Iran-Israel Conflict: Why & How to De-risk Mutual Fund Portfolio  Apr 20, 2024


Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East region, as you may know, are intensifying.

On April 1, 2024, the Iranian embassy in Damascus (Syria’s capital) was allegedly struck by Israel -- in which seven of Iran’s military advisers and three senior commanders were killed.

Iran has avenged this attack with more than 300 projectiles (including 170 drones and around 120 ballistic missiles) launched into Israel's air space on April 14, 2024.

The conflict could potentially build up into other regions of the Middle East, such as Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria if Israel counter-retaliates.

Plus, the escalations in the attacks in the Red Sea, may go on to disrupt trade and supply chains, alongside pose other macroeconomic issues.

In such a time, volatility in the financial market is bound to increase. It’s time to de-risk your mutual funds.

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