Tax Planning

What are the Consequences of Missing Your ITR Filing Due Date (29 Jul 2022)

You have just 3 days left to file your Income Tax Return (ITR) for Financial Year 2021-22 and Assessment Year 2022-23, ensure to file before the deadline to avoid penalties.

12 Mistakes to Avoid While Filing Your ITR Online (26 Jul 2022)

We make certain mistakes when filing the ITR online that may lead to unsuccessful tax filing and even penalty in some cases.

How to File Your ITR Online for FY 2021-22 And AY 2022-23 (25 Jul 2022)

If you are a salaried individual residing in India, filing income tax returns is mandatory, even if you do not have any tax liability.

Active vs Passive ELSS: Which Is Worthwhile for Your Tax Saving Needs (22 Jul 2022)

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has asked fund houses to choose between active or passive ELSS ― they are not allowed to offer both.

Are You Investing in the Right Tax-Saving Mutual Funds? (29 Jun 2022)

In order to gain maximum tax benefits and build wealth simultaneously, you need to ensure to invest in the right tax-saving mutual funds as per your suitability.

How the Government’s Fintech Move With API Accerlerates Tax Planning for Individuals (27 Jun 2022)

Government prepares to share the income and tax liability data of individuals with tax and investment planning portals on a real-time basis.

Are Your Tax-Saving Investments a Suitable Fit For Your Financial Plan? (22 Apr 2022)

In this article, we'll help you comprehend the points to keep in mind as you plan your taxes for the financial year 2022-23.

How to Select the Best ELSS for Tax-Saving in 2022 (05 Mar 2022)

Investing in ELSS offers you the triple advantage of tax-saving, wealth creation through equities, and the lowest lock-in period compared to other tax-saving instruments.

Why the Union Budget 2022 Must Iron Out the Tax Disparity between Mutual Funds and ULIPs (31 Jan 2022)

Differential tax treatment between two comparable investment avenues, equity mutual funds and ULIPs, creates a bias in favour of ULIPs.

Are You a Risk-Taker Looking for Tax-Saving Investments? Consider Investing in the Best ELSS (19 Jan 2022)

In this article we help you understand the best Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) that could help you save on taxes this year.

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