Are Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans Worth the High Premiums? (30 Sep 2022)

Senior citizens have different requirements from their Health Insurance Plan as their health issues are completely different from young people.

Zero Cost Term Plan: What Is It And Should You Buy It? (28 Sep 2022)

The newly introduced Zero Cost Term Plan is an affordable alternative to the regular Term Plan and Return of Premium Term Plan.

Know the Difference: Critical Illness Plan vs Health Insurance Plan (23 Sep 2022)

As the medical inflation is increasing, the cost of treatments for critical illnesses is also rising.

5 Tips for Millennials to Choose the Right Term Insurance Plan (09 Sep 2022)

Buying a life insurance policy at an early stage of life when you are young and healthy is the best way to get maximum life coverage at a lower premium.

5 Things You Must Consider Before Health Insurance Renewal (06 Sep 2022)

It is crucial to consider certain aspects while renewing any type of insurance to ensure you get the maximum benefits at an affordable premium.

Should You Upgrade to a Multi-Year Health Insurance Plan? (30 Aug 2022)

Multi-Year Health Insurance Plans allow you to cover yourself and your family with health insurance for two or more years in one go.

Here’s How to Port Your Health Insurance for Better Benefits (29 Aug 2022)

The portability feature allows you to transfer your existing Health Insurance Policy to the new insurer, without compromising on the discounts or bonuses provided by the existing policy.

All You Should Know About Single Premium Life Insurance (08 Aug 2022)

A Single Premium Life Insurance Plan is a premium payment plan that allows you to pay in a lump sum to enjoy life cover for the entire policy term.

Should You Consider Wellness Programs When Buying a Health Insurance Policy? (02 Aug 2022)

Wellness programs are activities to help you improve health, maintain an active lifestyle, and prevent chronic and terminal illnesses.

10 Amazing Benefits of Buying Online Health Insurance (19 Jul 2022)

Due to the online availability, buying a Health Insurance Policy has now become a lot easier, affordable, and convenient.

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