Mutual Fund Research

There are more than 3000 schemes, more than 35 Mutual Fund companies and several thousand advisors who want you to invest in their Top mutual funds.

Above all, there are several media serving you various kind of information on investing in mutual funds, including, star rankings, rating, etc…and a lot of noise.

How do you cut this noise and decide which is the right Mutual Fund Scheme for you, which are the Top Mutual Funds to invest?

It is actually a simple choice,

One, do your own research.

Two, rely on an expert with more than 10 years of experience in researching mutual funds across market cycles with a set of strong qualitative and quantitative parameters.

An instance: A lot of popular schemes which you might be tempted to invest in get filtered out in our research process.

PersonalFN brings to you a suite of Premium Mutual Fund Research services:

  • FundSelect – Weekly recommendation service on Equity mutual funds. Know More…

  • FundSelect Plus – Mutual Fund Portfolio Research service. Know More…

  • DebtSelect – Debt Mutual Fund recommendation service. Know More…



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