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At PersonalFN, we understand your financial goals are unique and special.

Our aim is to craft a personalised roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

With the guidance of our financial experts, we create a personalised strategy that caters to your individual goals and dreams, ensuring that your financial future is built on solid ground.

Discover the key to financial empowerment with PersonalFN’s Comprehensive Financial Planning Service

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is not just another run-of-the-mill service aimed at fine-tuning your investments.

You could think of it as the annual maintenance of your financial vehicle—AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

We delve deep into the engine, meticulously service each component, and whip all irregularities into shape to ensure a seamless and enduring journey ahead.

The goal of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is to help you identify your various life goals and guide you to form a thoroughly optimised financial roadmap.

This plan not only prepares you for contingencies but also ensures your consistent progress towards achieving your financial goals.

Do These Goals Resonate with You?

We all nurture dreams throughout our lives – be it buying a dream home, or a car, funding children’s education, their marriage, travelling abroad for leisure, and securing a comfortable retirement, amongst a host of others.

In terms of personal finance, all these dreams translate into financial goals, as they possess both emotional and monetary value.

Our experience has revealed a common scenario – many individuals often have infinite financial goals despite being bound by a finite income. The challenge lies in not knowing where to start their journey to achieving these goals and which path to follow.

While being ambitious is good, it is vital that you know the path you’re travelling to for you to reach the desired destination.

You see, for your dreams to be converted into reality there is no other alternative to effective planning.

So, here comes the financial planning blueprint which will help you to:

  • Define and prioritise your financial goals;
  • Analyse where you stand currently with respect to your current financial situation; and
  • Provide a clear road map of how to achieve your financial goals.
What can you expect from the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service?
The Financial Planning Process

With personalised Comprehensive Financial Planning, PersonalFN can assist you in strategizing for any or all of your life goals, including but not limited to retirement, securing your children’s future, purchasing an asset, managing debt, conducting insurance requirement analysis, and other such goals.

Through our Financial Planning Service, you get a holistic Financial Plan that considers your current financial position and tells you how to get to where you want to be with all of your financial goals.

With this service, you can choose to receive a Financial Plan for a single or multiple financial goals.

PersonalFN’s Comprehensive Financial Planning Service includes:
  1. One-time Holistic Financial Planning Review
  2. Debt Management & Tax Planning
  3. Contingency Planning & Goal Planning
  4. Risk Profiling & Investment Planning
  5. Cash Flow Analysis & Asset Allocation
  6. Insurance Planning
  7. Retirement Planning (Early Retirement + Post Retirement)
  8. Portfolio Concentration & Risk Analysis

All this is covered under ‘Comprehensive Financial Planning Service’ At Just Rs 29,500/-
Get Your Comprehensive Financial Plan in Just Seven Steps:
Step #1

Fill in the enquiry form for an introductory call with our investment consultants, who would analyse your requirements and will explain you the service in detail.

Step #2

Once you decide to register and the Terms of Service agreement process is completed, kindly proceed with the payment of the enrollment fee of Rs 29,500/-

Step #3

Fill in a form that asks for some basic details like cash flow particulars (income & expenses), financial goals, time horizons and available assets & liabilities, etc.

Step #4

Once done with that, our distinguished team of financial experts will do the number crunching on your behalf and work on each aspect before getting back to you with a detailed financial plan/report that is aligned with your goals.

Step #5

Our expert discusses the first draft with you over phone/e-mail or Zoom, or in person (if you're based in Mumbai). Based on these discussions, a second draft is prepared.

Step #6

With another cycle of discussions and analysis (if necessary), a final draft is presented to you.

Step #7

A final discussion of this plan happens, and we will explain the process of execution if you wish so.

Here is something our subscribers have
to say about their experience with
our process:

I found the Investment Consultant from PersonalFN very helpful, attentive, and easy to understand. He was open and honest and suggested products to me without any ulterior motives attached. Using the income and outflow, PersonalFN showed me how I can reduce my liabilities and build my insurance, contingency, leisure and retirement portfolios in a structured and sustained manner. It is definitely an organization I would recommend to my peers and family.

- Kaushik Iyer, Mumbai

Source: Testimonial as shared by client over the email

It is always a pleasure to read all articles posted by PersonalFN, which are very informative, clear and concise to the point. During the creation of my financial plan, the team was very responsive, and attended to my concerns and clarifications very well. Overall, I am very happy with the service provided to me by PersonalFN and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Joseph Samuel, Mumbai

Source: Testimonial as shared by client over the email

The consultant who dealt with me was happy to discuss the needs in detail and debate them as it was being developed. Their approach is professional and thorough. The name of the service, "Comprehensive Financial Planning", I think, is being fulfilled. I have recommended the service to some of my friends and am happy to recommend PersonalFN.

- Naveen Paladugu, Bahrain

Source: Testimonial as shared by client over the email

Why Choose PersonalFN?

Since 1999, PersonalFN has been committed to providing you with unbiased and honest views and opinions on various personal finance issues that can impact your investments and finances.

Over the course of our existence, we've provided personalised Financial Planning solutions to countless clients within India as well as to NRIs, so as to help them meet their individual financial goals and objectives.

Our core proposition is built around unbiased research and essential financial planning, forming the crux of our offerings.

Additionally, we enable clients to decide on their investment approach, a secondary decision based on their individual preferences.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take control of your financial journey today and pave the way for a confident and successful tomorrow.

Act Now to Grow Your Wealth:

For a service that has so much to offer, its price for the time being is more than reasonable. You'll be able to draw a proper plan for each of your key financial goals, optimise your investments towards meeting these goals, plan for your contingencies and future cash flows, be confident about their solidity, and attain peace of mind.

We believe in keeping things simple, and our registration process reflects that.

Fill out your contact details below and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

PS: The above-mentioned fee of Rs 29,500/- is for a One-time Comprehensive Financial Planning Service, till the delivery of the final Financial Plan.

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