This does not constitute investment advice. Returns mentioned herein are in no way a guarantee or promise of future returns. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks.

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Dear Reader,

Let's fast forward into the future. You're 70, retired, perhaps with your spouse.

Possibly you're enjoying an amazing time with an adorable bunch of grandchildren who've come visiting you in your picturesque, spacious and very own dream home.

Wow, it's all come true just the way you wanted it, because you saved for it.

Or maybe it's the reverse.

You're forced to live in with your grown-up kids and their growing families with just enough savings to get by. Much as you hate it, you depend on them for every penny.

Unfortunately, you still can't do much about it, because you didn't plan well for it earlier.

Isn't that a sad situation to imagine?

Does a part of you fear that this might just come true?

Let us tell you something.

Which of these options comes true in the future does not depend on the future. It depends on the present.

In fact, it depends on RIGHT NOW.

How your life unfolds tomorrow depends on what you decide to invest today.

Especially when your decision today can turn the tables and help you make incredible profits, then you surely do not want to be left behind.

Incredible profits? You heard that right. It's possible.

We know that investing can be uncertain, and yet we're saying - it's possible.

Perhaps you go through financial journals to find out current scenarios and then process all the information to suit your risk appetite.

Maybe you have subscribed to many financial newspapers and magazines to understand their take on how mutual funds are performing.

Perhaps you sit in front of the TV for hours trying to decode all the jargon.

Let us start by saying that investing is often about the right timing and maximizing the moment.

That's why we set out to find a solution that helps you invest right off the bat. No time wasted in thinking. No effort gone in analysis.

The research team at PersonalFN team came up with an unmatched idea.

We decided to prepare a ready portfolio of mutual funds for you: something that might suit your risk appetite, whether it is aggressive, conservative or balanced.

It also needs to fit your specific financial need, whether you are an equity and debt investor.

That's how our most popular ready to invest model mutual fund portfolio service was born.

Here Comes In "FundSelect Plus"

It provides you not one, not two, but a whopping seven alternative solutions, to take your pick.

Excited? Read on.

Now as we just mentioned, portfolio are built on one major factor: Your risk appetite.

Let's dig deeper to see what it means. If the word appetite brings the word hunger to mind, you may not be too far from understanding what it really means.

Risk appetite is your capacity to take the plunge or your hunger for more.

Imagine a thrilling bungee jump. The adrenaline rush. The excitement. It is the same in the investment domain. Perhaps you like that speed of earning, no matter what the risk. This is a high risk appetite.

Or maybe you like to drive the highway at ease and comfort within the given speed limits. You are content with what you have. You want profits, but not at the cost of risking it. This is a low risk appetite.

There is nothing right or wrong - it is a personal preference.

You can start your journey by checking what your risk appetite is like?

If you are at a stage in life, where your responsibilities at the moment are less (like say no children or aged folks to take care of), if you have sufficient expendable funds and you are ready for the thrill of the roller-coaster ride of investments then you could have an above average appetite.

For investors like you, we have crafted the Aggressive Portfolio.

It is an equity mutual fund portfolio that offers you high rewards at a high risk. But hold on, it's not a no-holds-barred thing. We have our safety nets ready before your jump:

We follow a stringent and time-tested methodology of selecting mutual funds. It is well optimized to minimise market risk and give you the best rewards possible. But we cannot deny the risks that tag along. So we limit it with a thoroughly researched investment strategy.

Here's proof:

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 29-June-2018; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The FundSelect Plus - Aggressive Portfolio has returned an absolute 260.3% since inception, compared to 154.6% of S&P BSE-200 Index.

So, for every Rs 100 invested in the Aggressive Portfolio in 2007, it would have totaled to Rs 360 today. Find it irresistible? If yes, go for this high-risk high-rewards scheme.

If not, we feel you. And offer you Moderate Portfolio of FundSelect Plus.

It is for the safe drivers on the highway. They keep an eye on the speed limit and aim to get to their destination in a risk-free manner.

Just like these drivers, if you want to be play safe and avoid risk, yet aspire for higher investment returns that average, read on.

This portfolio looks for the right balance. The fine line between risk and returns. So have we found it yet? Of course, yes.

