The New LIC Amritbaal Policy: Can It Help You Plan for Your Child’s Future (22 Feb 2024)

Evaluating LIC's Amritbaal Policy: Weighing the Pros and Cons for Your Child's Financial Security.

One-Time Payment, Lifetime Protection: Is a Single Premium Life Insurance Plan for You? (21 Feb 2024)

Delve into the world of Single Premium Term Insurance Plan: Is this one-time payment plan your ticket to lifelong financial protection?

Health Insurance on a Budget: Maximising Coverage and Minimising Costs (20 Feb 2024)

Learn how to maximise health insurance coverage while minimising costs with expert tips and insights in our comprehensive guide.

IRDAI's Directive to Lower Premiums in Direct Insurance Plans (05 Feb 2024)

IRDAI's Directive to Lower Premiums in Direct Insurance Plans

‘Cashless Everywhere' Initiative Empowers Policyholders Beyond Network Hospitals (01 Feb 2024)

Explore how the 'Cashless Everywhere' initiative is revolutionising healthcare access, and empowering policyholders beyond the constraints of network hospitals.

Your Roadmap to Secure Travel: Understand Travel Insurance Essentials (31 Jan 2024)

Prepare for your next adventure with confidence—discover all you need to know about travel insurance to ensure a worry-free journey.

8 Top Reasons Why Health Insurance Claims Get Rejected and How to Prevent Them (30 Jan 2024)

Unlock the secrets to preventing health insurance claim rejections with our expert tips on navigating the top reasons for denial.

How Do Your Lifestyle Habits Impact Your Health Insurance Premium (27 Jan 2024)

Certain health conditions may be beyond your control, whereas specific lifestyle habits, which are self-cultivated, can have adverse effects on health insurance premiums.

Will You Receive a Travel Insurance Claim for Voluntarily Cancelling Your Maldives Trip? (19 Jan 2024)

Travel insurers do not accept trip cancellation claims unless your travel insurance policy specifically mentions so.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Health Insurance for Senior Citizens (10 Jan 2024)

Senior citizens possess unique health requirements distinct from those of younger individuals.

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