Financial Planning For Women   Apr 11, 2018

Cinderella, Belle (Beauty & the Beast), Princess Aurora……. Which one is your favourite fairy tale character?

My personal favourite character is Moana.

For those who haven’t seen the movie – Moana is the protagonist.
She is not a princess – she’s a heroine. The daughter of Chief Tui of the island village Motunui.

And my favourite dialogue from the movie is: “We can voyage again!”

She belonged to one of the greatest voyaging tribes, who no longer travelled. Anyone who ever wished to travel was held back out of fear of death.

She took the leap of faith and travelled beyond the island to protect her people and the endangered island.

Like Moana, celebrate this your life with courage and gift a financial plan (to yourself and to the women in your life).In our Financial Planning journey at PersonalFN, we often find that our women clients are reluctant to financial planning. But financial independence is vital for everyone, including women. Dependence on government, parents, and partner should be avoided as much as possible.

Like Moana ask yourself this question – “Who are you meant to be?”

Today, choose to be a leader and plan your own finances.

Start your voyage towards your own Financial Freedom with Financial Planning as your ship. Because, you have strengths beneath the surface. And you are wise beyond your years. You just need to find it.

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