SIP: A Rewarding Strategy - Everything You Need To Know

Many times, investing a lump sum in mutual funds becomes difficult for a variety of reasons. This is where Systematic Investment Plan (or SIP), comes to the rescue.

SIP has made life easy ––it’s lighter on the wallet, you don’t need to time the market to generate wealth, infuses the habit of investing regularly, and is an effective medium to accomplish vital financial goals

And if market volatility makes you jittery, taking the SIP route would help you mitigate the risk.

In fact, starting small but investing regularly for the long term, can help you generate wealth.

SIP, a mode of investing in mutual funds, can prove to be rewarding if you are committed and disciplined in the journey of wealth creation.

In this guide, you will learn...

  • The basics of SIP
  • 5 Benefits of SIPs
  • 5 SIP features you must know
  • 5-Point checklist for an effective SIP investing strategy
  • How to start SIPs offline and online

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