Best Retirement Funds for 2024


Retirement is an inescapable truth of life which should not be overlooked. Most individuals envision living the golden years of life in bliss by pursuing a hobby or an activity they always wanted to do, travelling the world, spending time with family, catching up with old friends, and so on.

But living a blissful and comfortable retired life comes with a price. Hence, it is important to ensure that money earned over the years of hard work is sensibly invested.

Mutual Funds are well placed to take care of this requirement. In this guide find out the formula for prudent retirement planning and the best mutual fund types to build your retirement corpus.

This guide will tell you about:

  • What is Retirement Planning?
  • What are the advantages of prudent retirement planning?
  • Things You Should Consider While Calculating Your Retirement Corpus
  • Where to invest while planning for retirement – Best mutual fund types for retirement
  • Import factors to consider before you invest for your retirement
  • Things to keep in mind if you are planning to retire early

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