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Planning your retirement can be a simple and very rewarding experience. Get started with our calculator to see how much of a corpus you need to build, and move forward to planning and achieving this retirement corpus.

Age yrs
Retirement planned at age… yrs
Life expectancy yrs
Current Monthly Household Expenditure Rs
Time to retirement yrs
Expected inflation per year %
Monthly Expenditure - at retirement age Rs
Annual Expenditure at ret. Age Rs
Provision for travel, healthcare annual expenditure Rs
Travel, healthcare will inflate by %
Travel, healthcare at time of retirement Rs
Annual expenditure at retirement Rs
Post retirement expected inflation %
Post retirement life expectancy yrs
Expected return post retirement %
Corpus required at time of retirement Rs
Investments already made for retirement Rs
Growth expected in the investments %
Investments corpus at time of retirement Rs
Additional Corpus Required Rs
Per Month Investment Required Rs
Per Year Investment required Rs
One time Investment required Rs
Pls Note    
Rate of Return is annual compounded.    

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