Daily Wealth Letter.

DSP Nifty-50 ETF: Should You Invest? (06 Dec 2021)

DSP Mutual Fund has launched DSP Nifty 50 ETF, which is an open-ended scheme replicating/ tracking the Nifty 50 index.

All You Need to Know about the Newly Launched Bharat Bond ETF 2032 (06 Dec 2021)

Bharat Bond ETF – 2032 will invest in AAA-rated (highest rating) public sector bonds maturing within 12 months prior to the maturity of the underlying index.

Here Is All You Need to Know About RBI’s Integrated Ombudsman Scheme (06 Dec 2021)

The RBI’s Integrated Ombudsman Scheme adopts ‘One Nation One Ombudsman’ approach by making the RBI ombudsman mechanism jurisdiction neutral.

Should You Invest in ICICI Pru Midcap 150 Index Fund? (04 Dec 2021)

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has launched ICICI Pru Midcap 150 Index Fund. It is an open-ended Index Exchange Traded Fund tracking the Nifty Midcap 150 Index.

SEBI Issues Operating Norms For Silver ETFs. Here is All You Should Know (04 Dec 2021)

The launch of Silver ETF will offer retail investors the opportunity to invest in silver in a convenient way and benefit from the long term growth potential of silver.

How Financial Knowledge Can Assist You to Identify Red Flags in Your Investments? (03 Dec 2021)

In order to prevent any loss in your investment portfolio, investors should focus on holding worthy investments in your portfolio and timely identify any red flags in your investments.

Does Your Biggest Investment Have Insurance Cover? All You Need to Know about Home Insurance (03 Dec 2021)

Home Insurance covers you financially from physical losses and damages that could happen to your house, furnishings, and other such residential assets.

UTI Flexi Cap Fund: Riding Out Uncertain Market Conditions (02 Dec 2021)

UTI Flexi Cap Fund is a well-managed Flexi Cap Fund that has stood the test of time and rewarded investors with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Everything You Need to Know About Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana (02 Dec 2021)

The Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana is a standard individual term life insurance plan with basic features and terms and conditions, mandated by the IRDAI.

Is Kotak Nifty Alpha 50 ETF a Meaningful Proposition For Passive Investing? (01 Dec 2021)

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund has launched Kotak Nifty Alpha 50 ETF, an open-ended scheme replicating/tracking NIFTY Alpha 50 Index.

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