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DebtSelect is a Premium Debt Fund Research Service offering by PersonalFN managed by Vivek Chaurasia (Head of Research). It aims at identifying safely managed debt funds having potential to generate stable returns along with low risk. DebtSelect gives its subscribers access to carefully-picked Debt Mutual Funds without having to worry about factors like poor fund management and excess credit risk.

As a premium member, you will receive access to all the past Debt Mutual Fund recommendations as well as the future ones, as long as you are subscribed to the service. It also provides monthly reports & updates from Vivek on the debt funds recommended under the service.

DebtSelect is a research subscription service backed by our proprietary SMART Score Matrix.

Systems and Processes Market Cycle Performance Asset Management Style Risk-Reward Ratios Performance Track Record

DebtSelect carries the expertise of a research team which has been researching and recommending mutual funds since 1999. It delivers unbiased and independent opinion on mutual funds which we think have a very high potential to help you meet your financial goals

What is the goal of DebtSelect?

The goal of DebtSelect is to deliver stable returns without the volatility of Equities, by recommending safely managed debt funds, that could generate reasonable risk adjusted returns. All this without having to worry about the expertise to pick the right funds.

What does DebtSelect offer?

The DebtSelect service has two parts to it.

The first part carries the recommendations under DebtSelect service which covers factors like Profile and suitability of the recommended fund, performance and constituents of the funds portfolio, our outlook on the fund etc.

The second part is access to the latest views and ratings on debt funds under coverage, along with archives and old reports published under DebtSelect

Please do have a look at a sample report of DebtSelect here.

Who are the editors of DebtSelect?

Vivek Chaurasia (Research Analyst), is the editor of DebtSelect. He is also the editor for FundSelect and FundSelect Plus, the flagship research services of PersonalFN. Vivek is an active contributor to PersonalFN's most popular newsletter read by over 150,000 subscribers, Daily Wealth Letter. Having over a decade of experience in analyzing mutual funds, Vivek understands functioning of the mutual fund industry very well and applies his financial and analytical skills to closely scrutinize each fund to his satisfaction.

Vivek joined PersonalFN as a Senior Research Analyst, in 2009 and quickly adopted the philosophy of our research team, i.e. honest and unbiased research for naive investors, who are tired of being mis-sold. Over these years, he has developed a robust fund selection and filtration model - 'SMART Score model' that has been tested across various cycles now and constantly looks for scope to strengthen it further. Vivek follows the principle of safety first when it comes to picking funds for investors. That is the reason he has a long list of rejected funds as compared to the ones he has endorsed so far.

Divya Grover is a Research Analyst at PersonalFN and co-editor of DebtSelect. She is also the co-editor for FundSelect, the flagship research service of PersonalFN. Divya is an avid reader which helps her in analysing industry trends and producing insightful articles for PersonalFN's popular newsletter - Daily Wealth letter, read by over 1.5 lakh subscribers.

Divya joined PersonalFN in 2019 and has since then used stringent quantitative and qualitative parameters to analyse funds to provide honest and unbiased research to investors. She endeavours to enable investors make informed investment decision and thereby safeguard their wealth.

What is the frequency of the reports and what is the minimum number of reports expected annually?

The DebtSelect reports are sent out by 20th of the month (or the next working day incase 20th is a holiday). The DebtSelect archives and reports are accessible 24X7 to its members. One research report is published under DebtSelect every month. So, there would be minimum 12 reports each year. Having said that if certain market conditions warrant changes in recommendations, subscribers will get notification through our special update mails over and above the monthly review and updates. In addition to the monthly reports, any crucial update on funds covered under DebtSelect will be communicated to DebtSelect subscribers.

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What DebtSelect does not offer?

DebtSelect is a generalized recommendation service. We do not offer customized or personalized opinions for any particular subscriber or class of subscribers under DebtSelect. We strongly recommend our subscribers seek professional advice before taking any decisions for their investments.

I want to know more about DebtSelect. How should I proceed?

You can write to us with all your queries and we will be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, you can call us on +91-22-61361200 between 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

How can I try DebtSelect?

We are delighted to inform you that you can try DebtSelect completely risk free! There's a 30-day money back guarantee. So if it turns out that you don't like DebtSelect, we'll gladly give back every rupee you paid for it.

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