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Do you want to calculate the future value of your mutual fund? Use our mutual fund SIP calculator. You can calculate the value of your monthly SIP by just entering a few details such as the monthly SIP amount, the SIP tenure and the compounded rate of return you expect from the mutual fund in which you are starting your investment. The calculator is simple to use and you can calculate the value of your SIP investments in an instant.

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Are they are any best mutual fund SIPs?

Well, SIPs are a medium to invest in mutual funds. Hence, there’s nothing like ‘best SIPs’; you need to select best or winning mutual fund schemes to invest so that SIPs work best for your objective of wealth creation to achieve long-term financial goals.

So, selecting an appropriate mutual fund scheme for your SIPs is very crucial.

How to select the best mutual fund schemes to SIP?

While some may say – “I can simply do that going by mutual fund ratings”. But the fact is, you can’t have blind faith to star ratings, as they are often provided taking into account only few quantitative parameters (such as returns, risk,  average AUM (Assets Under Management) etc., thereby ignoring the qualitative parameters. Besides, ratings subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Remember investing and financial planning are personalised activities. So, a fund could be right for one investor and (despite its sterling performance) be completely unsuitable for another. Yes, they could perhaps serve as starting points for identifying a broader set of investment-worthy funds; but investing in a fund, based solely on number of stars against its name may not be the right move.

The fact is, not all mutual funds are same. There are various aspects within a mutual fund scheme, which are vital for investors to study carefully before investing.

How to invest in mutual fund SIPs?

Well, you have broadly two ways: offline and online.

In case of the former, approach the office a mutual fund house / mutual fund distributor / agent / relationship manager / investment adviser. For prudent handholding, seek services of a Certified Financial Guardian who is a mark of trust and respect. They can help you construct a robust investment portfolio based on your financial goals.

Here’s how to invest in mutual fund SIP offline:

  1. Select a mutual fund scheme that best suits your needs, investment objectives, financial goals
  2. Fill in the Common Application Form / SIP form carefully and completely mentioning the name of the scheme and other details
  3. Provide your NACH mandate form mentioning all you SIP details
  4. If the KYC is not done, fill in the KYC form and comply with it
  5. Hand over the forms (as mentioned above) to the office of mutual fund distributor / agent / relationship manager / investment adviser / Certified Financial Guardian, or you can even directly submit to Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTAs) / AMC.

In case if you choose to SIP online, you can log on to respective mutual fund house’s website, or use other transaction platforms viz. MFU, or opt for services of robo-advisory platforms and follow the steps and instructions mentioned.

But when buying into mutual funds, ensure that you are opting for only ‘direct plans’

And preferably route your investment vide SIPs owing to these 5 benefits…

  1. SIPs are light on the wallet
  2. SIPs make market timing irrelevant; helps to mitigate volatility
  3. SIPs enable rupee-cost averaging.Under rupee-cost averaging you would typically buy more of a mutual fund unit when prices are low, and similarly, buy fewer mutual units when prices are high. 
  4. SIPs power your portfolio with the benefit of compounding
  5. SIPs are effective medium for goal planning i.e. to achieve your financial goals with systematic financial planning

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