See it for yourself:

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 29-June-2018; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The FundSelect Plus - Moderate Portfolio returned 230% in the last 11 years, compared to 154% of S&P BSE-200 Index. That's 76 Percent Over that of the S&P BSE-200 Index! What do you want to say to that?

Rasesh Choksi, FundSelect and FundSelect Plus subscriber since Oct 2012 has tons to say:

"I am obliged to PFN for educating me in management of personal finance. I have designed my MF portfolio taking guidance from PFN. I appreciate the prompt responsiveness of PFN team to subscriber queries, and their approach to take onboard subscriber requests and feedback. In particular, I liked research reports for a couple of funds which clearly guide investors not to invest in spite of high returns, due to underlying risk and doubtful sustainability of returns in the long term. This differentiates PFN from other MF research services."

While most investors find their fit in the above options, you may be looking for more. And that's absolutely fine. Each person is unique after all.

If you need more options to suit your low-risk needs (this may especially happen if you have monetary responsibilities, heavy loans and so on), let us bring in the Conservative Portfolio.

The portfolio is specially crafted for those who want to invest in the risk-laden arena of equity but yet, don't want to bear significant market risk.  Yes, there are many people in this category out there.

The Conservative portfolio steers you clear of too much risk, but gets you rewards of the equity markets.

We'll tell you a trade secret at this point. For us, creating a portfolio that delivers high investment returns yet at nominal risk is a tough task. This is a fine and rare capability that comes only with lots of experience and honing our skills.

We keep our hawk-eyes and dog-ears open, so that we don't miss out on any updates or crucial developments in the market. But for you, we are willing to go the distance. And when the numbers speak for us, it is all worth the hard work.

Have a look:

(Performance from 2-July-2007 to 29-June-2018; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The FundSelect Plus - Conservative Portfolio fetched investors an absolute return of around 242% in 11 years time, compared to the meagre 154% of S&P BSE 200 Index.

Even after such amazing outcomes, it claims to be conservative option! That's what we call a happy irony.

Our recommended portfolio has grown at around 11.8% CAGR compared to S&P BSE 200 Index's 9.2% CAGR.  If you had invested in this portfolio , you could have gained an extra Rs 100 on every Rs 100 they invested.

Talk of rewards!!! But these rewards are for today.  What about tomorrow? For the long term?

Being in the present is good. But if we lose sight of the long term, the results are often futile. Remember your retirement dream that we started with? How will you make that happen? The answer lies in planning well and keeping the long-term goals in mind.

Planning for the long term is like nurturing a seed that could bear fruit in future. Allow us to water it for you.

Presenting the Strategic Long Term” Portfolio, our fourth strategic folio.

Launched in 2012, it stands apart from the above portfolio for its longer term gains.

Though it is aimed at long term capital growth, it also offers ample opportunity for gaining short term rewards.

The secret lies in time-tested investment techniques.

This portfolio consists of carefully selected stable and consistent diversified equity mutual funds (in India), which are designed to benefit from the growth potential of the Indian economy.

While building this portfolio , we followed a pure long term portfolio building strategy.

It is diversified across investment style and fund management, while each fund is true to its investment style and mandate.

It probably contains the right number of schemes in the right proportion. In short, it carries the most optimum allocation to each scheme and investment style.

It spins magic with a concoction of ‘Core + Satellite' theory of investing - its four core holding funds and three satellite holding funds act as a wand to deliver your financial wishes.

The Strategic portfolio is an exclusive portfolio that is built on differentiated investment styles with greater focus on optimum portfolio allocation.

(Performance from 1-April-2012 to 29-June-2018; Source: ACEMF, PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Even when the portfolio was optimized to move with the economy for enhanced stability and boosted returns, it brought in decent returns above that of S&P BSE 200 Index.

That is, if you invested Rs 1,00,000 in capital in this portfolio , 6 years back, it would have grown to around Rs 227,000, compared to Rs 213,000 in the broader market index.

Guess what's the most exciting part yet?

As a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you would get access to ALL these recommended equity fund portfolios, closely monitored by PersonalFN's Research Team, for a full year.

Does that complete our list of offerings?

Not really. We are never complete without our Debt Investors.

We all aim for a peaceful life after retirement. It is the time which we save to listen to our heart. To let the mind wander with wings of imagination. portfolio for debt investors are specially crafted for that time of your life.

One may retire from employment, but once an investor, always an investor.

