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Banks: Reward governance, punish pirates? (13 May 2024)

Governance and integrity are awarded a premium in any enterprise but more so in a business like banking where money is the raw material and the output. Read More

Do Mutual Funds Protect their Investors? (15 Apr 2024)

The ICICI Bank-ICICI Securities saga has thrown open a can of worms of corporate mis-governance at multiple levels. Read More

ISEC / ICICI Bank: Boards and proxy agencies support a Rs 18 bn heist (20 Mar 2024)

The proposed merger ratio and rationale of the proposed merger between ICICI Bank and its listed subsidiary, ISEC deserves scrutiny on a few counts. Read More

Do you need a hybrid fund? Why not use 12-20-80? (14 Nov 2022)

Mutual fund investors consider hybrid funds as a good strategy to diversify their portfolio across asset class. But are they right in their approach? Read More

How many mutual funds should I invest in? (10 Oct 2022)

Mutual fund investors are often confused about how many mutual funds they should invest in. But is there a concrete answer to this? Read More

Mahatma Gandhi: Why 1G is better than 5G (03 Oct 2022)

5G has been officially launched in India, thus giving a landscape for telecom companies to launch 5G services in various cities. It will be interesting to assess if 5G is a boon for long-term investors. Read More

5 Funds, in IKEA DIY style, may save you from financial disaster. (19 Sep 2022)

Know how the 5 Funds built in IKEA DIY style are the underlying building blocks for sensible, long-term investors and may save you from financial disaster. Read More

A Global Collapse Need Not Shatter Your Investments (12 Sep 2022)

Ajit Dayal explicates that just as the world is recovering from a severe bout of Covid, the world is now rattled by the twin impact. Read More

Hum Do, Hamare Saou? (05 Sep 2022)

Ajit Dayal shares why you should diversify your mutual fund investment portfolio, but in an optimal range. He also highlights the 12:20:80 rule to diversify across investment styles and asset classes. Read More

Festivals Around the Corner: Should You Borrow & Spend? Or Invest & Spend? (22 Aug 2022)

Ajit Dayal explicates if you should avail of personal loans this festive season or invest and then spend the money. Read More

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