NPCI Unveils New UPI Features to Achieve 100 Bn Monthly Transactions (07 Sep 2023)

NPCI launches new UPI features to make digital payments faster, easier, and more inclusive.

Banking without limitations The advantages of online zero balance accounts. (27 Jul 2023)

Learn the advantages of online zero balance accounts.

Oops! Transferred Funds to the Wrong UPI Address? Here's What to Do (14 Jul 2023)

As with any technology, mistakes can happen, and one such common mishap is mistakenly transferring funds to the wrong UPI address.

Mistakenly Sent Money to the Wrong Account? Here's What You Need to Do (08 Jul 2023)

If the unintended beneficiary refuses to return the amount, recovering the money becomes challenging without their consent.

What Are Mobile Wallets? Is It Safe to Use a Mobile Wallet? (05 Jun 2023)

The widespread acceptance of mobile wallets by both merchants and customers can be attributed to their convenience and the assurance they offer regarding transaction security.

The Withdrawal of Rs 2,000 Banknotes: Effects on the Economy and Public (20 May 2023)

Citizens do not need to panic as the Rs 2000 banknotes will remain as legal tender.

What Is Credit Monitoring And How You Can Benefit from It? (12 Apr 2023)

Credit report monitoring enables individuals to detect any fraudulent activities on their accounts and take precautionary measures in advance.

Why Having an Overseas Bank Account Can Benefit You (31 Mar 2023)

5 benefits of having an overseas bank account and some tips on how to get started with your overseas bank account.

How to Open an Online Savings Account (03 Mar 2023)

Here are the quick steps for opening an online savings account.

What Is Credit Utilisation Ratio And How Does It Determine Your Credit Score? (23 Feb 2023)

The higher your credit utilisation ratio, the more negative impact it can have on your credit score.

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