3 Best ELSS to Invest in 2023

Tax saving is an integral part of one's wealth creation journey. Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS), also known as Tax Saving Mutual Fund, is one of the most worthy avenues for tax-saving. Investing in ELSS offers you the triple advantage of tax-saving (under Section 80C of the Income Tax), wealth creation through equities, and the lowest lock-in period compared to other tax-saving instruments.

But with nearly 40 ELSS available for investment, finding the best scheme is not exactly a cake walk. So how do you shortlist the best ELSS for investment? Fret not! We have carefully selected the list of 3 best ELSS (Tax Saving Mutual Funds) to invest in 2023.

In This Issue…

  • What is ELSS?
  • Why prefer ELSS over other tax-saving instruments?
  • Who should invest in ELSS?
  • Why invest only in best ELSS?
  • How to invest in ELSS?
  • Which are the best ELSS Mutual Funds to invest in 2023?

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