How do you select the right debt mutual fund schemes for your portfolio from around 1,700 debt and hybrid schemes (and growing) in the market? To your surprise the number turns out to be over 10,000 if you consider the various plans and options available under each scheme.

So it is not an easy job to select the right debt mutual fund scheme! You need time, effort and expertise to find out which scheme would suit your investment requirement

DebtSelect is a service which takes away this pain from you and delivers experienced, unbiased and credible advice on mutual funds.

What is DebtSelect?

DebtSelect is our popular debt fund research service that provides subscribers value added information on various debt mutual funds to help you select right debt mutual fund schemes for your portfolio. An in-depth analysis is done on the scheme and a detailed report is generated providing our brief outlook on the debt market, review and quality of the schemes portfolio, its performance comparison vis-à-vis peers and the growth prospects of the scheme. PERSONALFN carries the experience and expertise of a research team which has been researching and advising on mutual funds since 1999. It delivers unbiased and independent opinion on mutual funds and follows a rigorous research process based on various qualitative and quantitative parameters.

What do you get with DebtSelect Subscription?

When you Subscribe to DebtSelect, you get:

  • Bi-monthly (1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month) report on a debt mutual fund scheme, 26 in a year
  • Regular Update on DebtSelect recommendations

With your subscription to DebtSelect, you also get BONUS access to:

  • Investment Ideas Note (Monthly)
  • Research on New Fund Offers
  • Access to downloading mutual fund scheme performance database

How can you subscribe?

You can get your subscription to DebtSelect right away.


If you think this service is not suitable for you, you can ask for a FULL REFUND within 30 days of your subscription. No Questions Asked!

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