Comprehensive Financial Planning Service

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Comprehensive Financial Planning Service from PersonalFN is designed to help you achieve your financial goals, at the right time and with adequate peace of mind.

This is not just another run-of-the-mill service to fine-tune your investments. You could think of it as the yearly maintenance of your financial vehicle. A HUGE NECESSITY. We delve deep into the engine, service each component and whip all irregularities into shape, for a smooth and long ride.

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Service carries the expertise of our team of highly qualified Financial Planners and advisors who have guided numerous financially responsible individuals to meet their financial goals.

What is the goal of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service?

The goal of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is to help you identify your various life goals and guide you to form a thoroughly optimized financial roadmap that will prepare you for contingencies and keep you on course towards the attainment of your financial goals.

What does the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service offer?

It offers almost everything you could hope for in a comprehensive financial planning service.

Everything we do in the service is based on your key financial goals. We help you identify each of your financial goals and develop a financial projection that aligns with each of your individual financial goals. We provide budgeting, cashflows, roadmap and customized investment strategy to meet your goals. The service ensures all recommendations are synchronized with your objective, risk appetite and investment time horizon.

You could have multiple goals to achieve at various point of time in future. The number is irrelevant. Our comprehensive financial plan covers an unlimited number of personal, wealth and accomplishment goals.

Here is the complete scope of the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service.

Goal Planning Investment Planning Retirement
Contingencies Risk Profiling Insurance Planning
Cash-Flow Analysis Child's Education & Marriage Foreign Vacation

And so on...

What can one expect from the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service?

Once you register and pay the enrollment fee, all you have to do is fill in a form which asks for some basic details like cash flow particulars (income & expenses), financial goals, time horizons and available assets & liabilities, etc.

Once done with that, our distinguished team of financial experts will conduct your risk profiling test, do some number crunching on your behalf, and work on each aspect before getting back to you with a detailed financial plan/report which is aligned with your goals.

Our expert discusses the first draft with you over phone/e-mail or Skype or in person (if you're based in Mumbai).

Based on these discussions, a second draft is prepared

With another cycle of discussions and analysis (if necessary), a final draft is presented to you.

A final discussion of this plan happens, and we explain the process of execution if you wish so.

I want to know more about the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service. How should I proceed?

You can leave some basic contact details with us and our experts will get back to you at the earliest. Alternatively, you can call us on +91-22-61361200 between 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

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