Retirement Planning

NPS Withdrawal Rule Change: Know What It Means to the NPS Subscribers (16 Dec 2023)

If you intend to choose a systematic lumpsum withdrawal for your NPS corpus upon retirement, it is crucial to understand its functionality and the applicable taxation.

Retirement Corpus Building Made Easy: Unlock the Power of the 3-Bucket Strategy (21 Jun 2023)

Creating a smart retirement strategy is crucial to ensure you spend the golden years of your life stress-free.

Here's Why NPS Subscribers Partially Withdraw their Retirement Savings (14 Jun 2023)

In the last few years, the PFRDA statistics reveal a rising trend in partial withdrawal requests and such applications being processed, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Proposed Systematic Lumpsum Withdrawal Option Can Benefit NPS Subscribers (13 Jun 2023)

Among the recently proposed changes in the NPS, is allowing the ‘Systematic Lumpsum Withdrawal (SLW)’ option by the end of this quarter.

Looking for a Regular Income During Retirement? Here Are a Few Investment Options (23 May 2023)

Retiring on a budget is challenging, especially for those living on a fixed income; however, smart retirement planning can help.

Retirement Planning: What Should Be Your Asset Allocation Amid High Inflation (05 Apr 2023)

With the beginning of the new financial year 2023-24, take a step towards retirement planning

12 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes And How to Avoid Them (29 Mar 2023)

Retirement is a period in life when you need to manage your expenses while also pursuing your aspirations.

Here's a Robust Roadmap to Retirement Planning for Millennials (06 Jan 2023)

Millennials may consider a comprehensive roadmap to retirement in this new year 2023!

Top 5 Government-backed Pension Plans for Senior Citizens (09 Dec 2022)

The government of India has launched several special pension schemes for senior citizens that aim to provide financial stability and security to retirees.

Why You Should Invest in PPF Even If You Have an EPF Account (06 Dec 2022)

For retirement planning, there are various investment avenues among them, the Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Employees Provident Fund (EPF) are the most popular ones.

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