Gold Outlook 2021 (February 2021 Edition)

Gold had a dream run in the calendar year 2020 with prices rising +28% in INR and +23% in the USD terms.

‘Helicopter money’ (powered by the easy monetary policy actions by the way of near-zero or sub-zero interest rates and bond-buying programmes in the developed markets), lower interest rates in the domestic economy, economic uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a virus-led recession, and geopolitical tensions, led to gold getting all the attention, globally, in the form of investment demand.

In This Issue…

  • Will gold exhibit its sheen in 2021 amidst the second wave of COVID-19 and resultant economic uncertainty
  • The factors that could drive gold price
  • Are smart investors buying gold?
  • The role gold can play in your portfolio in 2021 and beyond…

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