Credit Cards

Decoding Credit Card Spending: Insights and Strategies (07 Feb 2024)

Unravel the mysteries of credit card spending with valuable insights and practical strategies.

Why Is Credit Card Debt Considered a 'Bad Loan' (17 Jan 2024)

While a particular loan could be termed good or bad depending on the purpose of the loan, most individuals, including financial experts, consider credit card loans as bad debt.

How to Spot a Fake Credit Card? (29 Dec 2023)

A fraudulent credit card is a counterfeit card that is not issued by legitimate banks or credit card providers but closely resembles valid credit cards.

Everything You Need to Know About the Credit Card Reward Programs (28 Dec 2023)

Credit card rewards programs allow you to earn points on specific purchases, providing an opportunity to optimise your budget.

Should You Get an Add-on Credit Card for Your Family? (19 Dec 2023)

An add-on credit card, linked to a primary credit card, offers a practical solution for those who may face hurdles in qualifying for a regular credit card.

From Diwali Delight to Credit Card Regret: A Guide to Damage Control (29 Nov 2023)

The festive season brought with it irresistible discounts and attractive offers that tempted us to make purchases that might be challenging to afford under normal circumstances.

Why Paying Minimum Dues on Credit Cards Is a BIG Mistake! (26 Oct 2023)

Paying the minimum amount on your credit card often does more harm than good

15 Credit Score Myths You Need to Know to Boost Your Finances (25 Sep 2023)

Don't believe everything you hear about credit scores! This article debunks 15 common myths about credit scores, so you can make informed financial decisions.

Is It a Good Idea to Pay a Credit Card Bill with Another Credit Card? (02 Sep 2023)

While you can indirectly make a credit card bill payment with another credit card with options like balance transfer and cash advance, these options are not advisable.

What Is RuPay Credit Card? How to Link Your RuPay Credit Card with UPI? (12 Aug 2023)

By linking RuPay's credit card to UPI, you can make credit card purchases with a single QR scan, without having to carry your plastic card with you.

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