 years, the fund has seen many ups and downs in terms of performance, but the fund management quality and conviction was nevertheless top-class.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 31-Oct-2011 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

This helped it grow over 10 fold in terms of value, before we finally gave a Sell call on the fund, after 14 long years.

So in terms of longevity of views, FundSelect won’t disappoint you.

Quality matters, not popularity

FundSelect will never try to go with the herd.

Each fund recommended under FundSelect goes through our stringent process, where they are tested on both quantitative as well as qualitative parameters.

Only the funds that pass through this test will make it to our recommended list.

We may not recommend a fund just because they are gaining popularity among distributors and investors.

Take the case with Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund.

Despite being popular among investors, this fund never made it to our Buy list.


Because of lower quality and its inability to limit downside risk.

As you can expect, we did not shy away from giving a Sell call on the fund, even while it was recommended by many others, based on star ratings.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 28-Mar-2005 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

FundSelect has been quite stringent when it comes to recommending high quality funds, backed by strong systems and processes.

Timely identifying long term laggards

Similarly, we have always asked our subscribers to stay away from inconsistent and poorly managed schemes like JM Equity Fund.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 28-Mar-2008 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Over the last 10 years, rather 20 years, the fund has significantly underperformed its benchmark as well as most of its peers.

Here’s another example.

Have you heard about Sundaram Capex Fund? (now known as Sundaram Infra Advantage Fund)

The fund that became investor’s favourite during the infrastructure and capital boom in 2007. Its AUM doubled, rather tripled within months, in the year 2007.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 28-Mar-2008 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Unfortunately, hype doesn’t sell for long in finance.

Many investors in this fund found themselves on the back foot, when the rally in the infrastructure came to a break during the 2008 subprime crisis. Notably many stocks in this sector have not yet recovered and so has the fund.

We Make Mistakes Too!

Everyone makes mistakes, so did we...

Some of the funds recommended under FundSelect, did not meet our expectations. Moreover, we got the timing wrong.

In the first phase (between April 2005 to June 2007), our recommended Sundaram Select Focus, performed nearly in line with the benchmark, while underperformed many of its peers.

We got impatient with the performance and gave a Sell call on the fund.

Within next few months, the fund entered its first leg of outperformance, and the subscribers who acted on our recommendation missed the opportunity.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 25-Apr-2005 to 25-Apr-2012
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Though it didn’t last for long.

In August 2008, we gave the fund another chance. But this time it completely disappointed on the performance front.

Despite giving it, well over two good years, the fund failed to make much impact and turned out to be one of our poor recommendations.

In March 2011, we finally gave a Sell call on this fund.

Similar was the case with Principal Growth Fund. Though the fund made around 125% gain in 3 years post our recommendation in February 2005, it did underperform the benchmark BSE 200 by over 25 percent point.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 28-Feb-2005 to 31-Mar-2010
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

With a change in view on the fund, it was recommended a Sell in February 2008.

Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund was yet another scheme recommended under FundSelect in July 2010, that disappointed us in terms of returns.

Few quick changes in fund management further affected the performance.

Though it outperformed the S&P BSE 200 index over 5 years’ time, it trailed many of its category peers.

In November 2015, we asked our subscribers to exit the fund, while it made 76% absolute gain in a little over 5 years’ time.

Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research
Performance calculated using NAVs for period 05-Jul-2010 to 28-Mar-2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

So, we are not infallible, to be honest.

However, you must note here that...

FundSelect has a success rate of a whopping 74 percent!

So, seven out of ten FundSelect recommendations have the potential to make solid investment gains for the investors.

Or in other words, it can be safely said that even if you happen to underperform or incur slight losses by chance, you might be more than compensated for it by the gains from other funds that you invest in.

That’s how we play in the market, going by Mr. Buffett’s number one rule of investing.

So, if you are looking to invest in top-quality moneymaking equity mutual funds, FundSelect is the ultimate choice for you.

As soon as you become a privileged FundSelect subscriber, you will start receiving potentially“the best of the lots” mutual funds, telling you which ones to buy, hold or sell.

In each issue of FundSelect, our research team studies the macros and dynamics of equity markets, and comes up with the ‘gems’ under the present market conditions.

With FundSelect, you not only get top quality recommendations every month, but each of such recommendations are regularly tracked and updated, so that you can take well-informed decisions regarding your investments.

In other words, if you are looking for equity mutual funds with superior wealth creating potential, this is one for you.

But that’s not all.

There’s more.

Debt Investors, Rejoice!

We do have something for you too.

If you are interested in debt investing, it’s time to rejoice.

As soon as you subscribe for FundSelect, you also get all the benefits of DebtSelect...WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL.

Looking for debt mutual funds that promise steady, long-term returns? Debt Select is your perfect mate then.

Even in DebtSelect, we rigorously test each mutual fund across qualitative as well as quantitative parameters.

