Benefits Of Direct Plan  Jun 18, 2018

In this video we have chalked out the benefits of investing in direct mutual fund plans over regular plans. SEBI in 2013, made mandatory for all the mutual fund houses to offer direct plan under each mutual fund scheme offered. A direct plan is a way of investing in mutual funds without any intermediary such as an distributor/advisor/ agent. In other words, you invest in mutual fund scheme directly. And the biggest benefit is you save on costs and maker higher gains as compared to regular plan. Yes it has been observed in the past that direct plans earn around 0.5% -1% higher returns as compared to regular plans. You might feel that this is too of a difference. But in the long run this difference turns into a huge profit. watch this video to know how. Ans Learn more benefits of direct plans. To Read more on direct plans read this entire guide here.

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