We have a special place for retirees, pensioners and others who go for safe and stable income investments. We offer a choice of three portfolio to achieve a steady income source for the investors.

Debt portfolio for less than 3 months

Debt portfolio for 3-12 months

Debt portfolio for more than 12 months

Debt portfolio relieves you of two stress points: by getting higher than returns provided by risk-free assets and being more or less steady throughout the investment period.

Here, the portfolio overtakes returns offered by Fixed Deposits by a mile. Surprised? These statistics will do all the talking:

(Calculated based on NAV as on 29-June-2018, Return from 02-Jul-2007 to 29-June-2018; Source: PersonalFN Research)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Yes. What you are seeing is true.

If you compare the performance of our recommended debt portfolio vis-à-vis Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index over a period of 11 years, two of our recommended portfolio fared at par with it, while our “More-than-12-months” Debt portfolio surpassed the Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index by over 27 percent!

That's generating returns in the range of around 8-9% CAGR - which is more than the market average. Steadily over a decade. Via debt portfolios. Take a minute to digest the numbers.

Now focus on another set of numbers: Taxes!!

Are taxes lurking in your mind? Accompanied with stress and worry?

But does it have to be like that always? We believe NO.

That's why we have a bonus fund.

Let us take all your worries off with Tax Saving Mutual Funds.

With a special Tax Saving Funds portfolio , FundSelect Plus will also provide you a list of our top recommended tax saving funds that you can consider investing in for your tax-saving needs in a financial year. Taxes never sounded so simple right?

That calls for a recap.

Sift through 7 ready-to-invest premium mutual fund portfolio with high performance potential.

Equity portfolio include:

Debt portfolio include:

All these portfolio have already generated whopping 90% higher returns than the market over a decade. That's why we have great pride in recommending these to you.

What you get is a ready-to-invest portfolio which are closely tracked and monitored by our research team. We are in it to win it!

But Why Would You Trust Us?

Our qualitative and quantitative analysis of the domestic and the global economies, says that:

If you invest NOW in the RIGHT mutual funds, you might have a strong chance of beating the market by potentially double or even TRIPLE digit returns in the next 8-10 years!

But here's is the catch - "RIGHT" mutual funds! Only if you invest in the ones worth investing.

And that, dear reader, is a craft. Just like picking a gem from a heap of pebbles.

We have perfected that craft over a period of time, by shaping the research process we use to pick funds. Called the SMART Score Matrix, this is how it looks like:

Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record

But before you dismiss it as jargon, let us take you through what we analyse in each of these parameters.

Systems & Processes

We give utmost importance to the systems and processes followed at the fund house. For this we test the consistency of the fund management and the fund house. We believe, the fund manager should not be over loaded with large no of schemes and must have a sound work experience. We check that the fund house should not be active in only raising AUM, and evaluate the efficiency of the fund house in managing the corpus.

Market Cycle Performance

Here we ensure that the fund has ability to perform consistently across market cycles. We do this by comparing scheme performance as against benchmark index across multiple bullish and bearish market phases.

Asset Management Style

The fund's portfolio Quality and investment style is of utmost importance for us. The scheme should not hold a highly concentrated portfolio and should not be engaged in high churning, which results in trading and high turnover cost. We even ensure that balanced funds and debt schemes maintain high credit quality and do not hold low or unrated debt instruments in their portfolio .

Risk-Reward Ratios

This parameter helps us evaluate the strength of the fund in terms of rewarding investors for the level of risk taken. Different proven ratios like Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Standard Deviation are used to judge the consistency and stability of the fund.

Performance Track Record

We use this parameter to evaluate how the fund has performed vis-à-vis its peers across various time period, and moreover, if it has been consistent in terms of rewarding investors for their patience.

So with these proven processes, you are invited to join the band wagon of investments with confidence.

It might offer you the financial freedom you have been yearning for and... let you retire sooner than you have dreamed.

And if you wish to realize your dream - you've got to invest in a portfolio .

If you don't know how to build one, FundSelect Plus is by your side all the way.

Whether you choose to be an equity investor or a debt investor, fire-up your investment engine. Put in the right proportion of capital and voila! Be stunned by the results.

Results: Born out of serious research. A keen eye. An open mind. And a ready heart.

So are you ready for an adventurous journey of investments?

