Your Definitive Guide To Estate Planning

Many individuals after fulfilling responsibilities towards dependants, dream of blissful retired life - and some even plan for it well in time. But your responsibilities don't end there.

Long-term wellbeing of your loved ones comes with prudent 'estate planning' – and it would be unwise to ignore it. Through this Money Simplified guide, in association with CCC WillEffect Pvt. Ltd., which specializes in Wills and succession advisory, we attempt to take you through the nitty-gritties of sensible estate planning.

In This Issue

  • Why estate planning is a must for everyone
  • How to write a Will
  • Should you consider writing a Will online
  • Wills vs. Trust – which is better of the two
  • Why a mere nomination is not enough
  • How to transfer of shares in a co-operative housing society
  • How HUFs should go about estate planning
  • Succession planning for your business
  • How to select the right estate planner
  • …and much more!

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