Debt Mutual Funds Returns: Here is Why Your Fixed Income Portfolio Is Likely to Perform Better

The RBI left the repo rate unchanged at 6.5% for the seventh policy meeting in a row in April and has maintained its stance on ‘withdrawal of accommodation’.

Hinduja Group’s Strategic Move: Acquiring 60% Stake in Invesco Asset Management (India)

Hinduja Group's IIHL announced its foray into the asset management industry by acquiring a 60% stake in Invesco Asset Management (India).

Mutual Funds

Why Net Inflow into Small Cap Funds Turned Negative in March 2024

It appears that most mutual fund investors have taken SEBI’s guidance ...

Looking to Invest in Growing Sectors? Tata Mutual Fund Launches 6 New Index Funds (NFOs)

Tata Mutual Fund has unveiled an exciting opportunity for investors se...


8 Life Insurance Riders You Should Consider Buying

Enhance your life insurance coverage with our guide to 8 essential rid...

Health Insurance Portability: Benefits and How to Transfer

Discover the advantages and steps involved in transferring your Health...

Fund Of The Week

ICICI Pru Multi Asset Fund: Offering Diversification Across Multiple Asset Classes

ICICI Pru Multi Asset Fund is a contrarian style Multi Asset Allocatio...

Axis Small Cap Fund: Proving its High Alpha Potential

Axis Small Cap Fund is a Small Cap Mutual Fund that has proven its hig...

Financial Planning

3 Ways to Boost Your Finances This Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa presents a perfect opportunity to assess your current finan...

5 Financial Insights Inspired by the Festival of Holi

In this merger of cultural tradition and financial significance, a uni...

Retirement Planning

NPS Withdrawal Rule Change: Know What It Means to the NPS Subscribers

If you intend to choose a systematic lumpsum withdrawal for your NPS c...

Retirement Corpus Building Made Easy: Unlock the Power of the 3-Bucket Strategy

Creating a smart retirement strategy is crucial to ensure you spend th...


7 Things to Do When Closing Your Loan Account

Discover the essential steps to ensure a smooth transition when closin...

Will Home Loans Get Cheaper During General Elections

Home loan borrowers eagerly expecting a Repo Rate cut are now shifting...

Mutual Fund Research for Investors

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Divya Grover | Investment Idea Notes

Investment Ideas: April 2024

Amid SEBI’s warning of froth building in the mid-cap and small-cap seg...

Rounaq Neroy | The Retire Rich Report

The Retire Rich Report: April 2024

The Retire Rich Report - po rtfolio strategies, performance review an...

Mitali Dhoke | NFO Research

PGIM India Retirement Fund: Grow Your Retirement Savings

PGIM India Mutual Fund has launched PGIM India Retirement Fund, it is ...

Vivek Chaurasia | FundSelect Plus

FundSelect Plus: March 2024

FundSelect Plus - portfolio strateg ies, performance review and updat...

Vivek Chaurasia | DebtSelect

DebtSelect: March 2024

Long-term investors seeking a decent income with a relatively low risk...

Divya Grover | FundSelect

FundSelect: March 2024

The equity markets led by the mid and small-cap segments have seen imp...

Vivek Chaurasia | The Alpha Booster Strategy

The Alpha Booster Strategy: March 2024

The Alpha Bo oster Strategy performance review and update for the mon...

Vivek Chaurasia | Strategic Funds Portfolio 2025

Strategic Funds Portfolio 2025: March 2024

Th e Strategic Funds Portfolio performance review and update for ...

