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"Size of the cake matters. The larger the cake, larger pieces are what people will get. So we have set a target of making India a USD 5-trillion economy" - Narendra Modi

:: Agenda 2025 ::
Ride Alongside Modi's
"$5 Trillion Economy Wave"
To Build Solid Wealth

Build Solid Wealth By Discovering A Less Known Strategy That May
Make 2025 A Great Year For You...

Dear Reader,

India has set its path!

India is poised to be a super power...

A World Leader, if you will.

And more so, become a 5 Trillion Economy by 2024 as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet.

But are you ready for that?

Do you have a plan to benefit from "Modi's 5 Trillion Economy Wave"

Well, in the next few minutes, we will show you something that can help you ride in the sidecar with the economy to make the most of the journey!

Yes, we are sharing with you a proven strategy that can probably help you increase your wealth over the next few years...

But the question is...How much?

Think High...


A lot higher... 

What if we say, in double digits!

If we go by what our expert research team says, the next few years are going to be super interesting.

Which would make it an ideal time to build some wealth.

Want to send your child abroad for studies?

Want to retire wealthy and in peace?

Want to finally head to that foreign vacation?

Want to maximize your average return on your total investments?

Yes? Great, read on...

This investment strategy will not only help you achieve your financial goals and objectives, but also...

Beat inflation. 

Grow your wealth. 

Live your life...financially free and secure.

This couldn't get any better, right?

But hold on...

That's not what we are talking about here. 

Before we proceed, let's face a hard hitting facts of life. 

The Modi government is making constant attempt to put the economy back on fast track.

Things may move faster than you think.

Markets might swing in any direction.

While high returns may seem attractive, the very act of chasing the correct opportunities all day and night is rather taxing.

Following financial journals every day, listening to financial shows on TV, consulting your financial's quite hectic! 

And even then, you are almost completely disappointed with the profits you make.

What if we tell you that from this day onwards, you don't have to spend much of your time looking for best investment opportunities?

What if we tell you that we have a ready solution for it?

What if we tell you that the "chasing" part of your life is over...

And now it's time to step into the "Smart Investors" space!

Where smart investors are all ready and poised to benefit from Modi's 5 Trillion USD Economy Wave.

Don't stop here...

Read on

The Smart Investors Way To Double Digit Gains...

You see, today, we want to reveal to you a time-tested strategy to get what you always looked for... 

But before that let us tell you something... 

What we are about to tell you does NOT involve any of the following... 

...NO staying glued to the TV or bending over business newspapers trying to comb for individual stocks all the time. 

...NO losing your sleep worrying about how your portfolio is doing every minute of your life. 

...NO trying to beat the market in vain to lose significant sums of money every time. 

...NO spending a fancy sum of money year after year only on investment advisory services that do not meet your expectations!

Imagine if you could grow your investments on autopilot, and still relax in your easy chair and enjoy your life, with your friends, family and relatives. 

Finally, you are able to take that long foreign vacation you always sought for... 

Finally, you can send your daughter to the foreign institution for her higher studies. 

Finally, you can pay-off your loan and call your house your 'home'. 

Finally, you can sit back and relax, and cherish the world around you. 

Finally, life seems so interesting and meaningful. 

...Because finally, you have the free time and money to live life well! 

The Rich Smart Investors Will Never Tell You This

Have you ever wondered why is that you are not making enough of your investments, while some others just rake in the returns?

What is it that they do differently?

Of what is that you are doing wrong?

Well, the secret lies in building the most efficient and ultimate portfolio based on... 

"Strategic Portfolio Theory"

Believe us when we say this, it is very likely that many successful investors you know, use this kind of strategy to build wealth consistently and effortlessly over time. 

This clever strategy has been around for a long time...but known only to the successful investors. 

However, not everyone is comfortable sharing their investment secrets.

Fortunately, we are revealing it to you today.

This might change your investing outlook forever.

What Is This Special Strategy?

