Testimonial #1

I found the Investment Consultant from PersonalFN very helpful, attentive, and easy to understand. He was open and honest and suggested products to me without any ulterior motives attached. Using the income and outflow, PersonalFN showed me how I can reduce my liabilities and build my insurance, contingency, leisure and retirement portfolios in a structured and sustained manner. It is definitely an organization I would recommend to my peers and family.

- Kaushik Iyer, Mumbai


Testimonial #2

It is always a pleasure to read all articles posted by PersonalFN which are very informative, clear and concise to the point. During the creation of my financial plan, the team was very responsive, attended to my concerns and clarifications very well. Overall very happy with the service provided to me by PersonalFN and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Joseph Samuel, Mumbai


Testimonial #3

The consultant dealt with me was happy to discuss the needs in details and debate the as it was being developed. Their approach is professional and thorough. The name of the service "Comprehensive Financial Planning", I think, is being fulfilled. I have recommended the service to some of my friends and am happy to recommend PersonalFN.

- Naveen Paladugu, Bahrain