Mutual Fund: Case Studies

Should Senior Citizens Switch To A Dividend Option From Growth Option In Mutual Funds? (28 May 2019)

The decision to switch from a Growth Option to a Dividend Option (Pay-out) needs to be based on your cash-flow needs and after weighing the tax implications.

Are Small-Cap Funds An Attractive Proposition Now? (21 May 2019)

Of late, in the last couple of months, small-caps have recovered backed by a ‘hope rally’ ––as the exit polls predict a second term for the Modi-led-NDA government.

Why Some Mutual Funds Do Not Generate Consistent Returns (13 May 2019)

Fund managers don’t have a magic wand. And even if they do, over-dependency would not be the right approach.

Are You Investing Without An Investment Objective And Goal In Mind? (08 May 2019)

Setting a financial goal is very important because it provides a purpose, meaning, and it is a roadmap to accomplish the envisioned goals.

Type of Mutual Funds for Your Child’s Higher Education Needs (03 May 2019)

You are right in considering mutual funds to plan for your daughter higher education needs. But prudent selection is the key!

Which Types Of Mutual Funds Should You Hold In Your Retirement Portfolio? (22 Feb 2019)

In retirement planning, asset allocation is the most important decision, not the product selection

Is Retiring Rich Just An Illusion, Or Can It Become A Reality? (21 Dec 2018)

The power of compounding makes equity mutual funds a perfect investment avenue for retirement planning.

Can Union Value Discovery Fund Really Add Value To Your Portfolio? (26 Nov 2018)

An open-ended equity scheme invests using a value investing strategy

Mutual Fund Investing: Your Queries Answered- May 2012 (30 Apr 2012)

(Issue May 2012 MF Newsletter)

Mutual Fund Investing: Your Queries Answered (02 Apr 2012)

Issue April 2012 MF Newsletter

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