Our Approach

With PersonalFN, you get an approach where the focus is YOU - PLANNING for your LIFE GOALS.

Would you undertake a journey without knowing the destination?

Similarly, investing without a plan has little meaning. It is what you achieve through your investments that is important. Hence, planning should come before investing.

With a structured plan, you are equipped to handle various factors such as surpluses, shortfalls and emergencies.
You understand how quickly or how likely are you to achieve your life goals such as your retirement, you gain control on your cash flows, your earnings and expenses, and what level of risk would need to be taken to achieve all your goals.

In short, a structured plan will let you develop a comprehensive understanding of your life goals (the ENDS) as also define the path (the MEANS) to achieve the same.

You begin with simple and crucial life goals as a part of your plan, such as:

  • Your Retirement
  • Your Children's Future, e.g., higher education
  • The Home
  • The Annual Holiday
  • Wealth accumulation, e.g., a crore in 5 years
  • Money to set up your own venture

We advise you to invest your money in what will be the best and the simplest investment option in line with the risk required to meet your life goal.

With PersonalFN, financial planning is simplified for you.

About PersonalFN

PersonalFN is focused on providing well researched, unbiased and expert advice to you. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of research analysts who track various personal finance instruments including mutual funds, fixed income instruments, gold, and insurance.

Our core proposition is built around research and financial planning which is our primary business. We can also help you invest in various financial instruments if you so choose.