Under DebtSelect, you will receive recommendations on which debt mutual funds might be the most reliable ones to park your funds at a relatively lower risk.

Normally, it would be valued at Rs 2,500 per year in subscription fees.

However, as a FundSelect subscriber, you get this for absolutely free.

Cool, isn’t it?

Keep A Watch...Always!

The mutual fund market is a dynamic one.

The good one turns into a bad one tomorrow.

And to be able to pick up the good ones at the right time, you need to be on the lookout always.

Even to ignore the unworthy ones, you need to keep watching...always.

But why would you do that? After all, you are a FundSelect subscriber, right?

Yes, you are.

We do it for you instead.

Every month, under ‘FundWatch’, we brief on funds that is probably worth watching. Simple.

Whether it is for a potential future Buy, Hold or Sell recommendation, our research team keeps looking for opportunities and also to veer away from threats.

So, as a FundSelect subscriber, you don’t need to stay glued to the business channels all day or keep reading financial journals till late night.

You can instead...

Have fun with your family.

Cultivate your hobby.

We are doing the heavy work for you.

What’s New In The Market?

Let’s get honest here.

New Fund Offers (NFOs) can be a tricky breed.

Don’t you keep on hearing exciting stories on how someone might have become a millionaire by investing in some obscure stock or something like that?

Well, while most of it might not be true, our experience says that if you do put in your money in the right fund at the right time, you might snag in huge returns over time.

How big? Let’s say, double, triple or even QUADRUPLE your investment.

But while there are chances of huge returns, there are always chances of huge losses as well.

NFOs may be very risky by nature-because they don’t come with a track record to back the investment decision.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up losing your money...maybe even ALL your investment.

So, to make sure that you invest in the right ones, our research team takes it upon themselves to analyze each NFO for their respective moneymaking potential.

Starting from the long-term financial track record of its management to potential of the investment idea and the proposed strategy, we study each details of the NFO to give you a thorough analysis of the offer.

You will get such analyses on EVERY offer that gets launched in the market.

That also, free of cost!

As a FundSelect subscriber, you will get access to our NFO research reports without having to pay anything in extra at all.

Cool, isn’t it?

Any New Ideas Of Investment? Of Course, Yes

How about interesting market updates and analyses sent to your inbox every month?

Our research team ransacks the market every day for actionable ideas of making money through investing.

Sometimes in new assets.

Sometimes in old assets in a new way.

Sometimes in hot trends, and sometimes in long term patterns.

Whether it is equity, debt or gold...

Our exclusive Investment Ideas Notes (Monthly) focuses on rendering a 360-degree outlook on everything related to the market.

More specifically on everything that are “not talked about in the market but could have impact on your investments.”

Investment Ideas Notes guide you on prevailing market sentiments which could help you identify investment opportunities before most of your fellow investors even come to know about it.

As a FundSelect subscriber, you will be privileged to get a free access to these series of notes every month.

So much just by signing up to FundSelect?

You bet.

In fact, FundSelect is meant to be your all-in-one wealth creation tool for you.

I am obliged to PFN for educating me in management of personal finance. I have designed my MF portfolio taking guidance from PFN. I appreciate prompt responsiveness of PFN team to subscriber queries, and their approach to take onboard subscriber requests and feedback. In particular, I liked research reports for a couple of funds which clearly guide investors not to invest in spite of high returns, due to underlying risk and doubtful sustainability of returns in the long term. This differentiates PFN from other MF research services.

~ Rasesh Choksi
(FundSelect and FundSelect Plus subscriber since Oct 2012)

Your All-In-One Wealth Creation Tool

Yes, that’s how we like to reckon FundSelect - as an ultimate wealth creation tool.

It helps you to choose the right mutual funds, whether equity or debt.

It helps you to identify actionable and timely investment ideas.

It helps you to keep watching out for new lucrative offers.

It is an all-in-one tool that could help you take right decision while investing in mutual funds.

...Without any heavy work on your part whatsoever!

With the right resources at your disposal, you can choose the RIGHT mutual funds that have the potential to multiply your wealth in the coming years.

We are talking about funds that have the potential to bring returns of as much as ONE CRORE in rupees.

And we must reiterate that it may be possible on a mere one lakh investment.

Can you imagine the scope of long-term wealth creation we are talking about here?

You have an option to become a ‘crorepati’ in probably 20 years time.

Coming from this perspective, FundSelect is not just another mutual fund research service.

At PersonalFN, we think of FundSelect as an all-in-one wealth building solution to aid in achieving financial freedom.

It’s about becoming free...financially free.

Frankly speaking, if you are a mutual fund investor, FundSelect, in our opinion, is not an option but rather a necessity for you.

Click Here Right Now To Become A FundSelect Subscriber

Still thinking?

Let us give you a few more reasons why you should sign up as a FundSelect subscriber today.

Since it is the special 15th anniversary of FundSelect...

