The Unstoppable Sensex Your Investment Strategy Guide

The equity markets will always keep moving up and down. That’s the very nature of the equity market.

What you need is, a sound investment strategy and you must follow it diligently!

Thoughtlessly investing or speculating can be hazardous to your wealth and health.

Likewise, aping your friends and relatives investment strategy or portfolio could do more harm than good. Lucretius has rightly said- ‘One Man's food is another Man's Poison’.

Investing to accomplish your envisioned financial goals is an individualistic exercise.

Remember, your investment discipline would decide your success in investing.

In this guide, you will learn...

  • Is India’s growth story a pipe dream or reality
  • The Sensex journey so far
  • Mistakes to avoid at a stock market peak
  • The investment strategy to follow
  • How to invest in the right mutual funds

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