Empower Yourself with the Weapon of Financial Knowledge Today!

Dec 09, 2020

Listen to Empower Yourself with the Weapon of Financial Knowledge Today!

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Over the last couple of days, my colleagues Divya Grover and Mitali Dhoke, have been writing to you on the importance of financial education and why every family needs a Financial Guardian.

This morning at PersonalFN we officially launched a very special initiative -- an exclusive new certificate E-course, called "Certified Family Guardian" -- and I'm glad to see an overwhelming response, in a matter of just a few hours since the launch.

In the 'knowledge economy' and fintech world we live in today, it is very encouraging to know that so many people are eager to learn about the art and science of prudent money management.

A report by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Centre reveals that just 24% of adult Indians are financially literate. No wonder, less than 10% of Indians invest in financial markets.

Prudent money management is not rocket science, but a skill that can be acquired by meticulous efforts.

Do you know what makes a few individuals and families financially successful than most others?

Well, it is their dexterity in understanding the nuances about personal finance and investing.

You should be able to clearly distinguish between what is good and bad for your financial health.

In the complex world of finance, financial products or services are often mis-sold. A very few financial advisors put their client's interest at the fore and manage hard-earned with enough care and prudence.

Besides, owing to certain behavioural biases, unsuitable investment products are added to the investment portfolio, which also poses a challenge to realise certain long term financial goals. To give you a case in point, the present upswing in the market has drawn many first-time investors to equities who barely understand the risks associated with equity assets. To make it scarier, many of them seem to be interested only in generating short term profits without gauging the risk involved. You see, equities are essentially for the long-term - and it is important to keep a time horizon of at least 5 years.

Leaving aside investments, how many times it happens that you...

  • End up borrowing money when you need it the most (since you haven't maintained enough contingency reserve and/or addressed liquidity needs)

  • Borrow to pay off another debt

  • Borrow recklessly which eventually spoils your credit score

  • Often required to use your credit card to pay even your grocery and utility bills

  • End up spending extravagantly on luxury goods and leisure travel

  • Aren't left with an adequate surplus (whereby you can invest regularly)

  • Ignoring insurance needs

  • Fail to engage in a prudent tax planning exercise

  • Seek financial advice from friends and relatives who may not be proficient to render the advice

  • And, in general, lack the necessary financial discipline

If you relate to even one of these scenarios, now is the time to get serious about your finances and your future.

Equip yourself with adequate financial education and become your own financial planner and invest smartly in the capital markets.

In case you haven't subscribed to PersonalFN's exclusive new certificate E-course, the "Certified Family Guardian", do it now!

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Our new e-course is truly empowering separated into eight modules with 24 extensive videos. All you need to do is dedicate just five hours spread over three weeks and you will learn...

  1. How to make a Budget and Design Your Cash Flows

  2. How to plan for your Key Life Goals in a prudent manner

  3. The right approach to Insurance Planning

  4. Prudent ways to plan your and your family's investments

  5. Tested ways to Retire Rich

  6. How to go about sound Estate Planning

  7. How to ensure that your loans do not become a burden

  8. The secrets of investment gurus ( to apply for your financial success)

Using our years' of experience and knowledge of financial planning and capital markets; we have come up with this exclusive new certificate E-course so that you manage your hard-earned money dexterously!

Now some of you might question why you should take up this E-course when you have a trusted financial planner to advise you on your money matters.

I personally believe, if you know the nitty-gritty of financial planning and investment management, you can have better control over your personal finances and ask right questions to your financial planner/investment advisor to make the best of his/her services which you pay for.

PersonalFN encourages you to increase your financial literacy and make informed financial decisions for your family's financial wellbeing. So, be wise and enrol for our exclusive new certificate E-course, the "Certified Family Guardian" today!

I am delighted to share with you that, on signing up for our exclusive new certificate E-course, you will also get access to PersonalFN's premium tools as listed below:

  • A host of exclusive downloadable calculators (viz. Human Life Value calculator, Power of Compounding calculator, SIP calculator, STP calculator, Real Return calculator, PF calculator, Marriage Goal calculator, Education Planning calculator, Retirement calculator, Crorepati calculator, and many more) developed by PersonalFN

  • PersonalFN's Exclusive 'Money Simplified' educational guides

  • A premium asset allocator tool developed by PersonalFN's research team

  • PersonalFN's Mutual Fund Screener, to help you screen performance of mutual funds across categories and sub-categories

  • Access to PersonalFN's list of top-rated funds

  • Latest views and ratings on Mutual Funds

If you want to live up to the expectations of your family and don't want to take any chance with the hard-earned money, enrol for PersonalFN's exclusive new certificate E-course, the "Certified Family Guardian" today!

Empower yourself with the weapon of knowledge!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin


Warm Regards,
Rounaq Neroy
Editor, Daily Wealth Letter


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