Understanding Mutual Funds - Equity, Debt, and Gold

Many fund houses over the years followed the practice of giving fancy names to their schemes that may not be true to its style. The capital market regulator, vide its "Categorization and Rationalization of Mutual Fund Schemes" directed all fund houses to relook at their scheme categorization and realign their schemes and underlying portfolios as per the new categorization. Following this, mutual fund houses in India have re-categorized their schemes.

In this guide, you will learn how the regulator has characterized the schemes, and what it means for you.

In This Issue

  • What Is A Mutual Fund
  • Types of Mutual Funds – Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Solution-Oriented and other Schemes
  • Sub-Categories of Equity Mutual Funds
  • Sub-Categories of Debt Mutual Funds
  • Sub-Categories of Hybrid Mutual Funds
  • Types of Solution-Oriented Funds
  • Other Schemes

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