Daily Wealth Letter.

Are Debt Mutual Funds a Better Alternative to Fixed Deposits? (18 Jun 2021)

These days we are witnessing a slump in Fixed Deposit interest rates with a marked transition toward debt mutual funds.

Face to Face with Mr Taher Badshah, Director and CIO Equities at Invesco Mutual Fund (18 Jun 2021)

Watch Mr Taher Badshah, Director and CIO Equities at Invesco Mutual Fund sharing his insights on the Focused 20 Strategy, the Global Consumer Trends Strategy, and the ESG Strategy followed at Invesco Mutual Fund.

HDFC Banking and Financial Services Fund: Emphasizes on the Growing Sector (17 Jun 2021)

HDFC Mutual Fund has launched HDFC Banking and Financial Services Fund; it is an open-ended equity scheme investing in Banking and Financial Services Sector.

Axis Midcap Fund: Focusing on Managing Risks (17 Jun 2021)

Axis Midcap Fund is a mid-cap fund whose focus on quality high growth-oriented midcap stocks has paid-off its investors handsomely over the long term.

How the Regulator Is Ensuring That You Can Make an Informed Decision When Investing In Debt Mutual Funds (16 Jun 2021)

The capital market regulator recently introduced a dynamic scheme classification concept of the Potential Risk Class (PRC) matrix for debt funds.

Axis Quant Fund: Targets Quantitative Approach to Generate Alpha (15 Jun 2021)

Axis Mutual Fund has launched Axis Quant Fund; it is an open-ended equity scheme following a quantitative model.

Holding Too Many Mutual Funds? Here’s How You Can Reduce the Number of Schemes in Your Portfolio (14 Jun 2021)

Most individual investors require not more than 5-10 mutual fund schemes depending on the size of the portfolio.

BOI AXA Bluechip Fund: Aims to Provide Stability with Capital Appreciation (12 Jun 2021)

BOI AXA Mutual Fund has launched BOI AXA Bluechip Fund; it is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stocks.

How Millennials Should Plan Their Investments for a Wealthy Future (11 Jun 2021)

The current challenging situation reinforces the importance of making informed decisions pertaining to investments in various financial products that could assist in a crisis.

UTI Flexi Cap Fund: Identifying Stocks with Strong Earnings Quality (10 Jun 2021)

UTI Flexi Cap Fund is a flexi cap fund that has managed to limit the downside during the recent market crash and participate in the recovery phase.

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