Transactions Service

No Financial Plan is considered complete without its implementation. The Transaction Service has been designed to take care of your transactions needs in:

  • Mutual funds
  • Corporate FDs

Under this service, we will ensure that all your investment related documentation, from your KYC (Know Your Client) form & SIP, STP, SWP, purchases and redemptions, to change of bank mandate, change of personal details, and all other information are carried out in a timely manner on your behalf. Records will be maintained of all your investment changes, details will be ready for your reference at your request. You will receive monthly portfolio reports and support for access and monitoring your investments.

Under our Transactions service, you have access to the following features:

  • MyTransactions– Online mutual fund tracking platform
  • PFN mfOnline – Online mutual fund investing facility
  • Offline mutual fund transactions facilitation – You can send across your application forms through courier to the nearest PersonalFN branch, we will deposit your forms at the Mutual Fund House or the Registrar. Your transactions and portfolio will be updated and visible to you on your mutual fund tracker on PersonalFN.


You will be able to view your updated mutual fund portfolio on PersonalFN. The mutual fund portfolio will be automatically updated everyday for all transactions (executed by PersonalFN under its code ARN-1022) including dividends and new SIP installments.

PFN mfOnline

PFN mfOnline would enable you to transact in your mutual fund units in a secure online platform. It will provide a convenient and hassle free means to manage your mutual fund transactions.

These platforms will enable you to track and transact your investments online, and have access to a number of standardized reports we believe are important for you as an investor.

If you wish to invest and also have access to our value added services, you should opt for PersonalFN’s Transactions service.

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