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An Ideal Asset Allocation In Current Market Conditions
By Ajit Dayal
 Guest Speaker:
PersonalFN Websummit: Ajit DayalAjit Dayal is the Chairman of Quantum Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd. and founder of PersonalFN.
This webinar will focus on:
» Where are Equity Markets headed?
» View on Debt and Gold as an asset class
» Why you need to diversify across asset class?
» When to Rebalance your portfolio?
» Ideal asset allocation for current times
In this exclusive WebSummit Ajit Dayal shares his view on the markets and speaks about the ideal asset allocation one should have in current times. PersonalFN recommends that you watch this pre-recorded webinar which went live on 10th Sep 2012. The webinar will help you in getting your Asset Allocation right in 2013!

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