For starters... 

No, you do NOT invest in a variety of stocks. 

No, you do NOT invest in any one mutual fund. 

No, you do NOT hedge risk with derivatives even. 

You invest in the specific lot of equity mutual funds with the right investment styles in the right allocation... 

To start with, here are a few rules that you might follow while creating your Strategic Portfolio:

That should be a good start for you.

Once you are done with this, now comes the MOST IMPORTANT part of this whole unique strategy of investing.

We call this "Core + Satellite "Strategy of Investing.

What's so unique about this?

Good question.

If we were to explain it in layman's term, we would say that this strategy aims to get the best of both worlds, that is, short-term high-rewarding opportunities and long-term steady-return investing, and the good thing is, it works!

The term "core" applies to the more stable, long-term holdings of the portfolio while the term "satellite" applies to the strategic portion that would help push up the overall returns of the portfolio, across market conditions.

Our research states that 60 percent of the portfolio is reserved for Core mutual funds and the rest 40 percent is invested in the Satellite mutual funds.

What's more? The investment is done not across variant themes but...

...On differentiated investment styles with greater focus on optimum portfolio allocation.

You see, this investment strategy is applied only by a handful of successful investors, and no doubt, it is going to be rather difficult to deploy.

Whew! Being an average investor, will you be able to create such a portfolio?

But then again, will you be able to pick out the right funds by yourself? 

Will you be able to put in hours after hours into analyzing the vast universe of mutual funds and beat the money managers in their game? 

Will you be able to work 9-to-5 daily and still have the energy to sit down with thousands of studies and journals every night? 

Will you be able to put up with this daily for the next 7-8 years? 

Tough it will be. 

Confused? You Are Not Alone...

Don't worry. We understand you. 

We understand that it is not possible for an average investor to put this concept to work, just by himself. 

Although you might want higher returns from your investments, you need to have time for yourself and your family too. 

We believe that while building wealth is important, sacrificing life is definitely not the way! 

And thus, to make your job a lot easier, we have brought to you what you may want the most. 

Because we have created a readymade portfolio for you...for 2025. 

...A robust mutual fund investment strategy, to build wealth consistently over long term.

Exclusively for all those investors who want to invest in an easy and time-saving way...

A Readymade Exclusive Strategy Especially
For Our "High Reward, Moderate Risk" Investors

"The Strategic Funds Portfolio For 2025"
[2020 Edition]

Strategic Funds Portfoli

Based on the concept of "Strategic Portfolio Theory", this premium report will help you build your optimum mutual funds portfolio for 2025 WITHOUT any effort on your part. 

In this exclusive report, you will get to know the top time-tested equity mutual funds that have shown the ability to build wealth over a long period. 

Our research team, with their years of experience and extensive knowledge about mutual funds, have gone to great lengths to find out potentially the best and consistent performers across market conditions.

And they have discovered the top few gems in the mutual fund market that have the potential to... 

All you have to do is consider investing your money in the funds recommended in the strategic portfolio, in the suggested allocation and you may reap benefits like you have never done before!

The Uniqueness Of This Portfolio -
Absolute Simplicity

Following the "Strategic Portfolio Theory", we have chosen just a handful of diversified equity mutual funds out of over five hundred floating in the market, for you to consider investing in for superior long term gains.

Fund #1: 

A large-cap equity fund that has outperformed the benchmark by a substantial margin in the past five years, while keeping volatility in check. The blend style strategy followed by the fund allows investors to benefit from a mix of stability and growth. The fund scores high on risk-adjusted returns and has managed to deliver superior returns at a much lower volatility compared to the benchmark. This makes it an ideal fund to form your core portfolio, keeping an investment horizon of 5 years and more.

Fund #2: 

A large-cap biased multi-cap fund that has shown exceptional performance and has established itself as the top contender in its category. It has proven its ability to curb the downside risk and reward investors even in extreme conditions. The fund has not only kept risk under control, but has also managed to deliver benchmark-beating returns over longer time frames. It has rewarded investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and is an ideal fund to provide stability with growth to your portfolio.

