Daily Wealth Letter.

TRUSTMF Liquid Fund: Alternate for Your Savings Account? (19 Apr 2021)

TRUST Mutual Fund has launched TRUSTMF Liquid Fund, that offers reasonable returns at a high level of safety and liquidity by investing in high quality debt and money market instruments.

Should You Avoid Banking & Financial Services Funds as the Second wave of COVID-19 Knocks India Down? (17 Apr 2021)

Rating agencies foresee the second wave of COVID-19 having ramifications on India’s economic growth and bad loan problems.

quant Quantamental Fund: Aiming to Capture Growth with Quantamental Approach (16 Apr 2021)

The quant Mutual Fund has recently launched quant Quantamental Fund, which is an open-ended equity scheme investing based on a quant model theme.

Kotak India EQ Contra Fund: Eliminating Emotional Bias (15 Apr 2021)

Kotak India EQ Contra Fund is one such contra style fund that has stood strong even during depressed market conditions.

Why Active Investing is Still Relevant in the Second Wave of COVID-19 (14 Apr 2021)

Amid the second wave of COVID-19 infections, the market volatility is expected to intensify which makes it important to be cautious about your investments.

How Millennials Can Overcome the Financial Challenges (13 Apr 2021)

Millennials are struggling with various financial challenges; mainly their finances are evaporating faster, limiting their ability of saving for a healthier financial future.

Economic Indicators that Will Affect Your Finances in 2021 (10 Apr 2021)

The various economic factors have driven the attention of many investors, as they create an impact on your financial plans whether they are long-term or short-term goals.

Should Mutual Fund Investors Worry About Partial Lockdown? (09 Apr 2021)

If the infections continue to rise and restrictions persist, corporate earnings may take a hit and that could pose a downside risk to the market.

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund: Seizing Superior Growth Opportunities (08 Apr 2021)

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund is an ELSS that has distinctly outperformed the benchmark and many of its peers across time period.

Key Reasons Why Mutual Funds Turned Net Buyers in March 2021 (07 Apr 2021)

Rising COVID-19 cases is a worrying sight for citizens, businesses and policymakers.

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