‘PersonalFN Direct’ is our proprietary and exclusive Robo Advisory platform. It is an online portal where you can carry on your investment endeavors in the most optimal way possible.

Backed by solid research experience of 15+ years, ‘PersonalFN Direct’ stands out against other Robo Advisory platforms run by commission driven fintech companies and startups.

In a short span of time PersonalFN Direct has earned the trust of hundreds of investors out there.

It provides you with an opportunity to build a solid and economical mutual fund portfolio of ‘Direct Plans’.

Through PersonalFN Direct you instantly invest in a ready mutual fund portfolio derived based on your risk profile. It is noteworthy that each portfolio is strategically designed by our research team to suit your risk appetite.

All you need to do is answer a few basic questions to judge your risk appetite and you get instant access to the most optimum portfolio suitable for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Do away with the hassle of documentation and multiple form filling while investing in mutual funds.

Save the time you need to spend in personal meetings with your advisor.

Just fill in your details, click and invest in the most optimum portfolio for you.

Stay tuned for updates.