Fund #3: 

A multi-cap fund that gives high preference to value style of investing has rewarded investors substantially in the last few years. The fund seeks undervalued stocks across market caps without comprising on quality. It strategy of diversification across geographies and sectorial allocation along with stable fund management makes the fund a dependable proposition for a core holding in one’s long-term portfolio. The fund has delivered superior risk adjusted returns and follows effective portfolio strategies that should benefit investors having an investment horizon spanning five years or more.

Fund #4: 

An actively managed fund that follows against-the-tide kind of investing style and takes contrarian bets to invest in sectors and stocks that are temporarily out of favour. Following a sub-version of value investing strategy, it constantly looks for stocks available at significant discount and cheap valuations. Backed by stringent processes and systems, the fund has delighted its investors with superior risk adjusted returns. Its ability to consistently generate returns supported by effective portfolio management and sound risk management strategies, makes it an ideal bet for a core portfolio of investors having longer time horizon and high-risk appetite.

Fund #5: 

A prudently managed large and mid cap fund that has set itself apart from its peers by rewarding its long-term investors, without taking excessive risk. The fund has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. The fund manager looks for high growth oriented stocks in the mid as well as large cap segment, which are available at fair and attractive valuations. Having its major focus towards midcaps, high volatility cannot be ruled out and thus has been placed in the satellite portion of the portfolio. Therefore, you should be prepared for the risk associated with the fund. Nonetheless, if you can bear the short-term pain, the long-term gains can be rewarding.

Fund #6: 

A dark horse in the midcap funds category, that has a track record of over a decade. The fund shot in to the limelight only few years back and has dominated the midcap space on multiple occasions in the last five years. It has not disappointed investors over the recent market cycles and scores well in terms of managing risk too. Its active investment style makes it an ideal contender for the satellite portion of the portfolio. This being a mid cap fund involves higher risk, which may prove beneficial for the portfolio in the form of superior long term gains.

Fund #7: 

A well-managed equity oriented aggressive hybrid fund that has not only outperformed its peers, but outpaced equity diversified funds as well. The fund uses sound risk management processes to deal with volatility. This has enabled the fund to outperform across market cycles with superior risk-adjusted returns. The funds strategy of diversifying its equity assets across sectors and market-caps with limited portfolio churn helps it lower the risk, while its allocation across large-caps and mid-caps enables it to outperform the peers in a bull phase.

You could consider investing your money in these 7 funds and just forget about it for next few years...or to be specific, till 2025.

And after 2025, your portfolio could potentially return you in the double or even TRIPLE digits! 

Of course, there is a chance that this might not happen... But then to make this kind of returns, you need to take that extra bit of risk. 


You may reap BIGGER gains at a relatively lower risk, than in plain old stock or bond investments. 

No spending countless hours of time following stock movements on TV. 

No reading thousands of research reports to know which funds to Buy every passing year. 

No anxious checking of performance every now and then.

The simplicity of this theory is what makes it unique and useful. 

"With their unbiased research and personalized financial planning, PersonalFN helped me overcome the fear of investing into mutual funds. I think I have become an informed investor, thanks to the easy-to-understand literature and research articles that PersonalFN publishes and their friendly staff who never pressurize a customer into anything."

~ Srinivasa Rao, Bengaluru

More About Philosophy, Less Mathematics

The thing to understand here is that it is not just about calculating and evaluating the returns of a bunch of mutual funds.

It is more about which investment style is going to perform well and which is expected to fail in the long term.

It is more about reading between the lines than reading the numbers.

Ultimately, the success of a proper investment strategy rests on the selection of those well managed funds that have the potential to identify rewarding opportunities...

...and needless to say, it requires a lot of research and qualitative study. 

