Guide to Long Term Wealth Creation With Equity Mutual Funds

The long-term trends suggest that investors are confi­dent, open to taking risks and investing their hard-earned money in equity-oriented mutual funds in the pursuit of better returns.

However, following the right approach is imperative to build an equity-oriented mutual fund portfolio for long-term wealth creation.

You can’t ape or mirror someone else’s investment portfolio because each one’s risk pro­file, investment objectives, investment time horizon, and financial goals are unique. Remember, the adage: One man’s meat is another man's poison.

Hence, personalization, while you construct an investment portfolio, is essential.

This guide will illuminate the approach you can follow when selecting equity-oriented funds for long-term wealth creation.

In This Issue

  • Why Invest In Equity-Oriented Funds
  • The Approach To Follow In Wealth Building
  • How To Strategize Your Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

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