Mutual Funds for 20s   Mar 16, 2018

Graduating out of college and getting that first job are a few of the life changing events of our lives. Moreover, receiving that first pay cheque is a moment of joy and pride for everyone. Many prefer to spend this hard earned money the way they want and have the time of their lives. You may also like to read the below article:

5 common financial mistakes which young professionals usually make

However, it is imperative to be in control of your finances. Very often with aspirations of having a car, buying a dream home, etc. today's youth often take loans. But it is vital not to go overboard. You see, landing knee deep in debt and ruining your finances is not an overnight process; but a function of how disciplined you've been in the past and the control you resorted to. Here are the mutual funds you should invest into if you are in your 20s

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