Are you among those who leave nothing to chance?

Are you the one who always prefer staying ahead of the curve?

If your answer is YES…then PersonalFN’s Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is something you should definitely look at.

We believe that financial planning is a journey that must be mapped out meticulously.

While no one can predict exact events in the future, a thoroughly optimized financial roadmap will prepare you for contingencies and keep you on course towards the attainment of your financial goals.

Let's say your goals are hypothetically of this nature:

  • A bigger home in 5 years
  • A new car within the next 2 years
  • Educating your child in a renowned foreign university
  • A potential marriage within 5 years of graduation
  • A vacation to Europe with your spouse
  • A hassle-free retirement with a regular cash-flow

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is designed which might help you achieve these goals, at the right time and with adequate peace of mind.

Wondering what’s so special about this one?

Thorough analysis and recommendations on your investment portfolio

Finalization of investment plan after thorough plan presentation and approval.

It doesn’t end here….

Analysis and general advice for your existing insurance policies along with fresh recommendations for life and health needs are covered.

Lifetime cash flow analysis is done and savings are mapped to goals in line with their priorities.

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is not just another run-of-the-mill service to fine-tune your investments. Consider it to be the yearly maintenance of your vehicle. It is a necessity. We delve deep into the engine, service each component and whip all irregularities into shape.


Why Choose Us?

In order to optimize your wealth-building efforts, you need a financial guardian, a trusted adviser to guide you along the way to a secure future. You need unbiased recommendations to help you pick the healthiest saplings which will then collectively bloom into an orchard of wealth.

With all due humility, as a wealth adviser, we have been the guiding force behind the wealth-building journeys of financially responsible individuals since 1999.

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What’s in it For You?

Just about everything you’d want in a comprehensive financial planning service is included. Here’s a full list of features:

  • As always, our strategy is based on your goals. We develop a unique asset allocation strategy that aligns with your individual financial goals.
  • All recommendations are synchronized with your risk appetite and investment time horizon.
  • Looking to fulfil 5 goals in the near future? Perhaps 15? The number is irrelevant. Our comprehensive plan covers an unlimited number of personal, wealth and accomplishment goals.
  • If you’re in Mumbai, we provide up to 3 meetings with an investment expert.
  • Once you decide to renew the subscription next year, we offer a great discount.

Bonus Features:

We offer something that you’ll find in very few financial planning services.

Insurance review:

In this day and age of countless insurance policies, how do you know that you are optimally insured?

What we offer is a review of all your life and health insurance policies. We’ll recheck their features and suitability for you and offer you our unbiased recommendations and plan of action for each of them.

Cash Flow Analysis:

Many investors prepare for retirement by putting money in retirement plans or fixed deposits and work with their financial adviser to come up with a plan for retirement.

But how do you allocate the wealth that you've amassed to help get you through retirement? How will you ensure that you have enough cash flowing in to take care of your retirement needs?

Creating a comprehensive financial plan to live a blissful retired life is an important exercise for all investors.

With our experts, planning out a cash-flow analysis guides you to live out your golden years in joy, you needn’t worry yourself unnecessarily. All elements of the cash-flow model will be in accordance with your projected retirement age and future goals.

Scope of Recommendations:

Goal PlanningInvestment PlanningRetirement
ContingenciesRisk ProfilingInsurance Planning
Cash-Flow AnalysisChild's Education & MarriageForeign Vacation

How it Works:

  • Pay the enrollment fee and register
  • Fill in a form which asks for some basic details: cash flow particulars, financial goals, time horizons and available assets.
  • Step back and let our distinguished team of financial experts do your risk profiling and some number crunching on your behalf.
  • Shortly, we get back to you with a detailed recommendation report that’s aligned with your goals.
  • Our expert discusses the first draft with you over phone/mail or Skype or in person if you’re based in Mumbai. Based on these discussions, a second draft is prepared
  • With another cycle of discussions and analysis (if necessary), a final draft is presented to you.
  • A final discussion of this plan happens, and we explain the process of execution if you wish so.

Act Now to Grow Your Wealth:

For a service that has so much to offer, its price for the time-being is more than reasonable. You'll be able to draw a proper plan for each of your key financial goals, optimize your investments towards meeting these goals, plan for your contingencies and future cash-flows, be confident about their solidity and attain peace of mind.

We believe in keeping things simple and our registration process reflects that.

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