Financial Planning

5 Investment Lessons from Lord Ganapati, the Deity of Wisdom and Wealth (18 Sep 2023)

Here are 5 investment lessons from the god of prosperity, wealth, and wisdom to help you maintain your financial well-being.

This Janmashtami Learn How to Reach Your Financial-Handi (goals) (06 Sep 2023)

Learn some of the techniques used while forming a Dahi-handi to build your financial pyramid and reach your goals!

How to Ensure Your Financial Freedom This Independence Day (14 Aug 2023)

This year marks the 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023. As India celebrates its independence, it is a good time to reflect on your own financial freedom as well.

Are Open AI Apps Like ChatGPT Reliable for Financial Advice? (23 Jun 2023)

The internet has been abuzz with discussions of how advanced AI could reshape society, including the financial services industry.

How Frugal Money Habits Can Help You Attain Financial Freedom (17 Jun 2023)

By taking control of your money and making smart financial decisions, you can achieve a life of true freedom and flexibility

The Psychology of Money: Understanding Behavioural Biases in Financial Planning (15 Jun 2023)

Psychology offers valuable insights into understanding the complex dynamics between human behaviour and financial decision-making.

5 Financial Mistakes Newly Earning Millennials and Gen-Z Should Avoid (15 Jun 2023)

As a young earner, it is essential to understand the value of money and the importance of wealth creation.

8 Steps to Overcome Your Shopping Addiction And Becoming Financially Healthy (07 Jun 2023)

Shopping addiction, also known as oniomania, is a behavioural addiction that offers a temporary escape from negative emotions like anxiety and depression.

Received an Annual Bonus? Know How You Can Make the Most of It (26 May 2023)

Instead of blowing your annual bonus on frivolous purchases, utilize it to improve your financial situation.

Worried About Mass Layoffs in 2023? Here is How an Emergency Fund Can Come to Your Rescue (26 May 2023)

Life, as you know, throws unpleasant surprises when you least expect it and one needs to have a financial safety net to reduce its impact.

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