Investment Advisory - Number of Complaints for the month of February 2024

At the beginning of the month NIL
Received during the month of February 2024 NIL
Resolved during the month of February 2024 NIL
Pending at the end of the month NIL
Reasons for pendency NIL

Disclosure as per Securities and Exchange Board of India (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013

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Bandhan MF Bets on Disruptive Ideas with New Innovation Fund

Bandhan Mutual Fund launches – Bandhan Innovation Fund It is an open-ended equity schem

Sohini Andani the Star Fund Manager Quits SBI Mutual Fund

In the evolving world of mutual funds, few names shine brightly like – Sohini Andani the st

PGIM India Launches Equity Fund for Retirement Planning

PGIM India Mutual Fund launches – PGIM India Retirement Fund It is an open-ended retire

SEBI Puts Brakes on Overseas ETF Investments by Mutual Funds

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the primary regulator of the Indian securities

NFO Alert! New Schemes Launched by Navi & Helios Mutual Fund

Helios Balanced Advantage Fund Helios Mutual Fund launches – Helios Balanced Advantage

HDFC Mutual Fund Unveils New Realty Index Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund launches – HDFC Nifty Realty Index Fund It is an open-ended scheme rep

New Fund Alert! Bandhan Mutual Fund Launches Bandhan Long Duration Fund

Bandhan Mutual Fund launches – Bandhan Long Duration Fund It is an open-ended long term

Axis Mutual Fund Unveils New Debt Fund: Tracks SDLs Maturing in June 2034

Axis Mutual Fund launches – Axis CRISIL IBX SDL June 2034 Debt Index Fund It is an open

Mutual Funds
5 Equity Mutual Funds Having Higher Exposure to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks
NASSCOM expects Artificial Intelligence to contribute an additional US $957 billion to India's economy by 2035.
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Best Large & Mid Cap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2023 - Top Performing Large & Mid Cap Mutual Funds in India
Best Large & Mid Cap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2023 - Top Performing Large & Mid Cap Mutual Funds in India
Mutual Funds
7 Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2023 - Top Performing Mutual Funds in India
There are over hundreds of equity mutual fund schemes spread across various sub-categories currently available for investment. However, not all equity mutual funds are worthy of your investment; many schemes fail to beat benchmark returns even over long-term time frames.
Mutual Funds
These 5 Mutual Funds Are Betting Big on Defence Stocks
Amidst escalating geopolitical tensions, defence as a sector plays a crucial role and holds a bright future.

Mutual Fund Screener

Find Your Mid-Cap Fit: HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund vs. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

The Indian mid cap market segment has emerged as a dynamic and attractive space for investors seeking a balance between growth and risk.

Find Your Mid-Cap Fit: HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund vs. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund
Mutual Fund Liquidity Stress Test | The Real Test to Check How Illiquid is Your Small Cap Fund
3 Best Aggressive Hybrid Funds for 2024 - Top Performing Equity Hybrid Mutual Funds in India
5 Sector & Thematic Funds to Consider Around General Elections 2024
How Stepping-up Mutual Fund SIP Can Help You Achieve Your Finance Goals Faster
Why Gold Is Scaling New Highs
Will General Election Results Matter for the Indian Equity Markets

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I am obliged to PFN for educating me in management of personal finance. I have designed my MF portfolio taking guidance from PFN. I appreciate prompt responsiveness of PFN team to subscriber queries, and their approach to take onboard subscriber requests and feedback. In particular, I liked research reports for a couple of funds which clearly guide investors not to invest in spite of high returns, due to underlying risk and doubtful sustainability of returns in the long term. This differentiates PFN from other MF research services.
I was reviewing my portfolio today. I am happy to note that all my investments have outperformed market both in down as well as up market condition.
The recommendations of PersonalFN are unbiased and generally have a long term views suitable for common investor like me.
When I look back, the timely advise and assurances of PFN, quite contrary to experts on TV during the last years downturn not only saved me from huge loss, it helped to maximise my return in the cycle. I once again thank you all in PersonalFN for educating common investors and unbiased advice.
The reason being lack of time to analyze MFs' in details based in biased/ unbiased information available on the web and secondly to select funds from a 'Jungle of MFs' as per my requirements.I am very glad till date to have hired your services and hope to remain so in the future. I should honestly accept that I have wasted too much of my time in trying, continued trying to select MFs' and thus in the process lost precious time by not letting investments happen. It was only after hiring your services that things have fallen in place.
I am completely satisfied by the services rendered and queries solved from time to time in an efficient manner. I hope to reap benefits from the well researched funds and recommended to me by PersonalFN.