All You Need To Know About SIPs (2017 Edition)

A SIP enforces a disciplined approach towards investing. It infuses regular saving habits which we all probably learnt during our childhood days when we used to maintain a piggy bank.

Yes, those good old days where our parents use to provide us with some pocket money, which after spending a bit, we deposited in our piggy banks and at the end of particular tenure we saw that every penny saved became a large amount.

But what's noteworthy is SIPs enable you to compound your hard earned money efficiently and aid accomplishing your long-term financial goals.

In This Issue

  • 5 SIP features that every mutual fund investor should know
  • 7 common myths on SIPs debunked
  • 5 Benefits of SIPs
  • How does one select the best mutual fund schemes to SIP?
  • SIP vs. Recurring Deposits: Which is better?
  • How to invest in SIPs?

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