As a privileged FundSelect subscriber, you are entitled to a lot more than you think.

If you sign up now, you are eligible for the following anniversary-special goodies:

Bonus #1. Top 5 Equity Funds To Invest In 2018


Aggressive gains, that’s what we are talking about.

This guide is primarily for the ones who has substantial risk appetite and are not afraid to play hard.

Geared for above average portfolio gains in the next few years, this guide lists top 5 equity mutual funds.

...5 Funds that are potentially best positioned in today’s market conditions to fetch top-notch gains to the investors.

As per our research...

These exceptional equity mutual funds have a superior performance track record and come with solid growth potential.

They follow a steady long-term investment strategy, and are managed by well-experienced and competent fund managers.

They are diversified in nature and can help you curtail market risk to the minimum possible.

In short, these are potentially the “best of the best” FIVE equity mutual funds you can consider investing in right now.

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Bonus #2. 10 Lessons to Master Mutual Fund Investing


Have any question regarding mutual fund investing? In this guide, we will answer almost ALL the crucial questions regarding investing in mutual funds.

In case you are wondering, these questions are not just for rookie investors. They might even baffle the most experienced ones for sure.

If you are a mutual fund investor, we tell you that this is going to of your essential companions you ever found. Whether you are new or have been investing for the last 10 years, you NEED this guide.

Inside this guide, get a sneak peek at the following questions being covered:

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But don't rejoice as yet...

This is just starting, my friend.

While this guide is very good to get your mutual fund investing concepts clear, the next one might be what you actually need.

Bonus #3. Free access to our E-learning Course

Isn’t it better to learn directly from our research team instead of reading a guide? Of course, it is.

That’s where this exclusive e-learning course comes in, focused on “How to become your own financial planner” and helping you to learn the ins and outs of personal finance management.

Composed of TWENTY-FOUR videos coming in eight modules, this comprehensive Money Simplified e-course will help you to gain understanding into the complicated world of finance.

This exclusive e-Course is a 5 Hour study, spread over 3 weeks, detail the ins and outs of every possible topic related to your personal finance, starting from budgeting to planning your life goals; from insurance planning to estate planning.

If you have always blindly trusted your financial advisor, without your wish, this is the time to...

...not be in the dark anymore.

...not blindly put your money in the hands of someone else.

The good news is, this e-Course is available to you at no charge at all!

Bonus #4. Guide - “Your Retirement Planning Made Easy”

Your Retirement Planning Made Easy

Retirement has always been at the crux of all investment questions.

In our experience, we have found that even though investors are pretty serious about their life goals, they are ignorant about their retirement in most cases.

In this guide, we discuss comprehensively about the most essential questions regarding retirement.

How much equity is suitable at your present age, to build a decent retirement corpus?

Should you invest in gold for your retirement ?

Do you need medical insurance?

Should you invest in the NPS for your retirement?

Is PPF a great option for retirees?

This exclusive guide answers almost ALL your questions on how to ensure a blissful retired life, and could help you become financially ready for the best days of your life.

And as a FundSelect subscriber, you get this exclusive guide for... (you can guess it already)...

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Well, talking of retirement, or rather any financial goal, what matters most is the quality of your investments.

And for that, we bring to you...

Bonus #5. Guide - “Are You Investing Right?”

Are You Investing Right

The most vital guide that you might wish for, as an INVESTOR.

The reason we created this special guide is simple.

Whether you are a debt investor or are into equities...

Whether you put your money in fixed deposits or love risk play...

Whether you are into gold big time...

If you don’t know how to invest properly according to your age, income and financial needs, you might just be doing it totally wrong.

This FREE guide will aid you to determine your financial goals in life, and give you a comprehensive all-round idea of how best to prepare for them.

Comprised of timelessly valuable information from firsthand experience, this crisp, little guide is a powerhouse for every investor, beginner or advanced alike, and... can be considered your ready hand guide in your investing endeavors.

Curious to read it? You have to become a FundSelect subscriber for that.

But investments without security can become very tough to manage.

Even though you might be earning huge returns on your investment, your cash flow might still be negative unless you are properly insured.

So, the question is...

Bonus #6. Guide - “Are You Adequately Insured?”

Are You Adequately Insured

Are you?

Because if you are not, your investment strategy might be fundamentally flawed.

It has been our experience, and a little silly at that, in our stay in the industry that most average investors consider profit maximization as their investment motive.

Funnily enough, most do not consider loss reduction as a motive.

Are you one of them?

Are you not adequately insured?

If not, this guide is for you.

In this guide, we are going to discuss about the merits and demerits of insurance planning, and how best to approach it.

Should you buy life insurance?

How much medical insurance is good enough?

Which type of insurance is suitable for you?

The insurance industry is overwhelmingly complicated, and it might be absolutely confusing for a beginning investor.

This guide can be your useful companion in planning your insurance and thus, save yourself from unnecessary contingencies that arise without warning.

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