Why NOW Is the Best Time to Get On the Wagon

To start with, trust us there has never been a better time to start.

As per our research, the upcoming decade is going to be exciting.

Picture this:

Our research tells us that the next decade is going to be interesting (and in financial language, it means "highly lucrative").

Reason? Higher literacy rate, better access to technology, and increase expendable income.

Proof? Well, you. Probably you are reading this on a smartphone with high-speed internet connection? And what are you reading about? Your own expendable income, right?

In a nutshell, India, Inc. is poised well to grow in the 8-10 years.

What does that fetch you as an investor? Another reason to rejoice!

So if you are an investor - take your investments seriously.

If you are not at investor, start now.

Whatever be your age and at whatever point in your life you are.

The best time IS right now.

We don't just say this because it sounds good. We've strong reason to make that statement.

Today, FundSelect Plus is nurtured with financial knowledge garnered in the last 17 years. That's when PersonalFN was born.

We utilize this experience to your benefit to empower you to achieve financial freedom.

Here's what Anup Kumar Guru from Mumbai has to share:

"I was reviewing my portfolio today. I am happy to note that all my investments have outperformed market both in down as well as up market condition. The recommendations of PersonalFN are unbiased and generally have a long term views suitable for a common investor like me. When I look back, the timely advice and assurances of PFN, quite contrary to experts on TV during the last year's downturn not only saved me from huge loss, it helped to maximise my return in the cycle. I once again thank you all in PersonalFN for educating common investors and unbiased advice."

You too can be in the place of Mr. Guru. Creating  history with investments.

But investments need to be done with a pinch of salt.

They are not quick steps, but well researched and though-led decisions that craft your future.

Now, we sure come at a fee for every year. But if you compare that with the rewards you may gain. Over the whole year. Surely,  you'll find it nominal.

Let us help you do the math for you here. Going by the numbers we presented above, we can expect that our recommended portfolio have the potential to return an extra Rs10 on every Rs 100 invested, right?

So, if you invest Rs 1 lakh per annum for the next 10 years, you may be probably reaping a net amount of extra Rs 1 lakh (without counting in the compounding factor).

Any concerns about the annual fee will be long gone by then.

Your gains do not end at that.

Here're a few extra goodies for you!

With FundSelect Plus subscription, you also get: 

New Fund Offer (NFO) Research

With the change in market sentiments, a lot of equity funds, whether open-ended or close-ended, are cropping up every day. We will assess each one of those New Fund Offers (NFOs) and examine their viability as an investment avenue through our NFO Reports. 

And that comes for FREE with your subscription!

Investment Ideas Notes (Monthly)

The world around us is filled with noise. Everyone from brokerage houses to media to financial portals and more is bombarding expert views and opinions on you. But are these expert views backed by thorough research? One can never tell. So it's always better to play safe.

Or rather, play your own game.

We believe that your chance of losing money multiplies when you follow someone else's bad advice.

It's always a smart move to do a bit of research yourself. 

That is why we ensure that our monthly investment ideas provide a well-studied and factual opinion of the markets.

They help you cut out the unnecessary noise from unreliable sources. And make smart choices every day.

But is that all we help you with? Not quite.

The Super Investment portfolio


We want you to explore the world of investments and make the best suited choice.

Like a SIP-Worthy portfolio .

So when you subscribe to FundSelect Plus, you also get a copy of our latest special report, ‘The Super Investment portfolio '.

It lives up to its “super” name. Flip the pages of this report. And you'll have a new perspective. The special portfolio comprises 5 SIP-worthy equity mutual funds.

Together, they come with solid potential of market-beating returns on your investment.

These time-tested, lucrative SIP-Worthy funds can be invested in either separately or as a portfolio .

So what sets them apart?

They are chosen across differentiated investment styles.

They have a strong and consistent track record.

They follow steady investment strategies.

They do not overlap with each other.

They are managed by competent and experienced fund managers.

And above all...

Each of these funds has been carefully selected for their SIP-worthiness.

Ideally, this should be on top of the list for SIP Investors.

What is the price, you may ask.

Yes the price tag reads Rs. 2000.

But the efforts invested to publish ‘The Super Investment portfolio ' are priceless.

However if you are a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you can take it home for free.

It will take your knowledge up a few notches higher for sure.

