All of us have some dreams in life – be it buying a dream home, a car, children’s education, marriage, travelling abroad for leisure, or retirement, amongst a host of others. In parlance to personal finance, all these are financial goals; because after all, along with emotions they carry a monetary value.

You see, for your dreams to convert into reality there’s no other alternative to effective planning.

Our experience narrates that many people often have infinite financial goals with limited income. They don’t know where to start from to achieve these goals and which path to follow. While being ambitious is good, it is vital that you know the path you’re travelling to, for you to reach the desired destination.

So, here comes financial planning which will help you to:

  • Define and Prioritize your financial goals;
  • Analyze where you stand currently with respect to your current financial situation; and
  • Provide a clear road map of how to achieve your financial goals.

At PersonalFN, we are committed to providing you with unbiased and honest views and opinions on various personal finance issues that can impact your investments and finances. We have been providing personalized Financial Planning solutions to our clients in India as well as to NRIs so as to help them meet their financial goals and objectives.

Our core proposition is built around unbiased research and financial planning which is our primary business. We also help our clients to invest in various financial instruments but that is secondary and is a choice that they as a client make.

Financial Planning Service: With personalized Financial Planning, PersonalFN can help you plan any or all of your life goals i.e. retirement, children’s future, purchase of an asset, debt management, insurance requirement analysis and other such goals.

Through our Financial Planning Service, you get a holistic Financial Plan that takes into account your current financial position and tells you how to get to where you want to be with all of your financial goals. Once your Plan is created, we can even assist you with the implementation of your Plan, and monitor the execution of your investments through our Wealth Planning Service. With this Service, you can choose to receive a Financial Plan for a single or multiple financial goals. You can also choose to avail only a review of your investments (mutual fund and insurance portfolio).

Wealth Planning Service: Post Financial Planning or a mutual fund portfolio service, investors want to implement the Financial plan or the mutual fund portfolio recommendations, and accordingly require access to a dedicated Wealth Adviser to implement and monitor the investment’s progress.

Your dedicated Wealth Adviser will assist you in Implementing the Financial Plan and Mutual Fund Portfolio recommendations for you and monitor the progress of the Plan over the year. The Wealth Adviser will also provide you with updates and reviews on your portfolio based on the market scenario during the year. He will closely and regularly monitor your investments to see that they are performing as required in your Financial Plan, and suggest any changes if required.

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