If you select the wrong funds, the whole theory crumbles and your investment go down the drain. 

However, it is worthy to be noted that if you select the right combination of funds, you may sit on gains much bigger than you can imagine. 

And that we did...for you.

These 7 mutual funds have passed the stringent and exclusive parametric process, where we test each scheme on both quantitative as well as qualitative parameters:

Under quantitative parameters, we evaluate the fund's performance over different time periods and market cycles apart from measuring volatility to judge the underlying risk; while the qualitative parameters are used to evaluate the performance of the fund management and their investment style vis-a-vis the mandate.

Our recommended schemes not only stand out on the basis of consistent past performance (as per the quantitative parameters) but also come with superior investment return potential in the future (as per the qualitative parameters).

In other words, these 7 mutual funds have already proven themselves, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

As an investor, this might be THE portfolio that you were looking for. In terms of returns, it might be potentially the BEST you can hope for.

How much?

Look at the graph below. 

Assume if you invest Rs 10,000 today in a portfolio of these SEVEN chosen funds, it could become around Rs 23,130 in 6 years' time, if they manage to together generate a compounded annual return of 15% (that is, an absolute growth of over 130%).

Even if we are to be a little conservative and consider an annualized return of 12%, which is very much possible given thit still has the potential to return around Rs 19,740 - a six-year return of 97%! Not bad, right?

FundSelect Performance
(Note: The figures in the graph are for illustration purpose only)

"I was reviewing my portfolio today. I am happy to note that all my investments have outperformed market both in down as well as up market condition. The recommendations of PersonalFN are unbiased and generally have a long term views suitable for common investor like me.

"When I look back, the timely advise and assurances of PFN, quite contrary to experts on TV during the last years downturn not only saved me from huge loss, it helped to maximize my return in the cycle. I once again thank you all in PersonalFN for educating common investors and unbiased advice."

~ Anup Kumar Guru, Mumbai

Enough talking now.

Let's just say that once you get this exclusive strategy in your hand, there is absolutely...

No need to waste hours listening to blathering talk-heads on TV.

No need to subscribe to costly business journals every day in vain.

No need to sacrifice your present to gain in future.

All you have to do is subscribe to "Strategic Funds Theory" with PersonalFN, and leave the hard work to our expert research team!


Our research team with over 15 years of experience, will guide you with creating wealth with these 7 funds in the years to come.

Yes, I Want The PersonalFN Research Team
To Guide Me In Wealth Building.

Since we want this exclusive strategy to be accessible to as many investors out there as possible, we are presenting this offer, which will be difficult to ignore!

We are sure you understand that wealth building is a long process and not a one time wonder...

After all, you are a smart investor, who is in in to win it...

And winners know how to utilize the best resources to their maximum potential.

This offering is designed to get the returns to you.

You might potentially reap returns in the double or triple digits with this offering, backed by our research team..

And how much will this cost you?

That's the best part...

Get The Report For
Rs 5,000 950

So, what are you waiting for?

Beat the market.

Multiply your wealth like you never did before.

Get one step closer to becoming truly financially secure and free today.

As we already told you, this letter may change your life.

Don't hesitate now.

Don't miss this awesome opportunity!

Be ready for an exciting financial journey this year onward.

Take action NOW and prepare for a better tomorrow.

I Want Instant Access To The 7 Funds Right Away

To Your Wealth,

Team PersonalFN

P.S. Don't miss this awesome opportunity. Get your hands on our recommended mutual fund investment strategy for 2025. Remember, this is a limited period offer and may vanish soon!

P. P. S. This strategy is strictly meant for "high reward, moderate risk" investors who want to gain consistent returns on their investments and willing to stay invested at least for the next 7-8 years.

"The Latest 2020 Edition Of "The Strategic Funds Portfolio For 2025" Is Available At A Deep Discounted Price Only For Limited Period.

*Price inclusive of applicable Goods and Services tax

** The performance data quoted above represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.

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