But when it comes to knowledge, it is never enough.

One needs to develop a knack for not just investing, but investing right.

10 Lessons To Master Mutual Fund Investing


We let you delve in the art and science of mutual fund investing through our exclusive guide on mutual fund investing - 10 Lessons To Master Mutual Fund Investing.

Every page of this guide has a crucial question and an answer that can redefine the way you look at mutual fund investing.

While the questions are curated, the solutions offered are an outcome of thorough research. And they are quite likely to baffle everyone from rookie investors to experienced players.

This is just a peek at the questions that are adequately answered inside the guide. Aren't you egged on enough?

As you must have rightly guessed from the questions mentioned above, the guide is a boon for investors.

If you're a novice, it introduces varied concepts of mutual fund investing.

If you are a veteran, it may change your perspective towards investing.  

What's more, as a FundSelect Plus subscriber, you can get it for FREE...without any charge at all! 

So that means, in return of the nominal price, you are getting:

We would say these form your armour to protect you against several fears.

Fear of building a sub-par portfolio with NO good prospects.

Fear of failing your financial goals.

Fear of not gaining financial freedom.

These are also your private jets.

To reach newer heights with every investment.

To explore newer horizons

And most importantly, each of them works towards your peace of mind.

What would a few thousand rupees be worth if it could make you sleep peacefully at nights, knowing that your tomorrow is going to be happy and blissful?

FundSelect Plus cuts your shackles of limitations and gives you wings to fly higher with confidence.

But don't reach out for the annual fee just yet.

FundSelect Plus is usually priced at Rs 10,000 for a year.

However, we have a special price for you.

Since this is a never-before opportunity you are clinching, we offer it to you at a never-before price.

FundSelect Plus Offer!
1 Year Access

Price: Rs 10,000 Rs 4,950

(A Massive Discount of 50%)

Now wait. If there's still a niggling doubt, we will bring you the ultimate test of reliability - a promise of guarantee.

Because we're so confident of what we bring, we're making a 100% money back offer, which we're sure you will never avail.

FundSelect Plus Comes With 30-Days Full Money Back Guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

You would agree. This is a great opportunity. With minimum risk.

You have the option to try FundSelect Plus absolutely risk-free for 30 days from the date of your subscription.

See how you bond with it.

If for any reason, we do not match up to your expectations (which is highly unlikely) just contact us within 31 days and we will refund your money back.

The initial price is anyway not high. Take off the whopping discount. You don't just get a monetary offering. It is much more than just that.

Here is something more that we have never done earlier...

If you sign up to FundSelect Plus right now, we will not stop at the "massive discount of over 50% and a 30-day No Questions Asked refund...

We will add 3 months of additional access to your FundSelect Plus subscription, FREE!

Yes, Absolutely Free... It's complimentary!

If at all the charges held your reins, now you are free to grab the golden opportunity and make the most of every penny you earn.

You're free to make your moves on the playground and win the game.

Let's put it in simple words, one more exciting time.

On the other side of subscription is treasure of full and unrestricted one year (plus 3 months of absolutely free complimentary) access to our recommended SEVEN top-performing readymade portfolio with extreme growth potential.

What more can you ask for?

Subscribe to FundSelect Plus Right Away

Isn't it a small price to pay for the insanely huge gains you will gain over the period?

We are witness to investors who make the right decision at the right time.

FundSelect Plus could be the best decision of your life.

It could be the path towards financial freedom.

The key to fulfilling your financial goals.

So, act now.

Get FundSelect Plus Now

Let us tell you, dear reader, that you may have lost your hard-earned money until now to various extents and due to varied reasons.

But right now the most important thing to save is your time.

Don't lose time over making decisions that can take you closer to your dreams.

These are the times when one needs to act and change the way future for the better.

Say yes to financial freedom.

Say yes to FundSelect Plus.

Wish you best of luck.

To your wealth,

Team PersonalFN

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P. P. S. Whether you are an equity or debt investor, take your pick from these top-performing, well-optimized SEVEN readymade portfolio and start reaping investment gains in the long term.

P. P. P. S. This is not a personalized portfolio recommendation service. Subscribers are supposed to do their due diligence like analysing their risk appetite and consider their time horizon before making any investment decision. In case you are not sure about it, you may take the opinion of your investment advisor.

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